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of good luck, no one was hurt. Location Blanca, CO Rating Difficult, Length 5.1mi Time 6hrs Guide. August 25, 2007 by Matt Kuczborski. } There are two schools of thought on Jaws 1 depending on vehicle clearance and breakover angle. Lizard walked his CJ7 up every obstacle on Blanca. When dry, a careful straddling of the V-crack allows a vehicle to walk right through. Just a Most ran 33s with at least one locker, many Again, a large chunk of the mountain's mineral skeleton lies exposed on the trail. Maybe I should have waited The route scaling the slopes of Blanca Peak is officially an Alamosa County road (County Road 975). the third time this year). Nature top: 70px; Colorado Springs, CO, CRACKER with his classic Bronco from Pueblo, CO and me display: inline-block; such a clear and unpolluted sky is awe inspiring as one considers the grandeur /* ----------------------------------------- */ tires and slipping and leaning much too much to the left as they slipped. margin-top: 10px; } "The 4x4 Trail Book" which states, "Several spots on the trail Maybe no one wants to claim the dubious distinction of naming them. we learned that just a few weeks before a FJ-40 had done several full rolls down Jaws 1 } .runner-image { font-size:small; Read about 4x4 Adventure and off-road action in Blanca Peak, Colorado only on 4wdandSportUtility.com, the official website of 4wd and Sport Utility Magazine. Blanca was still Lindsey (14,042) Iron Nipple (13,480), Hamilton Peak (13,658) Peak 13,828, and of course Ellingwood Point (14,042) as well as all the ridges connecting them. Also known as Lake Como Road, this is one of the best hard-core trails in Colorado. .td-slider-container { Maybe... depending on the definition of "road" one chooses to use. with my Bronco II from Nebraska.

it came to rest on the trail below. Blanca Peak. hungry though and ate one of my 33X12.5 BFG MT Moab Edition tires before it let color:#666; White 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. of the mountain and at the same time is humbled by the incomprehensible expanse } This was the roughest trail he had ever done and he did parts of /* remove the default styles */ Colorado; Utah; Reports. padding: 0 25px; bending metal from my underside. On the downward trek, gravity now seeks to "help" the vehicle back down the mountain. width:100%; with greasy mud just before Jaws 4 which is a kind of a "wall" just It is rated as a 9 on a 10 point scale by the .runner-vehicle { /* ----------------------------------------- */, /* ----------------------------------------- */ I made it up the right We assume the Jaws name came from the insatiable appetite the Blanca Several took a rough path around to the left instead. border:1px solid #c0c0c0; around a curve on a steep upslope just past Como Lake. The road was the scene of many contentious confrontations between pedestrians and those who chose to recreate with motors during the mid '90s while the Forest Service was seeking to close access. It comes straight across the road and is a break over angle problem This point was driven home in our minds when margin-bottom:2em; Jaws 1 gets a lot trickier coming down, and when the typical afternoon or evening rains further slick the granite, watch out! get that side back on the ground. We began working our way up the

Vehicle Types Defined . } © 2020 Four Wheeler | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC.

color:#222; nightfall. One of our group got a little high on } Trails may have changed or closed since that date. } Denver, CO, Cruiser with his FJ25 from Denver, CO, Andy with his 4- runner from

So we proceeded toward Jaws 4. In addition

/* place the prev/next controls on the sides */ There is a large pile of loose rocks on the lower side of the ledge and a pesky point that loves to snag the undercarriage. Copyright ? /* ----------------------------------------- */
Going up the wall to the right resulted in spinning height:20px;
color:#666; We were happy (and lucky) to make the run dry this year and returned to the trailhead by noon Sunday after a perfect night by the lake. We got back down the difficult spots just before dark. The trip is usually the second weekend of September and often includes an overnight campout on the edge of beautiful Lake Como. border:1px solid #c0c0c0; .td-transition-controls .wpv-filter-next-link { .td-slides-content h3 { }

/* View slug: reports-other-reports-for-same-trail-slider - end */ He obviously has his CJ #report-body-spacer { after entering the valley we came upon the first major obstacle in the trail, The view of the stars from so high up, under in both ends. Indian legend has it that this mountain was used by the gods to Trail Run on August 25, 2007 Report and photos by Matt K., Trail Leader View trail … .runner { h1 a {

It is also as beautiful a drive as Colorado has to offer, although one may be a bit too preoccupied by the road to admire the scenery! A long and increasingly tall diagonal spine of light-colored granite runs across the road. it better than some of us who had done it before.

We had completed one of Colorado's most challenging and scenic trails. Blanca Peak Trail Description: Jeep,Trails & Events : The Blanca Peak Trail is one of Colorado s toughest. The picture shows Lizard doing the obstacle the right way in his can be extremely hazardous." Then we turned into a It takes some skill to north and west. /* Content Template: Loop item in REPORTS Runners - start */ coming in from Salt Lake City, Utah just to join us for this trail.

} I got caught in a V groove. Test your nerve and skill on this Colorado favorite. "What? /* center the page selector horizonatally */ /* View slug: reports-other-reports-for-same-trail-slider - start */ margin:0 6px 6px 0; clear:both; margin-top:4px; /* center the page selector horizonatally */ /* ----------------------------------------- */ .td-transition-controls .wpv-filter-previous-link { me off the mountain. To the left is the yawning space of high-mountain air and very little else. width:100%; .runner-name a { were on the itinerary. } These three nearby "fourteeners" attract a high degree of foot traffic to Lake Como Road. A stiff challenge, a historical route, gorgeous scenery, and a fabulous setting combine to provide one of the truly unforgettable routes still available to the four-wheeling public. Once the road issue was resolved between Alamosa County and the Forest Service (with local 4WD clubs adopting the road and maintaining some sedimentation mitigation), the conflicts quickly dropped off. also. 2 was next. /* ----------------------------------------- */ Fourteen miles east, turn north on Colorado Highway 150 toward Great Sand Dunes National Monument. The trail bumps and crawls over and around piles of boulders to terminate just above the lowest of the Blue Lakes.

CJ7. As accurate as the monikers are, they show a severe lack of diversity! At the mining settlement site of Commodore, several cabins stand in various states of disrepair. font-size: 300%; } text-align:center; /* ----------------------------------------- */. That didn't deter DAMo though.
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