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When the player sits on the rocks in a certain pattern, they can click him and a mini-game will activate where the player has to protect the Valley of Peace from Tai Lung's henchmen. When the shoes start to go out of control, Chao had to help Shifu and the Furious Five in order to get the shoes off of Po.

He even includes a 10 facts list about each of his books which adds to the magic.

After Mr. Ping finds out about the treachery, they split. When Po is spotted by the Crocodile Sergeant, he sends his soldiers to attack Po. In "See No Weevil," Tsin returns, insane to a greater extent, having apparently married a pair of slippers. Po arrives and fights Hundun and his accomplices while working to put out the fuse. During the credits, a picture shows Zeng gluing the Urn of Whispering Warriors, which Po had broken earlier, back together. These qualities are represented in the movie by Shen's use of his tail feathers and his agile, circular movements. She was a member of the original Furious Five alongside Master Shifu, Master Snow Leopard, Master Rooster, and Master Elephant. Eventually, Po is finally able to confess his deception and apologize to Peng, who immediately calmed down and similarly apologized for losing his temper, allowing the unwitting rivals to reconcile along with Temutai in the spirit of the occasion. When he was young, he was trained in the art of Kung Fu by Master Thundering Rhino who found him having snuck into the Royal Palace. When he awoke from the painful fall, Po met the former official and his son who had similarly been thrown down Mount Penglai. Tsin fought the villains and proves to be more of a match to them until they start to win and are then repelled by Po. She also knows what Lord Shen did to Po's village and helps him to stop fighting his memories and achieve inner peace. Please, Mr. Panda is a great book about manners. In Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Mantis has had two relationships, with a caterpillar and a female mantis named Hao Ming, and is shown to be an emotional wreck when he is dumped. Tong Fo managed to obtain the Sacred Hammer of Lei Lang as the Croc Bandits arrived. The Furious Five defeated Tsin, and planned to use the Zu Chao Powder on him.

Taotie ends up attacking the Jade Palace stating to Bian Zao that they will do a sporting activity afterwards. Master Antelope is a Kung Fu Master who was featured in the digital comic "Legend of the Legendary Warrior." When Mr. Ping masquerades as the Midnight Stranger and stops a robbery at an apple cart, Constable Hu mistakes him as the Midnight Stranger that he was stalking and arrests him. Po, Master Shifu, and Constable Hu were able to rescue Superintendent Woo and fend off Bao, Lao, and Tsao. Tong Fo attempted to gain the same powers by capturing a lightning bolt with a magical sapphire, only for the sapphire to be destroyed and for Po to gain the powers instead. Taotie managed to get away.

When Po is given the reward from the Rhino Guards, he throws the reward towards the Rhino Guards and gets Shengqi away. Tigress faced Boar in his place, masquerading as Shifu. He used the pandas' teachings to develop the power to take chi from others rather than give it. Kuo (Chinese for "Vast") is the main antagonist of the Kung Fu Panda comic "Art of Balance" by Ape Entertainment. Regardless, the reunited family creates a successful event at the restaurant that not only pleases their usual customers, but also the visiting kung fu masters, who decide to come themselves out of admiration of Po's loyalty and the relaxed atmosphere. Master Tigress mentioned that his Kung Fu was strong enough to rip his opponents in half without even touching them. He is an expert strategist whose horns can penetrate anything. Po pridefully tries to stop him, but Ke-Pa has proven himself more than a match for him. This involved Tsin hunting his latest target Hundun.

Taotie ends up in a nervous breakdown following his defeat and Po accidentally ripping off his pants. After Po freed Shifu and Chao and defeated Junjie, Chao gave Shifu his job back and commended Po for doing the right thing despite the risk, while Junjie and his Furious Five are remanded to Chorh-Gom Prison. However, Ke-Pa later finds out that Shifu is not the host of the Hero's Chi, but Po is. After his father admitted that his own failures had led to his mistreatment of Fung, Fung realized that he had projected similar frustration on his gang members, who forgave and rejoined him-even though it meant going to prison. Tai Lung unleashes all his rage and hatred during the battle and gravely wounds Shifu, whom he blames for his incarceration and failure to become the Dragon Warrior, claiming that he only wanted to make Shifu proud of him and furiously demanding to know if Shifu was satisfied with turning him into the monster he had become. He is the leader of a group of Komodo dragons. It is assumed that around this point, Mr. Ping named the baby panda Po.

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