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The chief article of male dress was called the tebenna. At the same time it is noticeable that no cases of spinsterhood are found; celibacy, rare as it is, is confined to the male sex.

Thus the average height of the Japanese male is only 5 ft. While thus carried about by the host-insect, the female is fertilized by the free-flying male, and gives birth to a number of tiny triungulin larvae. This bird never assumes any crimson on the crown or breast, but the male has the rump at all times tinged more or 1 E.g. The male slaves were employed in the tillage of the land and the tending of cattle, and the females in domestic work and household manufactures. The wings in the male are shorter than the body; in the female they are rudimentary.

The idea of the existence of separate sexes in plants was entertained in early times, long before separate male and female organs had been demonstrated. (CK) Is that bird male or female? Having thus gained the support of a large majority of the landed proprietors and the ecclesiastics, Boris Godunov increased his influence to such an extent that on the Boris death of Tsar Feodor without male issue in 1598 he Godunov, was elected his successor by a Great National Assembly. ,ppjv, male, and ToKOS, from Tlktecv, to beget), biological terms proposed by Leuckart and Eduard von Siebold to denote those parthenogenetic females which produce male young, while "thelytokous" and "thelytoky" would denote their producing female young.

The evidence supplied by this and other Cretan sites shows that the principal Minoan divinity was a kind of Magna Mater, a Great Mother or nature goddess, with whom was associated a male satellite.

Bartlett, that every ruff assumes tufts and frill exactly the same in colour and markings as those he wore in the preceding season; and thus, polymorphic as is the male as a species, as an individual he is unchangeable. Roger Stafford, the impoverished heir male of the ancient Staffords, had been forced to surrender his barony to the king by a deed dated in the preceding year, a piece of injustice which is in the teeth of all modern conceptions of peerage law. In GY~~1NospERMsso-called because the ovules (and seeds) are borne on an open sporophyll or carpelthe microsporophylls and macrosporophylls are not as a rule associated in the same shoot and are generally arranged in cone-like structures; one or two small prothallial cells are formed in the germination of the microspore; the male cells are in some older members of the group motile though usually passive. - Schizomus crassicaudatus, a Tartarid Pedipalp. Sentences Menu. The inflorescence is a very simple one, consisting of one or two male flowers each comprising a single stamen, and a female flower comprising a flask-shaped pistil. cent; the male cell may be motile or non-motile. The two ducts continuous with the gonads open by a common vagina on to the exterior behind the male pores. The sexes are distinct but dissimilar in size, the female being usually much larger than the male.

Did it actually cause misandry in real life? a, Male; e, female; c, larva, magnified 20 times; b, foot of male; d, feeler of larva, more highly magnified. Her blunt manners, her unconcealed scorn of the male favourites that disgraced the court, and perhaps also her sense of unrequited merit, produced an estrangement between her and the empress, which ended in her asking permission to travel abroad. The female genital opening usually lies between the seventh and eighth segments, the male on the ninth.

(CK) A person is either male or female.

The earldom, and the viscounty of the United Kingdom, being limited to heirs male, became extinct, but the barony, being to heirs general, passed to his daughter, Sophia Charlotte (1762-1835), who married the Hon. Following the chain northward from this channel we have Haddumati and Kolumadulu, after which the chain becomes double: to the east the chief atolls are Mulaku, Felidu, South Male, North Male, Kardiva (where the channel of the same name, 35 m. (2) Those of the central division, comprising the atolls between North Male and Haddumati, who are under the direct rule of the sultan, and have been more exposed to Arab influences. 28 a descends entire in order of primogeniture, and by preference to the male heir; the emperor and his consort must belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church; the emperor can wear no crown that entails residence abroad.

Seeking out Nonnus, she overcame his canonical scruples by her tears of genuine penitence, was baptized, and, disguising herself in the garb of a male penitent, retired to a grotto on the Mount of Olives, where she died after three years of strict penance. The male scales differ in form from the female; the adult male is winged, and is rarely seen.

Some five male domestic serfs, big and little, rushed out to the front porch to meet their master. That a criminal was reared among male factors mitigates his fault in our eyes. All the citizens were expected to attend the annual town-meeting, and such male inhabitants as were not citizens were privileged to attend and to propose and discuss measures, although they had no right to vote. the direct male line of John of Gaunt became extinct. 191+34 sentence examples: 1. He defeated Conrad near Frankfort in August 1246, but died in the following year at the Wartburg, when the male line of the family became extinct. In them a ventral surface containing the usually median male and female genital apertures is generally distinguishable from the smooth FIG. 42. Their evolution was as follows: " When the Holy Aged, the concealed of all concealed, assumed a form, he produced everything in the form of male and female, as things could not continue in any other form. In Austria-Hungary, Germany, Poland, Sweden and some other countries, haiduk came to mean an attendant in a court of law, or a male servant, dressed in Hungarian semi-military costume. (companion, colleague, friend, cousin) " The male employees are getting paid more than the female. " The male duct vd becomes fleshy and muscular near its termination at the genital pore, forming the penis p. Attached to it is a diverticulum fl, in which the spermatozoa which have descended from the ovo-testis are stored and modelled into sperm ropes or spermatophores. In that moment he became more than a mature male – more than Alex.

A new pack is usually founded by an unrelated dispersing maleand female, travelling together in search of an area devoid of other hostile packs.

In the breeding season the male spins a bell or thimble near that of the female and joins the two by means of a silken passage. The intromittent organs of the male are remarkable for their complexity and elaboration. (heir) " We are studying the male anatomy in Biology class. " b and d, Head and feelers of male and female, more highly magnified. He certainly felt human with a massive male body expending heat and warmth. The supermodel all but bolted from the midst of the male forest around her. Intromittent organ of male placed at the distal end of the appendage of the 5th pair. 3.

There was the sound of a phone being shuffled from one person to another, then a flat, deep male voice. The old archaic waist-cloth was used, and at the present day both male and female pilgrims enter bare-footed and clad in the scanty ihram (C. M. The essential feature both of male and female dress during the "Minoan " and " Mycenaean " periods was the loin-cloth, which is best represented by the votive terra-cotta statuettes from Petsofa in Crete discovered by Professor J. The photographer's assistant yelped suddenly, and she turned her head, needing the distraction from the infuriating wall of pure male lying on top of her. Male workers were made permanently sterile by this pesticide. A, Male Heterodera schachtii, greatly magnified. He was killed in battle in 1246, when the male line of the Babenbergs became extinct. Barton's Semitic Origins is extremely able, but his doctrine of the derivation of male from original female deities is pushed to an extreme. The female genital opening usually lies in front of the eighth abdominal segment, the male duct opens on the ninth. He didn't have that position because he was a male, as her friends often thought. Two or three associations in London supply male nurses (fees 2 to 4 guineas a week), but there appears to be only one institution, apart from the military and naval services, at which they are systematically trained - namely, the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic. The state institutions, each governed by a board of trustees, and all under the supervision of the state board of charity, include a state hospital at Tewksbury, for paupers (1866); a state farm at Bridgewater (1887) for paupers and petty criminals; the Lyman school for boys at Westboro, a reformatory for male criminals under fifteen years of age sentenced to imprisonment for terms less than life in connexion with which a very successful farm is maintained for the younger boys at Berlin; an industrial school for girls at Lancaster, also a reformatory school - a third reformatory school for boys was planned in 1909; a state sanatorium at Rutland for tuberculous patients (the first public hospital for such in the United States) and a hospital school at Canton for the care and instruction of crippled and deformed children. According to tradition the male and female gods lived in mountains whence they descended to hear the prayers of the people.

Durazzo, the last male scion of the Angevine house in Lower Italy, murdered Joan in 1382, and held the kingdom for five years. As neither Joseph nor Napoleon had a male heir, the eldest brother, whose ideas of primogeniture were very strict, claimed to be recognized as heir, while Napoleon wished to recognize the son of Louis Bonaparte. - Ventral view of a male mygalomorphous spider. The elder branch of his descendants became extinct in the male line in 1482, and was merged through the female line in the house of Bourbon-Vendome. 18 Agricultural work is traditionally seen as a, 27 The female of the species is more deadly than the, 28 She alleged that there was rampant drug use among the, 29 The female bird incubates the eggs for about sixteen days while the, 30 I say "boys" advisedly because we are talking almost entirely about, 13 Agricultural work is traditionally seen as a, 16 She alleged that there was rampant drug use among the, 17 The female bird incubates the eggs for about sixteen days while the, 21 I say "boys" advisedly because we are talking almost entirely about.

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