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1 night / … De todos modos los seres que pueblan el hervidero de pasiones del Decamerón son por lo general personajillos de tres al cuarto que en la Divina Comedia forzosamente tendrían que confundirse entre las anónimas almas en pena. BOCCACCIO'S DECAMERON (THIRD DAY, NINTH NOVEL) Commending The Good Judgement And Understanding In Ladies Or Gentlewomen, That Are Of A Quicke And Apprehensive Spirit. But before I presume any further on your kindnesse, let me first tell you, what faithfully I intend to do for you, if I can bring my purpose to effect. It's Florence, Italy, 1348, and the Black Death has ravaged the city. Join us on Facebook Live today at 10:15 am CDT as Dan McCleary explores text from Don Quixote and The Merchant of Venice. Now, albeit shee knew him well enough, yet shee demanded of the good old Widdow, what Gentleman he was? And the Countesse knowing her husbands departure from Florence, as also his safe arrivall at his owne dwelling, remained still in Florence, untill the time of her deliverance, which was of two goodly Sonnes, lively resembling the lookes of their Father, and all the perfect lineaments of his body.

( Cerrar sesión /  What know I, whether this Virgin is sent to me by the direction of heaven, or no? Observe me then Madame, replied the Countesse. Carmen-maria Mandley speaks of Truth and features Benjamin Franklin and Gabriel García Márquez (LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA) as well as Shakespeare’s Emilia from Othello.

There lived sometime in the kingdome of France, a Gentleman named Isnarde, being the Count of Roussillion: who because hee was continually weake, crazie, and sickly, kept a Physitian daily in his house, who was called Master Gerard of Narbona. El Decamerón señala el triunfo de esta actitud narrativa, y aunque va­rias de sus novelas se sitúen en tiempos pretéritos o en países lejanos, lo que im­pera en él es la inmediata proximidad temporal y geográfica.  Shakespeare Quotations (by Play and Theme) Today, we’ll highlight William Congreve, George Washington, and Albert Einstein alongside two characters of high self-worth: a humble quarry worker with a life-changing relationship to time, and Shakespeare’s Constable Dogberry from Much Ado About Nothing. The King hearing her words, beganne merrily to smile at her, saying: How is it possible for thee, being a yong Maiden, to do that which the best Physitians in Europe, are not able to performe? Notificarme los nuevos comentarios por correo electrónico.

Esta técnica narrativa que une elementos dispares y halla una justificación literaria a la reunión procede sin duda de las grandes narraciones orientales, como las Mil y una noches.

If the action be honest; without blame or scandall to my poore, yet undetected reputation, gladly I will do it; and it being accomplished, let the requitall rest in your owne noble nature. Why should I disdaine to make proofe of her skill?

Boccaccio se zafa graciosamente de tales acusaciones, conminando a sus detractores a que muestren «los originales» de sus historias y recordando que grandes poetas como Guido Cavalcanti o Dante, también escribieron versos para complacer a las mujeres. Cien años de soledad - Gabriel García Márquez, Cuentos infantiles - Hans Christian Andersen, Don Quijote de la Mancha - Miguel de Cervantes, El amor en los tiempos del cólera - Gabriel García Márquez, El sonido de la montaña - Yasunari Kawabata, En busca del tiempo perdido - Marcel Proust, Gargantúa y Pantagruel - François Rabelais, Gran Sertón: Veredas - João Guimarães Rosa, La educación sentimental - Gustave Flaubert, Las aventuras de Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain, Los cuentos de Canterbury - Geoffrey Chaucer, Los hermanos Karamazov - Fiódor Dostoievski, Memorias de Adriano - Marguerite Yourcenar, Molloy, Malone muere y El Innombrable - Samuel Beckett, Viaje al fin de la noche - Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Vida y opiniones del caballero Tristram Shandy - Laurence Sterne.

Each of the ten storytellers is king or queen for an evening, during which time they can set the topic of the evening' tales, such as examples of human willpower, or love stories that end tragically. The Ring he made most precious and deere account of, and never tooke it off from his finger, in regard of an especiall vertue and property, which he well knew to be remaining in it. Whereto the King gladly granted. Behold here in mine armes, not onely one Sonne by thee begotten, but two Twins, and thy Ring beside. My gracious Soveraigne saide she, willing am I, and most heirtily thankfull withall, that your Highnesse shall bestow me in marriage: but I desire then, to have such a husband, as I shall desire or demand by your gracious favour, without presuming to crave any of your Sonnes, Kindred, or Alliance, or appertaining unto your Royal blood. First Aired: April 6, 2020 On episode 8 of The Decameron Project , Carmen-maria Mandley shares the theme of truth and reads the works of two unlikely kindred spirits — William Shakespeare and Allen Ginsberg. Tell her from me, when she shall have this Ring, which you behold heere on my finger, and a Sonne in her armes begotten by me; then will I come live with her, and be her love. The subplot of Posthumus and Iachimo's wager derives from story II.9 of Giovanni Boccaccio 's The Decameron and the anonymously authored Frederyke of Jennen .

La jornada se cierra con la divertida historia de fraile Cipolla (cebolla), sátira de los sermones grotescos y de la credulidad del pueblo.

Los campos obligatorios están marcados con *, Acerca de InfoLibros After she had an indifferent while considered with her selfe, her resolution became so indauntable; that she would adventure to practise such meanes, whereby to compasse those two apparant impossibilities, and so to enjoy the love of her husband. Esto convierte a Decameron en un precursor de lo que será la mentalidad renacentista, el hombre se convierte en el centro del universo y desplaza los problemas religiosos medievales. Love in all its many poetic forms enchants us in this episode of The Decameron Project, hosted by Stephanie Shine. ( Cerrar sesión /  Boccaccio pretende suscitar la risa, y para ello busca lo cómico y lo ridículo en la ignorancia y en la maldad, y lo hace con completa conciencia artística. Thus the old Lady, not at this time onely, but at many other meetings besides; gave the Countesse free possession of her husbands pleasures, yet alwayes in such darke and concealed secrecie, as it was never suspected, nor knowne by any but themselves, the Count lying with his owne wife, and disappointed of her whom he more deerely loved.

La miseria humana se hizo clara y patente y los esqueletos de millares de apestados insepultos presentaron a la sociedad desnuda. Historias ejemplares, alusivas a señores y reyes históricos (Alfonso de España, Pedro de Aragón, etc. Neverthelesse, to avoid the breach of order, and to claime no priviledge by my place, of not performing what I ought to do: prove as it may, a Tale you must have, and thus I proceed.

Shakespeare's Reputation in Elizabethan England. La séptima, de la que es rey el despreocupado y gracioso Dioneo, versa sobre las burlas que las mujeres han hecho a sus maridos, y es un conjunto de trampas y argucias femeni­nas, de las que son víctimas maridos crédulos y estúpidos y que acaban con la escandalosa victoria de la sensualidad. It was noysed abroad by common report, that the King of France was in a very dangerous condition, by reason of a strange swelling on his stomacke, which failing of apt and convenient curing, became a Fistula, afflicting him daily with extraordinary paine and anguish, no Chirurgeon or Physitian being found, that could minister any hope of healing, but rather encreased the greefe, and drove it to more vehement extreamitie, compelling the King, as dispairing utterly of all helpe, to give over any further counsell or advice. Check out previous episodes below! Las anteriores novelas han sido tildadas de indecentes, de no corresponder a la realidad de los hechos y de que el autor se preocupa demasiado por complacer a las mujeres con vanidades y relatos frívolos. El mundo que circunda a Boccaccio se convierte en novela, pues el escritor, agudo y excelente observador, sabe excitar su imaginación con los elementos que tiene más a mano debido a ello la sociedad que le rodea, en su más realista faceta, se hace objeto de arte. Very loath was the King to grant her the young Count, but in regard of his solemne passed promise, and his royal word engaged, which he would not by any meanes breake; he commanded, that the Count should be sent for, and spake thus to him.

Esta obra es fundamentalmente una obra alegre y se ha escrito para provocar la risa en las personas inteligentes, como lo son los diez narradores, para los cuales el mundo de bellacos, pícaros, ladrones, necios y sensuales que constituyen el vulgo son como los bufones o histriones de una corte, cuya única finalidad es divertir a las clases elevadas. Dan McCleary discusses Mark Twain’s career as a steamboat captain as well as Shakespeare’s. Each day also has a short introduction and a conclusion to continue the framing device. En 1564 cuando fueron prohibidas las representaciones de obras de teatro debido a la epidemia Shakespeare, quien para entonces era actor profesional, dramaturgo y accionista de una empresa teatral, empezó a escribir una de sus más potentes y emocionalmente intensas obras: la historia de un general escocés al que unas brujas le dicen que va a ser rey y mata para hacer realidad ese vaticinio. Pero en esto está, cabalmente, el mérito de Boccaccio, en haber dignificado una vil y vul­gar materia con el más afiligranado y sutil estilo de prosa. The Countesse proceeding on in her former speeches said: I have now need (good Madame) both of your trust and fidelity, whereon if I should rely, and you faile me, it will be your owne undoing as well as mine.

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