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";s:4:"text";s:9664:"I went to the hospital was because I had this excruciating pain in my stomach.

Women with our type of Uterus cancer are rare only 5% of all I did very well with treatment. Fatigue will last five days or so after infusion but then improves.

Before you decide to make changes to your life insurance read more. If you’re a survivor of cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, or vulvar cancer, please consider sharing your story here. Right now I am still tryig to heal from surgery where they had to remove a tumor, both ovaries, both falopian tubes part of my upper vagina, my appendix and part of the pelvic wall. I had been having a little bit of bleeding in between my periods, so it was a little worrisome. For me, the physical exercise is more of a conversation with my body. Normal level is 30. As scared as I was of chemo, I'm tolerating it pretty well. Yes I have bowel issues, but nothing Imodium can't help with. Today started up this week on Topotecan drug once a week for 3 weeks, off one week then back on it. Your post brings me much hope!!! It was such a large tumor, so they decided I better have chemotherapy, too. I'm sure that's another term for insurance doesn't cover it, but for piece of mind I'd pay myself. I work out at the gym in order to strengthen my muscles to protect my joints. I was busy trying to protect him initially, which was a mistake. Deb4417. After radiation treatment took it down to 14. This is a complex matter. It’s interesting with your partner, because they go through this all with you. It was such a large tumor, so they decided I better have chemotherapy, too. I don’t know exactly what the cause of it is, but I’ve had some of that and it’s continuous. I make sure to take Imodium before going any where I don't have time to mess with those issues. I take a glutamine supplement to minimize mouth sores (have not had any) and neuropathy. women with uterus cancer get the very aggressive clear or serous cell types. Julie, hi julie how have you been? Will be having a nerve conduction test soonish and a CT scan the 28th...had an MRI of my head to rule out a brain tumor...so far no news on a brain tumor just that I will probably be somewhat uncoordinated for the rest of my life. Very scared. Life is not an easy thing.

They can't predict how someone will do or who will wind up with ongoing issues. read more, It's so shocking. My cousin was preparing food for me while I recovered from the hysterectomy. Please learn from my experience. My sister sent this site to me since I have just been diagnosed with "Peritoneal - Ovarian cancer steming from Endometrial cancer along with Rectal and Lymphatic cancer Stage 3 between B & C"  My sister is undergoing her own treatment so she has been trying to explain a few things to me as well as let me know a little of what to expect for at least the next six months.

They’re not the primary person it’s happening to. But it’s also hard to progress constantly on every front and be responsible for his evolution as well as my own. I had only radiation (25 external, 3 brachytherapy). Don't give up, ladies! Uterine cancer in stage 3 has spread to the pelvis. To me, it is like your body reacting to these drugs saying  - WOAH!!! I'm still not sold on the idea of radiation because of the side effects. Additionally, personalized matches are provided for. With agressive forms of uterine cancer - Grade 3, many of us have the same protocol you are receiving - a pelvic, CA125, and possible rectal exam as well. We don't need to compromise our livers. It was a rapid-growing cell, so she diagnosed it as a Stage 3 uterine cancer, which ordinarily would metastasize, but for whatever reason, my body had contained it. Anyone know what other chemo I should try to lower my CA 125. I won’t use the word control. Because of para aortic node involvement, it's extended field radiation. Sometimes you hang onto whatever you have there to hang on, to believe that you’re gonna make it through this thing, and it’s not gonna consume you. If you’ve had a health insurance claim denied, learn your rights and how to take action. Not sure what my odds are of making it to the 5yr mark with or without recurrence. That's for cancer confined to a specific spot which I don't have. It’s not because I had cancer. I have 10 days to  ponder things before I need to decide! So you might not get a response to your question. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. I do have peripheral neuropathy in my feet, and it's permanent. resize icon View Larger.

I also think it’s sinful how much it costs. I had my first chemo on a Thursday and on Saturday I was running around the house like nothing, I had thrown a load of laundry in to the washer and BOOM!!!! As I get closer to the completion of my therapy, the more I get scared about those follow-up apppointments.
She was a very aggressive surgeon, because she was nervous about it having spread, and she wanted to look at everything. Thank you for your post. The ones that I have jurisdiction over. I am having more issues now than before. The content on this site is for informational purposes only. Uterine cancer diagnosed in stage I or II has a five-year survival rate of 70 to 95%. In the meantime enjoy your granddaughter and all the joy she is brining you.

Most common Uterus cancer(different cell types to mine) has a survival of 80% or more over 5 year period. Doctors do not recommend any further treatment until cancer returns on CT scan.

My mother is 69 yrs old and is very active...it is breaking me up to see her in pain and laid up. My onc suggested 24hrs claritin for first 4 or 5 days for muscle aches. When you risk losing your physical form, it really makes you appreciate the physical form later. read more, To pay for cancer treatment, you might need to consider using your life insurance policy as a source of income. Copyright 2000-2019 © Cancer Survivors Network, Gynecological Cancers (other than ovarian and uterine), My mom has endometrial 3c and now has muscle pain. How did you do it? Then again the cancer came back but not just in the female area but into my lymph nodes, liver so I had same treatment done in 2013. I think I can handle the chemo better than the radiation. I saw your post. Chemo left me with neuropathy mainly my fingertips and my feet, but it's not dibilitating, it takes a bit for my legs to get started and by the end of the day they ache a little and fatigue still sets in when it wants, but Iam able to do everything I did before. They’re not sure if I picked it up then. People can send you private emails through the chat board by clicking on your name. Your chemo seemed to work as I had the same as you carboplatin/epirubisin but it did not work I'm 44 and have stage 3 endometrial cancer. I'd like to encourage you to post your questions or comments on the unterine board. My name is Annie Grosshans, and I’m a three-year uterine cancer survivor. So tell me what symptoms you had with the radiation? You’re always wondering why, so you’re always looking for reasons why.

I had no symptoms when it was discovered so I am living in fear of the same thing happening. No radiation. Try posting over there too. I thought, “How could this body do this to me?” I’ve always been very lucky with my body. The upside of all that is after the treatment and coming out of it, you have such a thankfulness that your body is capable of tolerating this storm of interference that happens with it. read more, The cancer experience helped develop my philosophy of realizing that there’s a difference between what you could control and what you couldn’t control. Our leaders are determined and experienced. Your body is able and capable, and emotionally, you’re capable. So the doctor cut out the tumor gave me a radical hysterectomy along with it. It’s a chronic condition that I’ve been unable to completely get rid of. Carbo/taxol every 21 days. I personally live strong by taking care of my body, making it as strong as it can be, considering its age, and what I’ve done to it and what’s been done to it. Any clues for me? Hello Kathy, I think you will find a lot more women on the Uterine page will respond. Wondering if anyone with Stage 3C2 (spread to paraortic, pelvic and parametrial lymph nodes) Grade 3,  has opted to do just the chemo and not the radiation. CA 125 was 50 after surgery decreased to 30 after first chemo then went up to 58 before radiation treatment. I chose to do only the 6 rounds of chemo. That means that five years after diagnosis, 65% of the women are alive. Well the cancer then moved fast.

I’d done a lot of athletics all my life, taken care of myself generally, and watched my weight. going to surgery really was hoping that I didn't have to have a full hysterectomy but once he got inside and open me up he saw the cancer was everywhere. The downside has been my body hormonally went through this phenomenal transition. It changes us no matter what we choose - choose what's best for you hugs and prayers. I don't find alot of people that have been in my shoes before. A lot of that’s been really a positive group interaction for me that way. my subject is under uterus cancer: Your scalp will be sore as your hair comes out but then it is fine. It’s a Seattle to Portland bike ride, a couple hundred miles. In moments of great doubt on my part, their steadfastness has been tremendous. Zofran totally effective. The cancer moved to the spine, the liver the lymph nodes.
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