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The songs evolved into something that we are very happy with. Pariah is atmospheric, but heavy. We are not in a rush to get a label; we want to make sure both sides are fully on board.

Glassland is a 2014 Irish drama film written and directed by Gerard Barrett in his second feature following Pilgrim Hill.The film stars Jack Reynor as a young man who … There is a recurring theme throughout the record and that is a feeling of being an outcast.

The mix creates that atmospheric feeling I love. Being an artist and a creator, I needed to act on those desires to make music and convey the emotions and frustrations I was feeling. Are there plans for label involvement, or will you continue doing it yourself? JK: Like Brandon said, we did it on our own so that we could get something out that was completely genuine from a creative standpoint. When we damage someone’s soul, we feel as though those relationships can never be rectified. Was there a certain sound you were going for on the album, and do you think you achieved it on the finished record? After receiving positive feedback as well as national radio play as a solo artist under the pseudo-name, he decided to … Genre. That song is very close to my heart and deals with my own issues and struggles in my life. Gauging the reaction and testing the waters for artistic emergence, the stage was set for Glasslands’ true unveiling. I believe I saw someone describe it as “dreamcore,” which seems fitting. They have a hard rock sound with vocals reminiscent of bands like Spoken and Memphis May Fire. Official Store.

Glasslands is a band formed by former members of Beartooth, Icon For Hire, and Before Their Eyes. Until then, we will be rehearsing as well as working on some cool content for both current Glasslands fans and new listeners. Your submission has been received! I will review your correction as soon as possible. HM Magazine: How did Glasslands come to exist? Christianity. There is currently no "proof" of Christianity. Read more about us », an album of ten near-perfect, genre-shedding jams. These emotions that I mentioned earlier can cause us to feel this way, like an outcast that doesn’t know how to deal with his or her problems. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Thank you! When Nashville-based musician Josh Kincheloe began making music as Glasslands in 2013, he did so out of an unabated eagerness to create. If you know about Lyrics, an Interview or a Post from the band that back up their Christianity, let me know! Google Play.

Glasslands. Pariah means outcast or outsider. Glasslands. How did Brandon come into the picture on drums? JK: We’ll definitely start playing shows early next year.

Is there an overall meaning or message you wanted to convey with your songwriting? I chose to part ways with them for many reasons. GLASSLANDS. If you want, you can leave your E-Mail here. Any particular musical influences that inspired you in the creation of Pariah? More places to buy metal & GLASSLANDS music, Site links: Home | Register | Metal Music Forum | Metal Music Guides, About MMA: FAQ | About us | Contact us | Submit your music for review | Advertising informations, Sites in the MAC network: Progarchives.com — progressive rock ultimate website | JazzMusicArchives.com — the ultimate jazz music online community | MetalMusicArchives.com — the ultimate metal music online community, MetalMusicArchives.com — the ultimate metal music online community, from the creators of progarchives.com. Glasslands Mr. I was hurting the people I loved most and felt helpless in doing so.

JK: A good share of what I was listening to at the time was heavy. I was actually a fan of Glasslands at the time, so I pretty much said yes right away. We both have similar goals and ideals, so we decided to team up. I met Brandon back in 2014.

Glasslands Home Listen Store Tour Press Home Listen Store Tour Press. This band doesn't consider themselves as a christian band, but some or all members are christian. I saw it and thought it was hilarious — but awesome — so I tweeted about it. Pariah is Glasslands’ initial lightning bolt on to the scene which reared them, and this is the fundamental eye opener by which a sparkling music career is inaugurated.

BM: At this point, we wanted it to be all DIY. Once you’re in the studio, you can really see your hard work start to come to life.

You can count on 2017 being a big year for us. Intent on following his muse and exercising his musical talent, the songwriter issued a handful of singles under the Glasslands moniker in 2013 and 2014. No matter what has happened to you, what your problems are or who’s done you wrong, you’re in complete control of your own future.

Pariah was recorded and released completely independently, right? Creeps and Silent Prey out now on all digital outlets. There is currently no "proof" of Christianity. Whether it be abuse, addiction, loneliness or abandonment, the first nine songs on the record share that sense of frustration and helplessness that goes along with those emotions.

Excited to share that we'll be a part of the first ever Mayhem Unplugged Virtual Festival. Will be a fun event with some other great rock arti… Ultimately, I want to be a part of something where I’m valued creatively and can really bring my full potential to light. Spotify. Tape, SkullMaster - "VoidWalkers" LP // Free Download MP, Progarchives.com — progressive rock ultimate website, JazzMusicArchives.com — the ultimate jazz music online community, MetalMusicArchives.com — the ultimate metal music online community. Rating by members, ranked by custom algorithm, NERVOSA - Guided By Evil (Official Video) | Napalm Records, Velcra Dusk Becomes A Dawn [official music video], Lost Trees - Sonder Eyes (Featuring Andy Cizek) - Official Music Video, Velcra Quick and Dirty [Official Music Video].

January 1, 2017, we hit full steam with setting up tours. Glasslands came to life in 2013 as a creative outlet for vocalist Josh Kincheloe. Josh Kincheloe: It started back in 2013 as a creative outlet. HM is an online magazine dedicated to honestly and accurately covering the current state of heavy music.

That may be a result of our own actions or that of something out of our control. BM: Right now, it’s just Josh and I as actual members. Live, we will have bass and guitar players. Hey what are you doing Friday? Eventually separating from Icon for Hire and joining forces with ex-Beartooth drummer Brandon Mullins, Kincheloe funneled his knack for crafting sublime songs and his relatable tales of vagabond introspection into an album of ten near-perfect, genre-shedding jams. Please give me feedback if anything is wrong with this artist. Glasslands is a metallic post-hardcore band from Nashville in Tennessee, formed in 2013. Until this year, we were only acquaintances. Scroll. atmospheric rock. In my old band (Icon for Hire), I was technically a hired musician, so I wasn’t able to be involved in the writing process.

I like the lyrics on “Deadman,” especially the titular line, “I am pariah and I can’t comprehend.” Can you shed some light on that section?

Working as the bassist for Tooth and Nail Records alumnus Icon for Hire in 2011, Kincheloe was seemingly barred from contributing material to that band’s albums. We will keep moving the needle forward, and, if it picks up steam and the right deal comes our way, then that’s all the better. Brandon actually heard Glasslands on the radio in his hometown of Columbus and didn’t know yet that I was the one who started it. But, on the contrary, those that truly love us are just waiting for us to come to our senses and “come back home,” as it says in “Deadman.” Those lines, “I am pariah and I can’t comprehend / Am I too far gone?” summarize not only the song but the entire record.

We were on the same stage at Warped Tour with his old band, Beartooth.

That musical manifestation is finally made whole with Pariah, Glasslands’ first full-length release. Creeps . Share: Origin:: Christianity: Link (Gathered in ) Note: Note: Note: This band doesn't consider themselves as a christian band, but some or all members are christian. You don't have to. Glasslands, the new band from former Icon for Hire and Beartooth members, just dropped their stellar first album, ‘Pariah.’ Here, singer-instrumentalist Josh Kincheloe and drummer Brandon Mullins talk to HM about the inception of the band and the creative drive behind their new record.

We aren’t opposed, by any means, to the idea of a record label being behind us, but sitting around and waiting for label interest is not something we plan on doing. Absolutely. Bands like Underoath and Bring Me the Horizon have definitely influenced me. We have a lot in store, and we’re very excited about the future. However, rather than ending our first album on a depressing note, we wrote the song “Go For Broke.” This sums up the record as a whole.

How about tuning into FaceBook live to see us play a few songs. What’s the band’s plan going into next year? Sonically, we wanted it to be big and full with a healthy blend of electronics and ambiance.

JK: Yeah, someone commented that on our YouTube. I love touring and playing shows, so this was just a natural transition for me. JK: In the past, we’ve had friends fill in for live shows, but we’re definitely going to complete the rest of the lineup once we feel the right people come along. OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE. Official Merchandise. When you have those low, simple sections in a song, it makes the big parts hit even harder. Listen to Mr. Josh, did you write and record the album by yourself? That way, we could get our vision out in the public, 100 percent, before any label or management got a hold of it. A few months after he parted with Beartooth, I hit him up. Metalcore. I had most of the record written and demo-ed out before going into the studio. Was there a producer involved? Complete opposite end of the spectrum, but that helped shape the atmospheric sound that’s common in our music. Brandon Mullins: When Beartooth and I parted ways, Josh hit me up on Twitter and asked if I was interested in joining Glasslands. We bounced any and every idea we had off of our producer, Brian (Thorburn), and we sifted through thousands of sounds in forming the perfect fit. Glasslands became the result. BM: We plan on finalizing everything with the album, merchandise, management, label, etc. Glasslands, the new band from former Icon for Hire and Beartooth members, just dropped their stellar first album, ‘Pariah.’ Here, singer-instrumentalist Josh Kincheloe and drummer Brandon Mullins talk to HM about the inception of the band and the creative drive behind their new record. Oops! I guess we are just waiting for people who fit with us before we make anyone else a permanent member. We don’t want to just jump on the first label that shows us interest. I think it all came together well, and we accomplished what we set out to do with this record. Glasslands was posted on November 13, 2016 for HM Magazine and authored by Philip Trapp. You initially released a few singles under the name as a solo project, correct? I definitely want us to stand out yet still stay true to our heavy roots. Rock.

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