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The genus Aythya, to which the Redhead belongs, includes 12 species, all of which are well adapted to diving. The second color morph has the more classic garter snake look; however, due to its behavior and scalation, it is grouped in this species.

The western garter snake generally has 10 lower lip scales, and eight upper lip scales. Another color morph has a yellow dorsal stripe with black spots along its sides. The male swan, or cob, weighs an average of 12 kg. These whales have a mottled black and white, grey or brownish back, but the rest of the body (mainly its underside) is white. Anadromous parasitic lampreys grow in freshwater before migrating to the sea where they feed parasitically and then migrate back to freshwater to spawn. Semipalmated Sandpipers moult, or shed, their body feathers twice a year. Provide some rock piles and logs around ponds and gardens to offer these creatures shelter and protection from predators. Females tend to be smaller, with an average size of 4 m and a maximum size of 5.1 m and weigh around 900 kg. commonly is called the “Wandering” Garter Snake. The Atlantic Cod shares some of its physical features with the two other species of its genus, or group of species, named Gadus. These seven gill pores are located one after another behind the eye. The female, or pen, is slightly smaller, averaging 10 kg. The otter is often seen at the surface grooming; in fact, it is pushing air to the roots of its fur. It has a worm or eel-like shape with two distinct dorsal fins and a small tail. Identification difficult because there are four subspecies, all varying in coloration. As an invertebrate, it lacks bones, but it does have an external shell, or exoskeleton, making it an arthropod like spiders and insects. Non-parasitic lamprey feed on organic material and detritus in the water column. Thus, the length of the tusk may indicate social rank through dominance hierarchies and assist in competition for access to females. When these snakes hi­ber­nate dur­ing win­ter, they often move into rocky areas. Adults moult their flight feathers (wings and tail) gradually—retaining the ability to fly at all times—and only once per year, usually in the non-breeding area. The second most widely distributed garter snake in Canada, the western garter snake can be found from southern British Columbia and Alberta east to southwestern Saskatchewan all the way south to central New Mexico and west into central California. The narwhal has a deep layer of fat, or blubber, about 10 cm thick, which forms about one-third of the animal’s weight and acts as insulation in the cold Arctic waters. A high quantity of tubules and nerve endings in the pulp –the soft tissue inside teeth – of the tusk have at least one scientist thinking that it could be a highly sensitive sensory organ, able to detect subtle changes in temperature, salinity or pressure. Many experts believe that it is a secondary sexual character, similar to deer antlers. The head of the western garter snake … Freshwater turtles are reptiles, like snakes, crocodilians and lizards.

Western Terrestrial Garter Snakes are reasonably common in the pet trade, at least as garter snakes go. The remainder are either parasitic spending their whole life in freshwater or, parasitic and anadromous. Both birds are from the same genus (order of passerine birds, corvid family –like jays, magpies and nutcrackers, Corvus genus) and have a similar colouring. Also, the Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina) has either such a small population that it is nearly Extirpated, or the few individuals found in Canada are actually pets released in the wild. The western garter snake tends to inhabit open forest and grassy areas, preferring … Colours vary with individual snakes, but the prominent yellow to orange stripe running down the western garter snake’s back is easiest to see. It is easily recognizable because of its size (between 54 and 67 centimetres long, with a wingspan of 115 to 150 cm, and weighing between 0.69 and two kilograms) and its black plumage with purple or violet lustre. Latin Name. Insects are also invertebrates, but mollusks differ from insects in that they don’t have an exoskeleton. A newborn calf is about 1.6 m long and weighs about 80 kilograms. This elegant little garter snake is a frequent visitor to many backyards throughout its range. For example, these teeth are called inner laterals.

It also has three pairs of antennae, a large one and two smaller ones, which are its main sensory organs and act a bit like our nose and fingers.

Both have similar lifecycles but different distributions in freshwater systems except in Iceland, where both (and hybrids of both species) can be found. The Cowichan Lake lamprey (Entosphenus macrostomus) is a freshwater parasitic lamprey species. Another species, the Pacific Pond Turtle (Clemmys marmorata), is now Extirpated, having disappeared from its Canadian range.

Worldwide, there are more than 350 species of birds that live either partially or exclusively at sea, and these are generally known as "seabirds.”. The Atlantic Cod may live as long as 25 years.
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