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Launch dates for broadcast, cable and streaming programs, Up-to-date lists for broadcast, cable and streaming series, Pandemic-proof vs. pandemic-contingent broadcast lineups, Signup for Breaking News Alerts & Newsletters, Get our latest storiesin the feed of your favorite networks. But if this wedding is now a funeral, let's make it one of those fun, great ones, where I shut up and let everybody I love talk.

Could you expand on the challenges Sam is confronted with this season? Yeah, yeah', 'So, if they make the movie...' he said earlier in the reunion, as Brie interjected: 'You're doing full frontal.

It’s working out.

Women who wrestle: The scripted series is a fictionalized retelling of the making of the 1980s women's wrestling series of the same name (which stands for "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling"), Female friendships: It follows a down-on-her-luck actress (Brie), who finds an unlikely place in the new wrestling show, where her best friend (Gilpin) lands the lead role, after their falling out over an adulterous affair, Important topics: The show has beautifully addressed racism, sexism, homophobia, sexual harassment and other important issues through a period specific, yet timeless lens.

A lot of times on the podcast lately, in the last year or two, I really press actors for some guidance or some tools. "I’m Sam Sylvia, the sleazy, washed-up B-movie director," says Marc Maron while describing his GLOW character in a chat with The Hollywood Reporter.

Your relationship with your onscreen daughter is unconventional from the start, and you’re regularly in scenes opposite over a dozen women.

I can hang out with these women and be part of the team and part of the crew, and not feel like a nervous little high school guy.

I think that this season, he has to take responsibility for a lot of that stuff, because things didn’t work out with GLOW, and he’s at a crossroads. Was he a guy that was possibly guilty of transgressing in the way of the casting couch, or showing favor to women professionally for sexual attention?

He had a few opportunities and he did whatever the hell he wanted, and then the world passed him by. We were handed the creative freedom to make a complicated comedy about women and tell their stories.

Biography Edit.

I think it's a great idea and I hope people rally around it enough to raise the interest of the [Netflix] executives', Full frontal: 'So, if they make the movie...' he said later in the reunion, as Brie interjected: 'You're doing full frontal', On board: 'Me?' Rock the vote! "I don’t know, they haven’t said anything to that end… But I don’t want to do it anymore.

I like my new house and I like the new recording situation. This guy’s no saint, but he also shows up for these women. Maron also has an ongoing podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, which according to Deadline, averages in at 6.5 million downloads each month and almost 300 million downloads since the podcast began. It’s interesting because his reaction to what’s happened is fundamentally male, and fundamentally driven by a certain amount of emotional bravado, but also protectionism. Let’s do the work.” But that’s also the fun of it. What were your first impressions as the scripts for GLOW’s second season came in?

Published: 23:03 EDT, 11 October 2020 | Updated: 02:59 EDT, 12 October 2020.

'Guys, this is how we get the movie made,' she argued, adding: 'We're just pivoting to GLOW: The Porn... on Netflix!'.

I was thinking about it today, because I get that question a lot about working with these 14 women. Or, excuse me, the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling…

"It’s done.

Over the years on your WTF podcast, you’ve reflected on your discomfort with being labeled an ‘actor.’ It seemed like you’ve always identified as a comedian first. 'There’s a lot of sh***y things happening in the world that are much bigger than this right now.

Are you beginning to feel more comfortable as an actor? There was none of that.

averages in at 6.5 million downloads each month, nominated for a Writer’s Guild Award in 2016.

This is a guy that just kind of burned out his opportunities, and thought the world of himself. It’s exciting like that, in the sense that you get the first couple and it was still hard to know exactly what was going to go on.

"I imagine maybe IFC would want to do more," he said.

It’s so rare that you get to be doing what you want to be doing for your job. I’m more focused on finding a nice, little part in a movie that I want to be in. I haven’t really been pursuing it. His name is Marc Maron and he's definitely no stranger to the realm of comedy.

Returning for Season 2 of Netflix’s ’80s wrestling comedy GLOW, Marc Maron slipped back into B-movie director Sam Sylvia with a level of ease, finding the biggest challenge and the most excitement in bringing the character to new levels of emotional depth. Luckily though, ending Maron means that the experienced actor and comedian is freer than ever to play Sam on GLOW and hopefully bring some heart to the character. I like it okay, but it was difficult because I was in every scene of that show. ', 'Me?'

You're ambitious. They also promised co-star Marc Maron's participation if another 1,000 registered, which the fans had no problem in achieving. [laughs] I think some of that carried over first season, where I’m like, “I’m a little nervous. “This is a guy that needed to grow up and never had to, on some level.”. It’s weird, the transition for me, in the sense that I’ve not had a lot of experience in these kind of situations, other than my own show, which was admittedly a little light on women behind the camera, and in the writing room—with only one female director, Lynn Shelton, who I got to work with again on this. The fact that he all of a sudden tries to accept the responsibility of being a father in his 40s with a stranger, it’s sort of interesting. Is the series’ ability to surprise part of the fun?

It’s funny, I’ve been having really good conversations with people lately. Won't they?

Returning for Season 2 of Netflix’s ’80s wrestling comedy GLOW, Marc Maron slipped back into B-movie director Sam Sylvia with a level of ease, finding the biggest challenge and the most… I think throughout the season, you see him rise to the occasion, take some hits, sort of share responsibility for stuff, stand up to the bad guys, and become a better man in a lot of ways. Prior to her doing so, he had no idea that he had a daughter.

I’d been there a long time and it was starting to close in on me a little bit somehow. The reunion came just days after Netflix cancelled GLOW, reversing their decision to renew the show for its fourth and final season, after it was previously delayed amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

She is also a story consultant on GLOW Netflix. Because of the diversity—not just male/female, but on all levels—there was a kind of collaborative feeling that I’ve not experienced before in my life, I don’t think. Can this guy be an assh*le? I think everybody was putting their best foot forward and there were no menacing power dynamics on any level, which is unique, I think, more than anything else.

Just once.

You have these moments where it’s sort of like, where does he start and where do I stop? But since Maron has one of those recognizable faces and even voices, it’s to be expected that fans would ask who plays Sam on GLOW. Everybody was very open-minded and willing to engage creatively. It would be a very exciting thing. Also present for the cast reunion was Kate Nash, Britt Baron, Gayle Rankin, Sydelle Noel, Britney Young, Sunita Mani, Chris Lowell, Kia Stevens, Jackie Tohn, Ellen Wong, Rebekka Johnson, Kimmy Gatewood, Marianna Palka and Shakira Barrera. This was supposed to be a temporary thing.

I’ve got to get it together. Gilpin, 34, who stars as Debbie Eagan (AKA Liberty Belle), said: 'Our show is among many other things about people who sometimes feel powerless [that] do powerful things. He was definitely white knighting old school, you know what I mean? Yes. Register to vote. After Comedy And Podcast Success, Marc Maron Wrestles With Newfound Fame In 'GLOW' - The Actor's Side, .“This season, you can kind of create a broader emotional universe for this guy,” Maron says, of his character’s evolution. The character dynamics on GLOW are quite unusual. - Sam Sylvia Was it easy enough slipping back into the character?

This season, the show gathers strength—like a seasoned wrestler who, having been flung out of the ring, crawls back into it, picks her opponent up like a barbell, and hoists her aloft in triumph. I had great writers, great line producers, directors, lighting guys, set guys… IFC gave us a lot of creative freedom.”. So, it feels like we invited you to our wedding, and then the groom had sex with a cross-eyed cocktail waitress', Bittersweet farewell: 'But if this wedding is now a funeral, let's make it one of those fun, great ones, where I shut up and let everybody I love talk', 'And if we save the world through this election, maybe we can go back to a time where irrelevant theater majors in pajamas aren't preaching to you about what to do with your time, and I can go back to being a jester with boobs.'.

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