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Now or never – Joseph Ward (Mission: Consult Senior Officer) These dialogues are engaging, and force you to apply your knowledge of the suspect (files are provided at the start of every mission) as well as your own skill as a detective. Critique Gaming had a lot of great ideas for the story, and while the execution needs work, the effort is plain to see. If simply talking your way through a conversation isn't enough, you are also given a few less orthodox methods of getting a suspect to loosen their tongue: namely pausing the tape recorder, and roughing them up. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Elias Hall’s Keen Investigation While this is an entertaining bit of strategy, the outcomes of each decision made here never feel as impactful as they should, and much of the time these choices felt more like story beats than significant gameplay choices. Read all eight newspapers. These achievements are all hidden and are sometimes very, very weird.

Have all five sit-downs. Best Boss New questions arising through information gathered from the suspects during interrogation are displayed in yellow. For more info please access vi's website.

Interrogation: You will be deceived is an Adventure game, developed by Critique Gaming and published by Mixtvision, which was released in 2020. A significant amount of interviews are also timed. Receive all five game endings. This is an Achievement Guide for Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived. The brutal time limits meant I ended up skimming through the many paragraphs of text to find the one question that would unlock fresh ones, rather than taking in each revelation and deducing what I needed to ask next. The problems start to appear when one considers as a whole almost any given interrogation in the game.

Evolve Or Die – You have to sustain low popularity in order to get assassinated. Interrogation: You will be deceived is a psychological noir detective thriller about political radicalization and authority abuse. Between missions you will often encounter dialogue-heavy cutscenes involving the members of your task force, as well as other side characters like the chief of police, the mayor's assistant, and a few news reporters. I haven’t gotten this achievement myself yet, but I think in order to do this you have to: Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived Soundtrack Description As a police detective tasked with bringing down a dangerous terrorist group, you fight on two fronts: interrogating suspects & managing your team and its reputation. On the Subject of Delusions These achievements are mostly self-explanatory. This is the core of the gameplay in Interrogation. Succeed in Episode 8’s interrogation on Challenge mode. While the subversion of genre is unexpected, it was surprising to see how nuanced the portrayal of the Liberation Front was. These Achievements are unlocked by getting the different endings. On a technical level, the interrogation gameplay works fine. While this sounds good on paper, in practice it usually means each interrogation ends with the player cycling through every possible dialogue option in order to find the one that will advance the plot. While comparable games like L.A. Noire might see the player on the streets, partaking in gunfights and car chases, Interrogation limits the player's scope almost entirely to its own namesake: coming face to face with criminals, and interrogating them. As you might expect, things aren’t quite as they first appear, and as you delve further into the husband’s backstory the terrorist group “The Liberation Front '' is mentioned. The ideal goal is to find a dialogue option that gives you access to more pertinent information that will eventually persuade the suspect to confess.

If you’ve gotten this achievement, please let me know about the details in the comments! When you start an interrogation you will be given a broad array of questions to ask the suspect that will give you information about them and their relation to whatever crime they're suspected of. Win the game for the first time. While it delivers a compelling message told by authentic characters, the message is wrapped in clunky dialogue made inorganic by forced repetition. This is for example getting good deals with activists that are subscribed to his cause.

You’ll also have to decide what specific tasks the three members of your team should be doing in between cases, from balancing the books to chasing up leads, all of which they can fail or succeed at depending on their morale and suitability to the task.
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