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And they breed very fast; females can give birth to about four to seven baby rabbits at a time – and repeat it every month, especially during the spring season when there’s plenty of food and greenery present. All these subspecies of Foxes will eat rabbits – according to their environment. Their food intake depends upon the species and the season. Of course they do, at least the big ones.

Snakes like python, boa, and anaconda can easily eat a rabbit, however, cobra, mamba, viper, and rattlesnakes, for example, could potentially eat a small rabbit although naturally, their mouth is smaller. They love to live deep in coniferous forests like in rocky areas, bogs, and swamps. Garter snakes don't even eat rabbits nor do they get big enough to do so. Occasionally, a Lynx stores its leftovers by covering it with snow – for later use. Larger snakes can easily engulf a rabbit as a whole, while smaller snakes do this job with the help of their independent “moving” mandibles (meaning independent upper and lower jawbones).

shelby id like to see a picture of it if you have one, that would be a very large ball, i think the record size was 7-8 feet, and 14 pounds would be very large, i have seen a 5k gram ball and 14 pounds would be about 6k... if you could send a pic to me at jparker1167@hotmail.com. So definitely, Golden Eagles prey on Rabbits. These were built on the side of the cage, and had a lid on the top. However, cats like lions and tigers can eat rabbits – but more as a snack between meals! Snowshoe rabbits (most commonly known as snowshoe hare) form 75% part of their diet. Owls are nocturnal and rely upon their amazing night vision and their keen sense of hearing to hunt. They have also been known to dig into the burrow of hibernating mammals in winter to eat them. Any possibility the snake killed the rabbits? ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom!

We found another kit had died this morning. Owls are found all over the world from Australia to Alaska. 9 years ago. Garter snakes don't even eat rabbits nor do they get big enough to do so.

They eat rabbits mainly as a supplement with their primary food source.

They were also introduced to New Zealand. Due to their big size and a large number of members in their pack, they generally hunt larger mammals.

As they can eat pretty much everything, their diet depends upon their physical size. By most accounts. The Dingo is an opportunistic carnivore and rabbit is definitely a staple source of food for them. The bottom of this enclosure is covered with 2in x 4 in wire.

For the Asian bear, diet is almost the same as other bears – except Fish! They not only kill and eat rabbits but they also hunt other small creatures like rats, possum, hedgehogs, and small birds, etc. Rabbit is one of the main sources of food for Ocelots, but they can change their menu according to season. Some turtles are terrestrial and not considered to be tortoise. With Images, link to Why Is Wood Brown? They belong to the cat family so, they can easily prey on a rabbit.

That’s why rabbits don’t form a much larger part of their diet. Lizard. If you’re keeping Rabbits as a Pet, then when outside just make sure they’re in a secure place and/or supervised to avoid any predators local to you. Here’s What To Do.

They can even fill their diet with up to 90% vegetation if a meat source is not available, however, they prefer meat when available and small mammals like rabbits would and could be a part of that. As they are omnivores, they can eat most things. Click below to answer.

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