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I expected to get a distant glimpse, but there was actually a hiking trail which lead along the shore, behind the property, so I was able to get a solid view without tresspassing. Here’s a sneak peek: Milton Berle accidentally kicks a rock instead of kicking Terry-Thomas. Filming locations for It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world including locations in Santa Monica, Twentynine Palms and CA. As great as Milton Berle is as the timid, “bad driver,” Russell, Ethel Merman steals every scene as his loud-mouthed mother-in-law, Ms. Marcus. The characters are underdeveloped, the motivations are unclear and only kind of believable, but it’s downright hilarious. I have shown this DVD to my daughter and other young people of today and although they find it funny, they cannot relate to it the way the folks of my generation did. But the chance of it still standing seems pretty doubtful now.

The archway entrance to the park was like the gates of heaven, but it was all in vain. One of my favorite movies of all time.

Everything was so overgrown, a faint reminder of how it once looked so majestic. If there’s anyone out there who loves this movie as much as I do, I hope you enjoyed my little tour. Nov. 7 is the 50th anniversary of ‘It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,’ in which Long Beach is a key player. At the time it was released I was taken to see it by my father and of course I laughed all the way through it. While visiting Southern California, I decided to at least drive by and see if I could spot the one slanted tree from the road. The journey takes them to the fictional Santa Rosita state park, where they ultimately find the W exists in the trees.

Many thanks to Mark, from whom I've sourced these pictures. Even a Lesser Better Call Saul is Still Great, Eighth Grade Soars, But Soundtrack Falters, This is America Sends Waves Across the Nation, SCAD “Say It With Music”, First VR Musical, ‘Legend Has It’ Dominates Black Panther Soundtrack, Lewis Del Mar Speaks of Tragedy through Upbeat Sound on ‘August’, Field Medic Waxes Poetic about Personal Growth on ‘Floral Prince’, SCAD Radio’s Regular Rotation for the Week: Now on Youtube. My guess is that the Big W is all gone. Both Rooney and Hackett are comedy geniuses as they try to land the plane for what feels like—and probably is—the majority movie.

My favorite movie of all time is It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. The 4th AVGN Blu-Ray Ready 4 Revenge is out now at our new store. (Although, The Three Stooges cameo still gets me.) At last, I drove by Smiler’s Point, the spot where Smiler Grogan goes “sailing right out there!” It’s in the Palm Springs desert, on highway 74.

Even some of the lesser known characters were familiar.

At least he has a doting wife. I also explored other spots from the movie. there really IS someone out there with similar memories of this movie. It’s somebody’s backyard. It makes no sense. Though the documentary says the owners were planning on replanting the other trees, it doesn’t seem that way.

A group of strangers come across a man dying after a car crash who proceeds to tell them about the $350,000 he buried in California. Fantastic i love research like this. View location maps, descriptions and location images

Air Traffic Control struggling to explain how to land the plane.

It’s not often that you see two people who have never been in a fight before fight each other. Of course today, I have my own DVD copy and my grandkids are enjoying it now.

ABOVE: From the movie.

With the mic cable wrapped around him, the controller falls out of the tower, dangling by the cord, still trying to direct Dingy and Benjy to the runway.

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) Filming & Production. I was staring at my favorite movie location…period.

Flaunting his dentist credentials, Melville Crump is always trying to be in charge.

Fabulous. I managed to spot one tree, only visible from a certain angle, that appeared to be leaning over (above). I loved the show and had to make a special effort to get to town from our farm in rural Iowa at age 12 to see it, either 1963 or ’64. The documentary was from the 1990’s, and the movie was from 1963, so it seemed doubtful that there would be anything to see, on top of that being a private residence. We weren’t disappointed, as we watched his truck get run off the road and barrel down the mountaiside with all their belongings flying off into space; then, his only line: “I told you I didn’t want to move to California!” I have watched this movie at least 30 times and never tire of it. Our database is being continually updated with new content so keep checking back regularly for updates. My parents own the “W” house 1984-present and I grew up there. The cameos might not hold the same thrill as they once did, but that doesn’t matter.

Some say its in an alley on 2nd street and some say near Long Beach Blvd and Broadway??? You have to contact me and I will give you a private tour!

I missed you! It starts out funny, but when his feet fall through the floor, it’s hilarious.

It is the superior predecessor to This is the End in terms of all-star cast and cameos. The picture above shows the miniature from the movie. On their second honeymoon, dentist Melville Crump and Monica Crump are the couple you would hate to meet on a cruise.

What started as an attempt to beat up Otto Meyer, quickly turns into a maniacal tirade as Lennie Pike destroys an entire gas station while trying to catch up to the two geeky attendants.

All Rights Reserved, “Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie” – Trailer. Directed by Stanley Kramer. But it was very steep, and its a blind turn, so I would have risked getting run over by a car. Many thanks to Mark, from whom I've sourced these pictures.

The “W” Palm Trees in It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World are Queen Palms. Just watch it, because you will never see a man lose it as badly as Lennie Pike.

The palm trees in the present era are undoubtedly California Fan Palms (Washingtonia). All I wanted was to gaze upon those trees, or at least the ground where they once stood, and just think to myself “I made it.” It was just a little dream of mine and I always considered it the Holy Grail of movie sets.

The gathering of all movie celebs from the 30s on to the early 60s thrown into this movie.

In one scene, an African-American couple are driving up the mountain in a rickety old truck loaded with the meager belongings. BELOW: My video still.

Notice there’s only a fire escape on the left side. I couldn’t tell.

I’m in the San Diego area now and was thinking I could at least look up the Big W site, but I guess not. | The only witness working alone, he was driving a moving truck when the race began. © 2018 Cinemassacre Productions, LLC. It’s essentially a treasure hunt about a group of people trying to find a stash of money buried under a “Big W”. It’s a dangerous spot, and I don’t recommend it. With an exasperated and exhausted look, he holds two phones up to each other. What a small world! When Ms. Marcus and Emmeline leave the men to go off on their own, they enlist the help of Emmeline’s brother and Ms. Marcus’ son, the mama’s boy, speedo-sporting, Sylvester (Dick Shawn).

According to the documentary on the DVD, it’s located in Rancho Palos Verdes, California and the “park” is not public. Enola Holmes was filmed at the Greenwich Old Royal Naval College, Ashridge Forest, a Russell Group university library and on the Severn Valley Railway. There is a guy on youtube who had done filming locations of my childhood tv series involving a clown and acrobat (Bassie & Adriaan). The general idea that everyone is searching for something resonated with me my whole life.

found everything on google earth! But more so, look at the movie still below! I guess.

I was in my late teens before I finally realized what movie that was. I’m 28 years old, but since I was only about 5, I remember wanting to find the Big W. Even though I knew it was only a movie and that there was no hidden treasure.

Just as the characters in the film, I went on my own treasure hunt to that same exact location. While trying to keep tabs on the witnesses as they lead him to the buried treasure, he struggles with keeping the peace between his angry wife and daughter. Screenshots of this scene. Great movie. Almost everyone in the theater shouted “Lighting,” recognizing the character actor from the old Amos ‘n Andy TV show, and waited in anticipation of what his fate would be. I’m a huge fan of the film and I have been trying to find the staircase that Spencer Tracy climbs before entering the empty building?

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