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Barbara tells Bill about the fact that Violet bought parakeets and they all died within days because she refused to have an air conditioner in her house. Eliot. He has a preoccupation with the suicidal poets of history, and tells us that living has started to get in the way of his drinking. He tells her that the hours at the Weston house are unusual and it is unlikely she'll be able to maintain a healthy routine.

| August: Osage County study guide contains a biography of Tracy Letts, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Barbara tells her that they will figure everything out and Violet greets Bill and Jean. Downstairs, Bill, Jean, and Karen’s shady fiancé Steve return from a grocery run. Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. August: Osage County is a play by Tracy Letts. She calls for her daughters, and when they don’t answer, she begins calling for Johnna. The first scene is structured around the arrival of the various family members. Meanwhile, Barbara and her husband, Bill, arrive outside. Barbara asks for a moment alone with Violet, and the two call a truce. On the third floor is an attic. In the process, Jean resents her mother. Violet says that she’s always known that Mattie Fae and Beverly had an affair that produced Charles. Ivy, shocked and horrified, leaves, calling both Barbara and Violet “monsters.” Violet continues talking to Barbara about Beverly and Little Charles, and suspects that in the end Beverly ultimately killed himself because of his guilt over the situation. When Violet resists, Barbara asserts that she is in charge. Violet comes down to dinner. August: Osage County is a play by Tracy Letts. Ivy has called her sisters, Barbara and Karen, to let them know the situation. Johnna, the 26-year-old housekeeper, hands Beverly a handkerchief as he explains that Violet does not believe in air conditioning, which is why it's so hot. AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY BY TRACY LETTS The Weston Family: Beverly Weston, sixty-nine years old Violet Weston, Bev's wife, sixty~five years ,old Barbara Fordham, Bev and Violet's daughter, forty-six years old

Mattie Fae reveals that she had an affair with Beverly many years ago, and that Little Charles is Beverly’s son, not Charlie’s. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. August: Osage County essays are academic essays for citation. Upstairs, Jean meets Johnna, who is living in the attic. GradeSaver "August: Osage County Part 1 Summary and Analysis". Jean opens up about her parents marital difficulties: her father has been having an affair with one of his students. A few weeks later Beverly goes missing and members of the Weston family come to Violet’s house to comfort her while the police search for Beverly. It is a family home, lived in, with a sense of history, but that also seems to have some dark secrets hidden within, as signified by the shades and the duct tape over the crevices around the shades. referring to the Germans, Dutch, and Irish people who settled the area. Before the meal begins, we learn that Ivy, the consummate singleton, is having an affair with her meek cousin, Little Charles, but no one in the family knows. Bill decides to take Jean home to Boulder and tells Barbara that he is leaving her. After Karen leaves, Bill comes downstairs with his and Jean’s suitcases. The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States. Violet begins to pick at Ivy for her appearance: “All women need makeup… The only woman who was pretty enough to go without makeup was Elizabeth Taylor and she wore a ton.” Barbara, Violet’s eldest, arrives with trepidation at the house with her husband, Bill, and their daughter, Jean. Violet calls to Beverly and we see her on the landing upstairs, smoking a Winston and barely able to string together a sentence. The noise awakens everyone and leads to a brutal fight between Jean and her parents. A look at the lives of the strong-willed women of the Weston family, whose paths have diverged until a family crisis brings them back to the Oklahoma house they grew up in, and to the dysfunctional woman who raised them. Ivy reveals that she already has a man but will not tell her mother or her aunt who it is she’s seeing. Barbara keeps cutting her off, attempting to stop the secret from coming to light. She tells them it's been a couple of years since they started doing that. He then interviews Johnna, a young Cheyenne woman, for the position of live-in caregiver for his wife Violet, who is addicted to painkillers after being diagnosed with mouth cancer. "You did not introduce them," Charlie corrects her, clarifying that Mattie Fae had a date with Beverly and didn't like him, so set him up with Violet instead. Downstairs, Ivy finds Little Charles watching TV in the living room. And Miami-based Karen, the somewhat unaware wild child, has come with her older fiancé, flashy fourfold divorced Steve Huberbrecht. Barbara arrives with her husband Bill and her daughter Jean. Barbara and Violet almost instantly get into an argument as they have had a strained relationship for years. Plot Keywords Johnna tells Beverly that her father died of a heart attack. What are some quotes from August: Osage County? That night, Barbara and Ivy sit at the dinner table. Eliot’s poems and tells her she should read it for her own enjoyment. Welcome to Osage County, Oklahoma in the sweltering heat of August.

The setting is Pawhuska, Oklahoma, 60 miles northwest of Tulsa, in August of 2007. August: Osage County tells the tale of the dysfunctional Westin clan, who all come together after the death of patriarch Beverly Weston (Sam Shepard). Ivy says that she feels no connection to either of her sisters, or to anyone in her family except Little Charles. The scene ends with Johnna entering and introducing herself, immediately after Violet refers to her as "the Indian who lives in my attic.". Beverly asks her to come downstairs, which she does, and he introduces her to Johnna, the new housekeeper. Johnna... Tracy Lett's dark comedy play August: Osage County is about a family dysfunction as a result of more than sufficient exposure to toxic aspects such as drug addiction, alcohol abuse, verbal abuse,... eNotes.com will help you with any book or any question. Mattie Fae and Charlie go into the kitchen to see what's cooking. She tells her daughters that Beverly meant for her to have all of his money, but they could have whatever furniture or household items they want. Also present is one of Violet’s three daughters, Ivy, who lives nearby. Johnna says her father, Mr. Youngbird, was the same, and Beverly tells her that he knew her father, bought watermelons and roman candles from him. Violet stands alone in Beverly’s study and curses him for killing himself. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. It is a sprawling country house filled with books and different rooms, but with plastic shades over the window. Karen asks Barbara to get the truth from Jean—Karen does not want to believe that Jean is “blameless” in what happened. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of August: Osage County by Tracy Letts. Ivy is distraught and says she will never tell Little Charles and they are going to move to New York anyway. Violet, disoriented and seemingly high once again, puts “Lay Down, Sally” on and dances about the living room before attacking the record player and destroying it. That family includes Violet's sister Mattie Fae Aiken, and Beverly and Violet's three adult daughters Barbara, Ivy and Karen. As Violet speaks, Barbara can see that her mother is high—Barbara warns Violet calmly that she will not go through “this” again. Later, Violet berates Ivy for her lack of love. Upstairs, Ivy admits to Violet and Mattie Fae that she has a boyfriend, but refuses to tell them anything about it. August: Osage County full plot summary including detailed synopsis and summaries for each scene. In the first scene of the play, following the prologue, he has gone missing, and the family has returned to the family home. August: Osage County study guide contains a biography of Tracy Letts, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

They greet the sheriff, whom Barbara recognizes as her former high school classmate Deon Gilbeau. In the movie August: Osage County, how did each person contribute to the dysfunction/dynamics of... Each character contributes to the dysfunction of the family within the movie August: Osage County, inspired by the 2007 play of the same name. The action is centered on an extremely dysfunctional family with a patriarch who has disappeared and is later discovered to have drowned himself. Charlie wonders if Beverly didn't use the trailer to take the boat away, but Mattie Fae says she saw the trailer outside the house. He tells Johnna that Violet has been diagnosed with "a touch of cancer"—mouth cancer—and will have to be taken to Tulsa for chemotherapy.

She is virtually incoherent, and begins dancing to an Eric Clapton record. Alone with her mother, Ivy tells Violet that she has called her two sisters, Barbara and Karen, and they’re on their way to the house. That night, as Bill and Barbara make up their bed in the living room, they have an argument about Bill’s infidelity; he has been having an affair with a younger student. No sooner have we met Beverly than he disappears.

The Weston women will be forced to examine themselves and their lives whether they want to or not. Ivy then reveals that she and Little Charles are planning on running away to New York together; Ivy is tired of the burden of caring for her abusive, addict parents. Research Playwrights, Librettists, Composers and Lyricists. Bursting with humor, vivacity, and intelligence, August: Osage County is is both dense and funny, vicious and compassionate, enormous and unstoppable. Mattie Fae begs Barbara to put a stop to whatever is happening between Ivy and Little Charles; after all, Barbara said she was the one “running things.”. If she had been able to reach Beverly at the motel, Violet says, she would have told him to forget his guilt and come back home. Realizing that her mother could have prevented her father’s death, but chose his money over his salvation, Barbara leaves. Dinner is served, and almost immediately the bickering begins as Violet cooks up discord with nearly every member of the family.

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