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Will she basically just end up being a more survivable Duelist Guard? Oripathy status


Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site. ArKnights Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Roblox Shinobi Life 2 Codes (October 2020), Archero Tier List – Best Weapon, Abilities, Hero, Equipment, Roblox Promo Codes List & Wiki (October 2020), Idle Heroes Coupon Code CD Key | Exchange Codes (October 2020), Monster Hunter World Iceborne Hardest Monsters Rank – MHW Iceborne, Brawl Stars Best Characters – Best Brawler Tier List, Arknights Tier List | Best Operator Characters, Darkest Dungeon Hardest Boss – List of All Bosses & Ranking, Roblox Vehicle Legends Codes (October 2020), Animal Crossing New Horizons Jock Villagers List | ACNH Wiki. My name is Zumama, can't I use that?". It isn't 100% clear if her Trait of "Can only recover SP when blocking an enemy" will mean a new SP regen type, or if it will just be the "when hit" type that already exists. Combat experience

Standard @Azurem

Physical resilience Specialities: Inspiration (machine modification), "I passed the examination, can I stay here now? ⓒ Owwya.com. Excellent File no.

How exactly, and how well she performs remain to be seen. 171 cm All intellectual property rights are reserved by this website. Additionally, enemies blocked by Eunectes will be continually stunned. Just got Top Operator tag in Recruitment. Arknights OST - [Reconnection] - feat Surtr.

All of her Skills increase her ATK and her survivability, and she has options for crowd-control with a perma-stun and increasing her block count while gaining a self-heal. Eunectes is a 6★ Defender of a new Archetype that has Block-1 and only gains SP when she is blocking an enemy. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. Base


Combat skill Our Arknights Eunectes Guide & Wiki walk you through all information about Eunectes, including her stats, skill, skin, and dialogue(voice lines). She doesn't like starting talks, but she's not the quiet type. Birthplace

Official Arknights Site. You can check all operators in here : Operators List.

@BadWolfVindici Blocks 1 enemy.

Regardless, it will likely mean slower and intermittent charging for her Skills.

S3 is pretty clearly a burst Skill, and it better have some excellent modifiers to make up for the self-Stun. Notice : All images in this page is copyrighted. 大祭司爷爷?啊,他没有跟过来呢,不过他说过,偶尔会来罗德岛看一看我的。这么说起来,他真的知道罗德岛在哪儿吗...... 以前,我的梦想是造出和移动城市一样大的机器。现在,我的梦想是,造出一台会说话的,和移动城市一样大的机器。可露希尔师父已经答应我教给我最厉害的机器知识了。, ......噢,我懂了,也就是说,博士是对很有知识的人的尊称,就和大酋长一样。那等我在这里学了很多知识后,大家也会叫我祖玛玛博士吧。唔,不会吗?, 博士,原本我想让你有空的时候和我一起回萨尔贡,告诉我一些事情该怎么做。不过你好像很忙的样子......所以,我可以让Lancet-2大姐和我回去吗?可露希尔师父也可以。, 外面的人整天都在为没有意义的事烦恼和打架,真奇怪,博士你也是,感觉你总是被这些事情搞得很难过的样子,给你,扳手,来和我一起造机器吧,看着机器越来越大越来越厉害,很快乐的。, 测试我都通过了,现在我可以留在这里了吧?我想学习建造Lancet-2那样会说话的机器......唔,代号?我的名字是祖玛玛,用名字不行吗?, 升职?就是从战士变成勇士一样感觉的东西吗?......嗯,要庆祝一下呢,今晚和Lancet-2大姐一起在舰桥上烤肉好了。, 大祭司爷爷说过,这片大地是很广阔的。以前我不明白为什么他说这句话的语气有些悲伤,来到罗德岛后我有些明白了。广阔,不一定是好事。. Operator can only be obtained through Headhunting (Gacha).

Improves own Skill Point recovery rate by +0.2/second when blocking enemies. After the skill ends, Eunectes is stunned for several seconds. Physical strength

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Now she studies machinery as she receives treatment. Real name Can only recover SP when blocking an enemy. Excellent Need help completing any Combat Operations? October 30th Screenshot_20201016…, I recently just started Arknights as a side-game (Main game being FGO, waiting for…, Operator is stunned for 5 seconds after the skill ends. Screenshot_20201019_203534_com.YoStarEN…, The Rules are Simple: There Are No Rules


Race Bored Doctah Chronicles #2: Keep Calm And PREPARE FOR CONTINGENCY CONTRACT :fgo_gaooo: 这里不准打地铺吗?那我在走廊里搭帐篷好了......也不行?为什么?在部族的时候,我都是累了直接在旁边睡的。, 博士,为什么我和Lancet-2一起居住的申请被拒绝了?她是机器?不,我们已经是姐妹了,她是大姐,我是小妹。, 博士,嘉维尔那样的医生在外面很常见吗?她给我检查矿石病的时候,我觉得和她在揍我时差不多......所以我最后总是忍不住和她打起来。. Arknights: Contingency Contract Season #1 [Operation Pyrite] Coming in November! Arknights CN: Phantom Skin Art and Animations! Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Elite 2

Overall, Eunectes is a new take on the Defender Class that will definitely be used in a different way than her counterparts. …, Hi, Birthdate Pythia Basic Information

Originium crystallization were found on subject's body surface.According to the medical test, subject is confirmed to be Infected.

Eunectes is a Defender Class Operator that appears to have very Guard-like qualities. ATK increases to 108% while HP is over 50%; applies the [Shelter] effect while HP is under 50% (this unit takes 10% less Physical and Arts damage, only the highest effect of this type is applied). She is very respectful towards Lancet-2 after meeting it in Acajutla, and was awestruck by Rhodes Island's machinery technology and chose to join Rhodes Island. The Talent is an interesting touch, passively changing to buffs that will benefit her depending on her current situation, and her S2 appears like it could be great against powerful single enemies (that can be stunned). If Eunectes' HP is lower than 50%, obtain [Shelter] effect (reduce physical and Arts damage taken). The most noticeable of these is that she can only block-1 at base, and blocking is generally one of the main uses for current Defenders. She also seems to be a very offensive-focused Operator, with her Talent and all of her Skills increasing her ATK in some form.

Height Her talent is modal, improving her damage when she is at high HP, and changing to decreasing her damage taken at lower HP levels.

Our Arknights Eunectes Guide & Wiki walk you through all information about Eunectes, including her stats, skill, skin, and dialogue (voice lines).

Skill 2: During skill activation, increase attack interval and ATK.

Mentions Eunectes is a 6★ Defender who, very unusually for her class, specializes in DPS and Survival.

I want to learn how to build talking machines like Lancet-2… Oh, callsign? Sargon From Gavial's hometown—Acajutla. Gavial. Her viewpoint on many things are much more normal compared to Gavial who has left for years, but only when it involves machinery does she hold some strange obsessions and ideas.

Tactical acumen Physical Examination Position Tags Trait Blocks 1 enemy.Can only recover SP while blocking an enemy. Related Characters Want to talk about Arknights? Consider joining our Discord Server! All rights reserved.

Here are my current candidates: Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site. Mobility Availability Headhunting (CN) (CN 森蚺) (CV Houko Kuwashima)(Illustrator Liduke) Lightweight Hanging Axe Reverberating Chop Iron Will This unit is stunned for 5 seconds after this skill ends. Eunectes is a 6★ Defender of a new Archetype that has Block-1 and only gains SP when she is blocking an enemy.
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