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Sure it was crazy and dangerous but thats more of what people need to be like nowadays. truly amazing. No clean up, no demolition, no typical Disney attention to detail. In the end, Disney decided that the cost of constructing the attraction on the island was too high to be recovered by any entrance fee acceptable to potential guests. I just can't understand why it upsets them so much. I was on the Disney ferry in March with my mother when we noticed there was a dock and small building, we never would have thought that it was once an attraction! What an adventure!

Discovery Island was purchased by Disney in 1965 as part of their massive land grab leading up to the building of Walt Disney World. When is your next Disney adventure? You'd think the micromanagers would have sent someone over there to trip a breaker and save them a few bucks. On my first trip to DisneyWorld, I went as a temporary "cast member" because my high school marching band was performing in the parade. "it's upsetting to me that people can't follow the rules and do as they are told. Wonder why.

I am sure those rule following posters absolutely hate riding on Indian Jones ride knowing this fictitious character and adventurers who inspired the story also made trespasses or ventures a bit beyond the limits. Waiting in line for an attraction, waiting for the fireworks to start, or waiting to talk to the front desk at the hotel. Miss Adventure Falls Accident, Who knows if there is enough positive feedback from the general public then the people at Disney might just ask you to explore the other side of the island and have you film it for all of us to see... Of course thats just me being hopeful. This is the story of my trip there quite a few years ago when I lived in FL. Investigators found a metal shed measuring 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 7 feet high with no windows, ventilation, water or perches. really simple trespass is federal??

It's part of a growing online subculture called Urban Exploring. Google Maps shows a large building on the island right near the Google tag for Discovery Island.Also shows three or four other buildings on the around the island. The adventurers are already on Disney property, so going from one piece of Disney property to another is not trespassing. Even more alarming, I’ve also heard that the main reason Disney closed the adjacent water park is because of the presence of Naegleria Fowleri bacteria in the water which can infect human nervous systems and nearly always results in death. We need some more of this in America! "Classic unintentionally hilarious line from an earlier Anonymous poster.

i live in orlando and i love what you guys do keep it up and stay safe.... Friggen AWESOME!!!!!! | DISboards. Some of you may have noticed the lack of updates around here, but rest assured it is not for lack of motivation, but rather from an excess.

Thats an eerie feeling to i guess. If you decide to go back, try and find a college program boat driver. I've unfortunately never been to Disney World. We're all still here obviously so it's not that bad.


But come on people, how about you use your passion and go out and make a positive difference in this world. I had no idea discovery island had even existed. The focus will be on environmental nude portraits in these derelict spaces, but I may occasionally use it as an outlet for work that does not fit within the conceptual framework of my ongoing project. Yeah I'd be more scared of Jason coming after me then an alligator, or a Disney security guard. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I need details. WOW!!

Like Discovery Island, it is off-limits to guests visiting Walt Disney World.It seems that abandoned attractions encourage a certain sense of adventure and intrigue in some courageous types.

Explorer Shane Perez recently bragged on a blog and posted pictures about a secret trip to the old zoological attraction. Oh and I meant the anonymous person right above my comment, of course.

Trying to extend his two day vacation at, 1) Adam The Woo Caught Vlogging Backstage, With a quarter of a million subscribers on YouTube, Adam the Woo has made a name for himself. I live in Florida and still get freaked out about the bacteria whenever I swim in lakes.

Like someone else suggested above, drop someone off then return later to pick them up!! Yet another example of how it always pays to have your experiences on your own terms and not. Amazing story. (Aren't I unreliable? If something bad did happen, it'd be his problem, not yours. I do know it is infested with Vultures. ;)Love and Bail Money,Carrie from HPA. Such an adventurous spirit in a world that looks down on that.. Don't listen to the hater..

You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Grizzly Peak Club Soda, I'm scared of my own shadow!! Sounds worth it to me :PKeep it up Shane! Its a shame they didn't revamp it. Remembering my visits to River Country and Discovery Island with my kids...I didn't enjoy either experience!

It is a former wildlife attraction/sanctuary that was closed in 1999 and has been left to run wild since.

We went into the "old Acme building" (not sure if that was really the name of the business...very Loony Tunes) since it was slated to be demolished.

The railings were all still beautifully rusty and the plants grew anyw, e they pleased. This is simply amazing. Not to mention that I'm sure Disney knows other people have been there since, there was definitely grafitti and other evidence of previous visitors when I went. I used to drop people off on that island, mostly maintenance. He is, of course, one of the Three Caballeros.

This is such a cool thing that you did. This section in particular was still wild and untouched by the parks department. Its human nature to explore the unknown, Disney should thank you.

Id love to see more pictures. You inspire me. Such great memories!!!

My life could pretty much use one of these adventures. Note that Jose Carioca is the only reference to a Disney character on the map. Explorer Shane Perez recently bragged on a blog and posted pictures about a secret trip to the old zoological attraction. I'd love to see what else was there or spend time myself exploring. Thanks for a glimpse into Disney's past! Good luck and hope to hear of a return trip!! I just found your blog. Kudos for really doing it! DI is nuts. Discovery Island on the other hand would be an awesome adventure. Neat trip. Nature takes back very quickly--save this area before it's completely destroyed.

It's facinating & fun to read.thank you :). Y'all act like the man sold intelligence info to the enemies! I love it!! The below photographs were taken by Shane Perez and the account of his trip to Discovery Island can be found here. Are you a member of Flurbex? If you guys go back to explore the other side of the island I suggest checking out one of the old Discovery island Maps first.

and you shouldn't have photographed the vultures because you were obviously upsetting them and should have just left. That took a lot of brass, and I've got to say, I'm impressed. Indeed. Good job dude! What's so strange about this to me is the condition of the buildings - like people just up and left. I couldnt believe it. Yes, Disney company should be concerned for liability reasons, but honored their park likely was influential in inspiring mankind from when we first visited the Parks at young ages to take on new adventures and discoveries!

CAF Africa’s Finest XI, You get mad props for that.

Rules were meant to be broken, risks were meant to be taken stop being a bitch. Ever since, I've wanted to explore every weird corner of Disneyland like that. I went to WDW twice when DI was still open, but we never actually went to the Island. So many comments on this! wow mad props to you guys!!

Probably not as daring, as I am kind of a wimp, but I'm glad y'all had a cool time. I remember many varieties of birds and down off one beach there were giant tortoises. The island though has a long history going as far as the early-1900s when the island was called Raz Island.The Raz family owned the island, using the land for farming up until the late-1930s when the land was purchased by Delmar “Radio Nick” Nicholson for $800, renaming the island to Isles Bay Island. Sidney Island Map,

Shane, your one crazy asshole.


I hope that Disney will allow people to explore the island someday.

Oliver James Instagram, Awesome:). I am sure I have some run on sentences and miss spelled words you can complain about). This whole adventure sparks interest in a mystery novel. Kelly Hrudey Family, Disney Parks News, The property was finally purchased by Disney in 1965.The island was renamed Blackbeard’s Island but remained undeveloped until 1974.

You found old photos specimens in containers creepy vet and holding centers with all the bird noises.. it would be amazing. Loved the pics, Love this site. Going through River Country was just as bad as swimming to the Island.

Please keep posting, I can live vicariously through you! A collection of news, events, and photos related to my photographic works and interest in city infrastructure, abandoned industrial sites, and other rarely seen places. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I think that trip behind the scenes and the fact that we were told that we would pretty much get our cameras taken away and destroyed if we took pictures sparked my interest in what really went on "behind the magic." Do check it out! According to this story, Shane and a group of friends utilized a waterproof bag to hold dry clothing and their camera equipment and swam across the lake to the island. No disappointment here...what you did was your choice. I'm not an imagineer--but I could imagine everything from a romantic secluded honeymoon cottages...with the popularity of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN--why not a Pirate Adventure experience. Scares the crap out of me to think about swimming across at night and all of the animal noises, but it's awesome you did it!!!

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