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We ordered a chicken cutlet sandwich, which was delicious. In Dutch the pronunciation would be Sou-dam. We’re fans of Lovecraftian stories, movies, comics and the like. Then there’s Robert Suydam. Sadly I have to agree the only really horror in this story is Lovecraft’s xenophobia/racism. The ship’s doctor sees the open porthole clouded by a strange tittering phosphorescence.

Ah ha!

Mrs. Suydam lies strangled, with claw marks on her throat. Bryan and Chris try out this American classic, and a viewer favorite Yuengling’s Lager. THEN: It’s the premier of Bar is Tasty, at the end of this week’s Beer is Tasty join Jeremy and Jesse in a quick and easy way to make an awesome Long Island Iced Tea, like a pro!…, Beer is Tasty: Bryan and Chris kick off a mexican themes batch of episodes with Dos Equis Amber ale! And quaffs virgin blood. The phosphorescent thing paws their bedding-wrapped gift, and the men unswath the again corpulent and aged corpse of Robert Suydam. I read this on the DC metro, surrounded by a crowd worthy of New York—except for the height limit on the buildings, Lovecraft would have despised modern Washington every bit as much as he did Red Hook.

Dental work identifies the nearby jumbled decay as Robert Suydam.

My grandparents and great-grandparents were immigrants in New York about this time, living in run-down tenements and eking out a living and generally speaking not worshipping eldritch horrors from beyond space and time, nor kidnapping and sacrificing small children. Mythos Making: All immigrants worship an amorphous pantheon of dark gods who seem to get along remarkably well. Plus – Bryan and Chris discuss the complex aerodynamics involved with jumping out of an air plane, while expelling various fluids from the male body!…. Red Hook, Lurking Fear). ), for getting through this squalid and batrachian monstrosity that not even S. T. Joshi can love.

We also get a rare instance of a clear “sanity points” calculation in an original Lovecraft story: the doctor who enters Suydam’s honeymoon stateroom is quite certain he didn’t see the figure of the demonic killer, and for proof points to his continued mental equilibrium. Shows & Podcasts Expand/collapse submenu for Shows & Podcasts. I’ll leave exploration of the story’s pseudosexual aspects to Anne, below—I keep getting distracted by the gibbering. Amy. The sjwness of this episode is tougher to hear than the story itself. Maybe even incubus sex! An investigating sailor runs out of the room mad.

We try a classic right from our own neck of the woods, Redhook’s ESB.
It’s a backwater, degenerate place. Suydam marries and departs with his bride on a Cunard liner. This is the audio only version of the show. But Suydam impresses judges with his reasonable manner and explains his oddities as the result of folklore studies. PLUS – Find out the exact combinations of beer and food required to turn Chris into a brain eating zombie!…, We try out Old Rasputin’s Imperial Stout, from North Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg, California. and sweet red peppers. What can you put past someone who’d marry a high-born virgin in order to let Lilith ravage her on the wedding night? I appreciate Shadow Over Innsmouth’s clever biblical allusions and its ultimate sympathy with the monstrous viewpoint, even if my sympathy is considerably greater than the author’s. Devil worshipping illegal immigrants, no less, who speak many languages. Beer is Tasty: He’Brew Jewbelation | Bryan and Chris try ” the chosen beer” from Shmaltz brewing company! It’s just a splorch of puked-up fear and bigotry. The story is solid,and is obviously well-researched. Ever wondered how a BEER turkey pot pie might taste? Which is a whole other, if related, anxiety!

Red Hook’s horrors include: illegal immigration, people who don’t speak English, skyscrapers, music, and people of good birth who spend too much time around illegal immigrants who don’t speak English. Madness Takes Its Toll: Malone suffers from cosmic-horror-induced PTSD and a phobia of tall buildings. The relatively pedestrian word of the day, appearing no less than four times, is “squalid.”. Be sure to catch Jesse’s tips for mixing the perfect drink at home, without a mixer! Plus the guys get a chance to try some beer in the very early stages! All Rights Reserved. I can find something to like in most of these stories. I am not as well read in HPL’s letters as you guys seem to be, but I’ve always been under the impression that when HPL says stuff like “it isn’t very good” (which he seems to say a lot) he is only being coy and excessively disingenuous. He shoves the pedestal into the water, then collapses into a “muddy blotch of corruption.” Malone finally faints. Bryan and Chris kick back Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat and pair it with a cheese snack! This week they show you how to make “Beer Steaks” by cooking the steak in a crackpot filled with beer (among other tasty things)! Simultaneous with this tragedy, three more children disappear.

PLUS – Bryan gets back at Chris for the Man Sculpting Incident from a few episodes back! Beyond that, approximately 60% of Horror’s word count consists of purple, paranoid rants about New York and its inhabitants. Cookie.

I actually can’t hear the words in this one, because the music track is so very, very loud. Probably those virile young loungers, who don’t get the danger Machen mentions in the epigraph, that “man may sometimes return on the track of evolution.”.

Malone departs to his rustic retreat, but he doesn’t suppose the horror’s over in Red Hook.

Bryan and Chris get adventurous and try out Framboise Lambic, a Belgian beer that is fermented using raspberries! Required fields are marked *. Suydam is in fact Dutch, and apparently degenerate—a degeneracy made clear by his association with a ring of foreigners who help illegal immigrants past Ellis Island. He nevertheless follows Suydam’s astonishing metamorphosis, parallel to a wave of kidnappings. The Degenerate Dutch: Where to begin? Find out how Guinness goes with breakfast, and get a bit of a history lesson in the process! Unfortunately he wanders into a village with one commercial street. To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. Among the many offenses of Red Hook’s residents are “obscure vice,” the “indecent dialogues” of the loungers, the orgies Malone associates with fertility cults. Ironically, it’s Robert Suydam, a “lettered recluse of ancient Dutch family” who stirs up big trouble. He refurbishes his mansion and hosts estranged relatives and acquaintances. Yet there’s something deeply scary here. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. I want a cookie (and maybe the previously offered Lilith scholarship rant? That titters. A murder mystery set in a Brooklyn neighborhood called "Red Hook," this is the first in a trilogy of cop-thrillers featuring detective Jack Leightner, a cop who's pretty much seen it all, and doesn't take "Unsolved" for an answer when it comes to a case to which he's been assigned. Red Stripe & On Location Beer Reviews! Like those of Ephraim Waite and even the Whateleys! Today we’re looking at “The Horror at Red Hook,” written in August 1-2 1925 and first published in the January 1927 issue of Weird Tales.
An organ sounds in the blackness, and the thing leads off the abhorrent company, carrying Suydam’s corpse.

But I can’t find anything to forgive about this one. “Blind laws of biology” may lead others to finish what Suydam started, however. Find out if this makes a great warm weather thirst quencher, or if it makes small children cry tears of fear! But I can’t help suspecting that Lilith (assuming that’s what the tittering creature is supposed to be) is some weird expression of resentment at Sonia Greene for her role in getting him to the Big Apple. Raiders and prisoners die, but searchers find Malone alive deep below, by the edge of a black pool. What follows must be a dream. They’ve come because some god or priesthood has promised them that the streets in America are paved with supernatural glories, about which the informants remain tremulously vague. Celebrating their 13th year Shmaltz has kicked up their He’Brew beer with 13 types of malts and 13 types of hops. Ruthanna Emrys’s neo-Lovecraftian novelette “The Litany of Earth” is available on Tor.com, along with the more recent but distinctly non-Lovecraftian “Seven Commentaries on an Imperfect Land.” Her work has also appeared at Strange Horizons and Analog. The guys pair it with some dip cheese and report back to you! Best Redhook Podcasts For 2020. Hiding in the middle was a mysterious, thin slice of fried eggplant (?) Parker Place, Suydam’s Red Hook address, is a ”teeming rookery,“ and what happens in rookeries if not animal reproduction? Our biggest show yet! Bryan and Chris try out Wells Banana Bread Beer and pair it with their meal that taste like Thanksgiving, but is not actually Thanksgiving! Bryan and Chris try to find out the difference between the two, and like all our episodes in this series we pair the beer with a bachelor breakfast! Crowdfunding films is big business these days and it is still early in the evolution of this new approach to funding movies.
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