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Top 10 H. P. Lovecraft Quotes at BrainyQuote. We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight. H. P. Lovecraft, Even when the characters are supposed to be accustomed to the wonder, I try to weave an air of awe and impressiveness corresponding to what the reader should feel. My opinion of my whole experience varies from time to time. Non- Euclidean calculus and quantum physics are enough to stretch any brain; and when one mixes them with folklore, and tries to trace a strange background of multi-dimensional reality behind the ghoulish hints of Gothic tales and the wild whispers of the chimney-corner, one can hardly expect to be wholly free from mental tension. H. P. Lovecraft quote: "But are not the dreams of poets..." Main page; Motivational; Funny quotes; Happy; Love; Ancient wisdom; Business; Celebrity; Life; Motivating/inspiring quotes .

H. P. Lovecraft, I fear my enthusiasm flags when real work is demanded of me. H. P. Lovecraft, Orthodox Christianity, by playing upon the emotions of man, is able to accomplish wonders toward keeping him in order and relieving his mind. I found myself projected against an obstacle which I could not penetrate.

Quotations by H. P. Lovecraft, American Novelist, Born August 20, 1890. Rather do I fancy that her traditional subordination was itself an artificial and undesirable condition based on Oriental influences.

I never ask a man what his business is, for it never interests me. H. P. Lovecraft, I am essentially a recluse who will have very little to do with people wherever he may be. Lovecraft Country, based on the novel of the same name, recently premiered on HBO. H. P. Lovecraft, What a man does for pay is of little significance. They hate sunlight and thus dwell in complete darkness, with sunlight capable of destroying them. Lovecraft quote: "But are not the dreams of poets..." See the best quotes & famous sayings - with free quote images to share, pin or use as wallpaper! There is nothing better than oblivion, since in oblivion there is no wish unfulfilled.

Nor do I particularly care to be. History, indeed, was all I had after everything else ended in mocking Satanism.”, “It is no news to me that tales of hidden races are as old as all mankind.”, “My eldest cat, “Nigger-Man,” was seven years old and had come with me from my home in Bolton, Massachusetts;”, “I recognized the ugly and unwieldy form of the cook, whose very absurdness had now become unutterably tragic. 49 quotes from H.P. Here's a guide to the ones you may have missed. In my dreams I found a little of the beauty I had vainly sought in life, and wandered through old gardens and enchanted woods. What I ask him about are his thoughts and dreams. H. P. Lovecraft, The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind. Remarkable Last Words (or Near-Last Words). It is in dreams that I have known the real clutch of stark, hideous, maddening, paralysing fear. H. P. Lovecraft, Horrors, I believe, should be original – the use of common myths and legends being a weakening influence.

'Lovecraft Country' is packed with historical references and hidden clues. Welcome back. There are not many persons who know what wonders are opened to them in the stories and visions of their youth; for when as children we listen and dream, we think but half-formed thoughts, and when as men we try to remember, we are dulled and prosaic with the poison of life. My nervous system is a shattered wreck, and I am absolutely bored and listless save when I come upon something which peculiarly interests me. The disciplined intellect fears nothing and craves no sugar-plum at the day’s end, but is content to accept life and serve society as best it may. I never ask a man what his business is, for it never interests me. “The Picture in the House * * * * * Written: December 12th 1920 First Published in The National Amateur, “Efficiunt Daemones, ut quae non sunt, sic tamen quasi sint, conspicienda hominibus exhibeant.” —Lactantius”, “That Crawford Tillinghast should ever have studied science and philosophy was a mistake. We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight. H. P. Lovecraft, It is only the forcible propagation of conventional Christianity that makes the agnostic so bitter toward the church. We must realise that man's nature will remain the same so long as he remains man; that civilisation is but a slight coverlet beneath which the dominant beast sleeps lightly and ever ready to awake. H. P. Lovecraft, If I could create an ideal world, it would be an England with the fire of the Elizabethans, the correct taste of the Georgians, and the refinement and pure ideals of the Victorians. The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.

But it is not from them that there came the single glimpse of forbidden eons which chills me when I think of it and maddens me when I dream of it.

H. P. Lovecraft. My attitude was still one of absolute materialism, as l wish it still were, and I discounted with almost inexplicable perversity the coincidence of the dream notes and odd cuttings collected by Professor Angell. Shall we whine because we know it will return? Plots may be simple or complex, but suspense, and climactic progress from one incident to another, are essential. I love to dream, but I never try to dream and think at the same time. Custom had dinned into his ears”, “The strange things of the past which I learnt during those nocturnal meetings with the dead he dismisses as the fruits of my lifelong and omnivorous browsing amongst the ancient volumes of the family library.
When Professor Angell became convinced that the sculptor was indeed ignorant of any cult or system of cryptic lore, he besieged his visitor with demands for future reports of dreams. H. P. Lovecraft, I couldn’t live a week without a private library – indeed, I’d part with all my furniture and squat and sleep on the floor before I’d let go of the 1500 or so books I possess.

A casual style ruins any serious fantasy. 2020-10-12T18:59:00Z The letter F. A ghost. The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination. These things should be left to the frigid and impersonal investigator, for they offer two equally tragic alternatives to the man of feeling and action; despair if he fail in his quest, and terrors unutterable and unimaginable if he succeed.”, “having been jostled by a nautical-looking negro who had come from one of the queer dark courts on the precipitous hillside which formed a short cut from the waterfront to the deceased’s home”, “and what was known of the noxious cult in Dunedin?”, “There are things which cannot be mentioned, and what is done in common humanity is sometimes cruelly judged by the law.”, “We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. H. P. Lovecraft, Blue, green, grey, white, or black; smooth, ruffled, or mountainous; that ocean is not silent. Quotes By H.P. Who knows the end? (Dreams In The Witch-House). It was like the others, yet incalculably denser; a sticky clammy mass, if such terms can be applied to analogous qualities in a non-material sphere. H. P. Lovecraft, I could not write about ‘ordinary people’ because I am not in the least interested in them. ', and 'The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown'

H. P. Lovecraft Dreams Quotes View some of the most famous Dreams quotes by H. P. Lovecraft; Click on the quote page to view more details about the quote. Hailing from Lovecraft’s surreal Dream Cycle, ghasts are humanoid creatures that live in the vaults of Zin. Here are the top most famous quotes about Dreams by H. P. Lovecraft. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The hour was one of approaching triumph, for was not my fellow-being escaping at last from a degrading periodic bondage; escaping forever, and preparing to follow the accursed oppressor even unto the uttermost fields of ether, that upon it might be wrought a flaming cosmic vengeance which would shake the spheres?”, “Only the sombre philosophy of the Decadents could hold us, and this we found potent only by increasing gradually the depth and diabolism of our penetrations.”.
The cat is such a perfect symbol of beauty and superiority that it seems scarcely possible for any true aesthete and civilised cynic to do other than worship it. That was the end of our voluntary searchings in the caverns of dream.

Behind everything crouched the brooding, festering horror of the ancient town, and of the mouldy, unhallowed garret gable where he wrote and studied and wrestled with figures and formulae when he was not tossing on the meagre iron bed. It is easy to remove the mind from harping on the lost illusion of immortality. Unhappy is he to whom the memories of childhood bring only fear and sadness. From even the greatest of horrors, irony is seldom absent. Bunch together a group of people deliberately chosen for strong religious feelings, and you have a practical guarantee of dark morbidities expressed in crime, perversion, and insanity. H. P. Lovecraft, I never ask a man what his business is, for it never interests me. A list of those authors is as follows; H. P. Lovecraft has written many quotes about Dreams. Refresh and try again. Share with your friends. H. P. Lovecraft, Toil without song is like a weary journey without an end. It is Elysium enough for me, at any rate. I am not very proud of being an human being; in fact, I distinctly dislike the species in many ways. It is a mistake to fancy that horror is associated inextricably with darkness, silence, and solitude. Toil without song is like a weary journey without an end. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. I am disillusioned enough to know that no man's opinion on any subject is worth a damn unless backed up with enough genuine information to make him really know what he's talking about. When the last days were upon me, and the ugly trifles of existence began to drive me to madness like the small drops of water torturers let fall ceaselessly upon one spot of their victim's body, I loved the irradiate refuge of sleep.

H. P. Lovecraft, There be those who say that things and places have souls, and there be those who say they have not; I dare not say, myself, but I will tell of The Street. Personally, I would not care for immortality in the least. H. P. Lovecraft, The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

But are not the dreams of poets and the tales of travellers notoriously false?
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