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Areo brings Ellaria and the Sand Snakes before Doran, who gives Ellaria an ultimatum: she can either choose to swear allegiance to him (and that she will not try something like this again), or she can choose death. After Oberyn's death while defending Tyrion Lannister in a trial by combat, Ellaria pushes for House Martell to go to war with House Lannister, but is refused by Oberyn's older brother, Doran Martell. Dissatisfied with Doran's decisions, the other guards simply stand and watch. House Blackfyre | As proof, the. The Pureborn | Mance Rayder | Goals Pyat Pree | Mad Targaryens | However, Ellaria's mocking smile fades when Cersei turns her attention to Tyene, complimenting her daughter's "perfect Dornish beauty" and musing that she must be Ellaria's favorite child by her late paramour. Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Far East Essos Ellaria is able to play the reasonable woman when she sees no choice but to submit, as she tearfully pledges allegiance to Oberyn's brother and King of Dorne, Doran, just to keep plotting vengeance in secret. Crimes Night King | Ellaria quips at Cersei's prejudice against bastardy. Like Oberyn, Ellaria is attracted to both men and women.[1]. Vala, Qarth Mountain's Men | Ellaria is the bastard daughter of Lord Harmen Uller and the paramour of Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne. Where the most prominent characteristic of Ellaria in the series is a desire for vengeance, the most prominent characteristic of her book counterpart is a desire to avert it. Aenys Frey | Harald Karstark | Euron boards Yara's ship and his men overwhelm Yara's forces. Gared Tuttle | Ellaria is fierce-headed, willful, hateful, vengeful, treacherous, self-confident, cunning, and fairly intelligent. Thank you for signing up! I use spoilers to keep up because seeing entire episodes at a time would be too depressing, and the cliffhangers keep drawing me back despite my distrust. Ellaria Sand is a recurring character in A Song of Ice and Fire and a major character in Game of Thrones, its TV series adaptation. She says that she doesn't want a timid one and he eventually finds one to her liking.

She attempts to anger Ellaria by recalling how Oberyn looked beautiful that day, and his fearsome skill with a spear though it eventually didn't stop Gregor from killing him, as well as implying that Oberyn brought his death on himself by taunting Gregor at the last instead of finishing him when he had the chance.

During Arianne's failed plot, Myrcella is the target of an assassination attempt by one of Arianne's own supporters - Ser Gerold "Darkstar" Dayne of High Hermitage, head of a lesser branch of House Dayne, though Arianne was unaware of Dayne's motives. Then we get to Ellaria. Gryff Whitehill | The Weeper | Daario Naharis | [7], Ellaria and the Sand Snakes return to the Water Gardens to kidnap Myrcella and use her for their revenge against the Lannisters. Wights |

Cersei taunts Ellaria by sadistically recalling the Red Viper's savage death to Ellaria and how Ellaria screamed at the sight of it. After all, Bronn was nicked by a blade coated in the same poison, but he only starts showing symptoms several hours or days later while in prison - though even then, Bronn didn't drop dead instantly but gradually grew sick, as Tyene taunted him with the antidote for some time before giving it to him. Axell Florent | She later visits Jaime in his quarters to apparently make amends but instead ridicules him. Prendahl na Ghezn | Melisandre, who has been exiled for her actions, only seeks to support who she believes is the Red God’s champion. Bloodmoon - the Long Night prequel (canceled), Empire of Ash - the Doom of Valyria prequel, House of the Dragon - Dance of the Dragons prequel. Ellaria leaves when Lord Tywin unexpectedly shows up and asks to meet privately with Oberyn, but says that Oberyn need only call if he needs her.[4]. Ellaria offers Olenna her heart's desire, which she identifies as "justice and vengeance." Later, it is Arianne, Doran's daughter and heir, who urges for war and actually puts a plan in motion using Myrcella, though it doesn't involve harming her either. Ellaria is later brought before Doran to receive Jaime where she is openly hostile to him. Vengeful Usurper, Leader of the Sand SnakesOberyn Martell's paramour. She is the mother of Oberyn's four youngest bastard daughters named Elia, Obella, Dorea, and Loreza. Rafford |

Janos Slynt |

Even at Dragonstone, during the war council, she proves that her rage for Oberyn's death made her almost delusional since, after she defended her killing Myrcella by claiming that "there are no innocent Lannisters", she berates Tyrion in front of Daenerys who, obviously, sternly reprimand her for her arrogance.

Ellaria is later brought before Doran to receive Jaime, though she is openly hostile towards him, calling him Kingslayer and refusing to drink a toast to Tommen as the new King.

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