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neomu mipjiman saranghae, eoduun bami nal gadugi jeone saramdeulgwaui eokjiseureon hanmadibodan Stay Blackpink Lyrics Fire Lyrics New Lyrics English Rap Blackpink Playing With Fire Color Coded … neoui geu mupyojeong soge 04. geoure soksagigon hae Do you still love me? I whisper to the mirror, 가끔 어둠이 올 때면 I’ll be your fire DDU-DU DDU-DU (Japanese Ver.) Stay stay stay with me, 널 닮은 듯한 슬픈 멜로디 Sometimes, when darkness comes, I’ll be your fire So stay geuge eodiga dwaetgeon mariya Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Learn how your comment data is processed. REALLY (Japanese Ver.) This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. jigeum dangjang manheungeol baraneun ge anya That’s getting more and more dull Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala 이렇게 날 울리는데 eh eh

Just stay with me, There’s nothing more I want now BOOMBAYAH (Japanese Ver.) I don’t expect a lot right now 06. neowaui eosaekhan chimmugi charari joha PLAYING WITH FIRE (Japanese Ver.) [#1] BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA Release Date: 2018.12.05 Tracklist: 01. WHISTLE (Japanese Ver.) 그저 내 곁에 stay with me, 사실은 난 더 바라는 게 없어 이제 거울에 속삭이곤 해

Color coded Lyrics ne hyanggineun dalkomhan felony Don’t ask why it has to be you If you feel the same Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala 5. Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala 지금 당장 많은 걸 바라는 게 아냐 This a letter from me to you, Korean: music.naver nae gyeoteul tteonajima Don’t leave me Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala jeomjeom mudyeojyeo ganeun 너와의 어색한 침묵이 차라리 좋아 02. It makes me cry eh eh Eng: pop!gasa. 네 향기는 달콤한 felony I hate you so much but i love you, Before the dark night traps me in )* My S

The pictures and the song does not belong to me. STAY (Japanese Ver.) 지금 당장 많은걸 바라는 게 아냐 거짓 같은 세상 속 유일한 truth it’s you You take me for granted 아직 날 사랑하니 내 맘과 같다면 그저 내 곁에 stay with me, (It goes a little something like) 08. Blackpink Stay Lyrics Color Coded Hangul English sub & Kor Rom COLORS: Pink - *Jennie* Blue - *Jisoo* Purple - *Rose* (My bias) Red - *Lisa* Grey - *Blackpink* *(Names are in the video too! cheoncheonhi naeryeonohjamyeo Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala BLACKPINK _ STAY EASY LYRICS ----- No copyright infringement intended!

내 곁을 떠나지마 너의 그 무표정 속에 03.

Just stay with me, (It goes a little something like) 오늘은 떠나지마 Jennie was part of writing Stay, she is one of the songwriters. BLACKPINK - STAY [Color Coded Lyrics] Han|Rom|Eng - YouTube This a letter from me to you, (It goes a little something like) oneureun tteonajima Rather than forceful conversations with others ajik nal saranghani na mamgwa gatdamyeon Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Let’s slowly let this go 05.

The Japanese subtitle is still right, ”自分が曲を作るとこうなるようだ” (it seems like this when i make the song). Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala 사람들과의 억지스런 한마디보단 그저 내 곁에 stay with me, In your expressionless face 3:13 Stay stay stay with me, neol darmeun deuthan seulpeun mellodi geojit gateun sesang sok yuilhan truth it’s you geuge neodawo geuraedo

So stay, wherever that may be I’d rather be in awkward silence with you Stay Music Video Music Videos Stay Blackpink Lyrics English Rap Forever Young Lyrics Color Coded Lyrics Love K Blackpink Lisa Yg Entertainment 굳이 너여야만 하는 이유는 묻지마 nal dangyeonhage saenggakhaneun neojiman guji neoyeoyaman haneun iyuneun mutjima jigeum dangjang manheungeol baraneun ge anya, simjangeun ttwigin haneun geonji mugamgakhae geurae, gakkeum eodumi ol ttaemyeon I’ll be your fire, geojit gateun sesang sok yuilhan truth it’s you, Kim Wooseok (김우석) & Lee Eunsang (이은상) – Memories. Don’t leave today 07. gakkeum eodumi ol ttaemyeon I’ll be your fire 그게 너다워 그래도 Saved by Vanessa Halifax. 너무 밉지만 사랑해, 어두운 밤이 날 가두기 전에 simjangeun ttwigin haneun geonji mugamgakhae geurae So stay 그게 어디가 됐건 말이야 Rom: jacobryan But still, stay stay stay with me, This sad melody resembles you 날 당연하게 생각하는 너지만 But that’s you Source is Jennie Solo Diary 4-1, but at this point, the english subtitle was changed by YG to cover up her credit where she said ”when you write a song, you become like that”. BLACKPINK - STAY Lyrics BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) Romanization, Korean, Translation. This a letter from me to you, 점점 무뎌져 가는 AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST (Japanese Ver.) FOREVER YOUNG (Japanese Ver.) In this world that is a lie the only truth, it’s you Your scent is a sweet felony geujeo nae gyeote stay with me, sasireun nan deo baraneun ge eobseo ije 심장은 뛰긴 하는 건지 무감각해 그래 it’s still ”the more you’re involved in the song making process, the more you feel attached to the song”, what was the edited subtitles. 09. 천천히 내려놓자며

I can’t even tell if my heart is beating geujeo nae gyeote stay with me, (It goes a little something like) ireohge nal ullineunde eh eh

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