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She seems like an interesting girl however she gets really little screen time, well not counting the visions Max keeps getting of her. [40][10], On August 14, 2015, a 20th-anniversary reunion for the film was held at the D23 Expo at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. It was reissued on June 20, 2000, along with a DVD version, as part of the Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection. But as Copper grows into a hunting dog, their unlikely friendship faces the ultimate test.

McCarthy praised the film's technical aspects, calling them "crisp and clean". informs Max of how all their peers back home anticipate seeing him onstage at the Powerline concert, Pete advises Goofy to keep Max under control. Before they leave town, Max manages to stop by Roxanne's house to call off their date, but when the heartbroken Roxanne mentions going with someone else, Max panics and instead fabricates a story about his father knowing Powerline, telling her he will be on stage at the concert. Official Sites [7] Alternatively, Aaron Lohr did Max's singing voice. [49] In the season three episode, "Quack Pack! Max, here. We couldn't quite do everything we wanted to do in that episode or so far in this season, but there’s enough there that lets you know things have gone well.

[50] Of this season three appearance, Angones said that "Because that’s how big a nerd I am, I too have always thought, what happened there [with Max and Roxanne]? Despite his son's objections, Goofy plans his own trip, with initially disastrous results.

During the same scene, a woman flies out of a van on balloons.

Lanum), adr editor (as Richard 'Goofus' Corwin) / digital dialogue editor (as Richard 'Goofus' Corwin), data management: Pixibox Digital Ink & Paint, effects animator: Phoenix Animation Toronto, effects animator: Phoenix Animation Toronto (as Peter Brown), effects animation supervisor: Phoenix Animation Toronto (as John Collins), system development: Pixibox Digital Ink & Paint, effects animator: Phoenix Animation Toronto (as James Dawkins), digital color modeler (as Susan Hackett Dalipagic), effects clean-up artist: Paris (as Pedro Ramos-Miguel), effects animator: Sydney (as Nilo Santillon), effects clean-up artist: Paris (as Jon Mikel Udaquiola), effects animator: Phoenix Animation Toronto (as Darren Vandenberg), effects animator: Phoenix Animation Toronto (as Steve Wood), effects key assistant: Burbank (uncredited), photographer: live action dance reference, assistant supervisor camera (as Karen N. China), manager digital camera (as Robyn L. Roberts), inbetween artist: Phoenix Animation Toronto (as Joe Acorn), assistant animator: Paris (as Laurence Adam), background scanning: Pixibox Digital Ink & Paint, clean-up artist: Phoenix Animation Toronto, inbetween artist: Phoenix Animation Toronto, clean-up artist: Phoenix Animation Toronto (as Lillian Andre), clean-up keys: Burbank (as Debra Armstrong Holmes), ink and paint supervisor: Pixibox Digital Ink & Paint, ink and paint artist: Pixibox Digital Ink & Paint, clean-up keys: Burbank (as Dorothea Baker Paul), clean-up artist: Phoenix Animation Toronto (as Kyung Hee Baker), clean-up artist: Paris (as Francisco Javier Espinosa), inbetween artist: Sydney (as Will Bourke), inbetween supervisor: Phoenix Animation Toronto (as Peter Brown), layout artist: Paris (as Susan Butterworth), inbetween supervisor: Sydney (as Mickie Cassidy), clean-up artist: Sydney (as Lindy Catchlove), checking supervisor: Pixibox Digital Ink & Paint, inbetween artist: Burbank (as Chang Yei Kim), final checker (as Emmanuelle Colin-Thibert), inbetween artist: Sydney (as Mandy Earle), breakdown artist: Burbank (as Wendie L. Fischer), scene planner: Sydney (as Daniel Forster), clean-up artist: Paris (as Maria Angela Iturriza), inbetween artist: Burbank (as Daniel Galieote), inbetween artist: Paris (as Jose Antonio Willameriel), clean-up artist: Paris (as Pedro Granados-Mas), assistant animator: Paris (as Gizella Maros), layout artist: Paris (as Juan Jose Guarnido Ariza), assistant animator: Paris (as Francisco-Javier Gutierrez), assistant animator: Paris (as Alphonso Gomez), background artist: Paris (as Susan Hackett Dalipagic), breakdown artist: Burbank (as Carl Philip Hall), layout artist: Paris (as Mary Margaret Hawley), inbetween artist: Phoenix Animation Toronto (as Veronika Kapelanska), breakdown artist: Burbank (as Ken Kinoshita), clean-up artist: Paris (as Christine Landes), background scanning: Pixibox Digital Ink & Paint (as Marie Pierre Lepeintre), inbetween artist: Burbank (as Daniel Yoon Taek Lim), inbetween artist: Paris (as Brian Malone), clean-up artist: Paris (as Samantha Malone), clean-up supervisor: Phoenix Animation Toronto, background artist: Paris (as Patricia Millereau), checking: Pixibox Digital Ink & Paint (as Virginie Mithell), background artist: Paris (as Joachim Royo Morales), inbetween artist: Burbank (as Daniel O'Sullivan), inbetween artist: Burbank (as Richard D. Rocha), animation supervisor: Paris / animator: Paris, clean-up artist: Sydney (as Georgina Santos), clean-up artist: Paris (as Salvador Simo Busom), inbetween artist: Sydney (as Kay Svoronos), assistant animator: Paris (as Christophe Vergne), scene planner: Paris (as Raphaél Vicente), composer: additional score / conductor / orchestrator, assistant music editor (as Paisley Pappé), dancer: live action dance reference (as David Avalar), production assistant (as Pierre Alain Bloch), production management: Pixibox Digital Ink & Paint, production assistant (as Jennifer Hughes), assistant choreographer: live action dance reference, production coordinator (as Monica Diane Mayall), production secretary (as Nathalie Roca Ripoll), choreographer: live action dance reference.

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