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You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Tudou is another one of Chinese video sharing sites. Is YouTube Blocked in China in 2020? You should see their answers side by side. Hell is there is a Chinese version of YouTube anyone that I can watch? Google is expanding its Android platform for mobile developers in China after the announcement of a local version of its Google Developers YouTube channel exclusively for the country. At the time, China did not officially acknowledge that they had blocked this Google service.

Youku is the most popular video websites in China.

Youtube is a universal website, therefore it is also used in China... Jeremy Johnson and Roger Roberts posted the same question.

Zhihu Live is the biggest new feature on Zhihu. Why is it racist to call it the Chinese virus when it all started in China by Chinese? Why is China always behind global pandemics?

User Statistics: Registered Users: 580 Million (Oct 2018) Average Daily Active Users (DAU): 39.6 Million (Sep 2018) Average Visit Duration: 4 minutes 7 seconds (Dec 2018) What is Youku Tudou? Is the original Chinese the Han Chinese but not much of them around anymore? What does Han Chinese mean? 5. In the past several years, the short videos have become one of the fastest-growing trends in China.

infact they are probably better because on youtube, they remove videos quite quickly, For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awVX8. I am looking to watch Chinese programmes and predominently Chinese things. It’s a way to reward authors for good content and to provide incentive writers to contribute better quality content. Listeners have to sign up ahead of time to participate. I heard that China has a propensity to arrest people named Michael. Why do we still buy products made in China? 1.

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How well-known is Zhuhai,China in the world? 56.com is another one of most popular video sharing sites.

In this feature, Zhihuers respond to questions with a 1–2 minute sound recording answering the question, and people can purchase the recordings for a price set by the recorder. Youku Tudou: The Former YouTube of China . Over a million people have died from the virus. 3. Get answers by asking now. If you want complete censorship find that site. Cost for one lecture seems to range from 20 — 100 RMB (3 to 16 dollars). Youku was previously the top video sharing app in China.

It is reported that short-video viewers in China have been up to 500 million in 2018, representing almost 50% of China’s population. Zhihu readers can voluntarily “tip” the authors of essays they like. 4. Top Zhihuers are invited to prepare TED talk style lectures, with about 30 minutes of content and 30 minutes for Q&A. This function utilizes the WeChat wallet and instantly transfers money into the author’s account.

This is entirely voluntary, yet people utilize it. Just like foreign people love YouTube, Chinese people become more and more obsessing with short videos. Most people tip 2 RMB (about 30 cents), but some tip more. CREED Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Ku6.com gives us one more choice to watch Chinese movies, videos as well as US, Korean and Hongkong movies and TV series. Should I be worried.

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YouTube = Tudou, Youku.

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