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'https' : 'http'; With a Virgo, Gemini, or Sagittarius it can go either way. There is a basic compatibility between these zodiac signs, they should only invest some effort in revealing it. d.getElementById("contentad633534").appendChild(s); he’s sweet and romantic, he even sings love songs to me but i just feel that its not enough. But lately I’m noticing that he just wants what all guys seem to want. Even though the Leo woman believes she is faultless, he should draw a line when it comes to ignoring eventual mistakes. Leo men are very creative and enthusiastic. Leo is known to sometimes have outburst, which annoys and upsets Pisces. Pisces man is the right man for her in this aspect, as he will admire and worship her – exactly what the Leo woman needs. Leo woman will definitely take the part of a leader in this friendship, while the Pisces won’t mind it at all. Leo and Pisces compatibility in friendship.

Even though it seems like this pairing is a true blessing for both of the partners, you can also expect many challenges on their way. All the Water signs have that strong sense of passion and desire that you will feel like the most wanted and desired woman on the Earth.

Leo women are very calm, warm and generous, who like to help the underdog and like to defend the defenseless. Leo is a Fixed, Masculine, Fire sign symbolized by the king of the jungle and the zodiac, the Lion. My leo is just not able to do that. Pisces man is relatively friendly, but she might find it difficult to understand this side of his partner. The stark opposites that complicate love between these two-star signs cause a fair number fewer issues when things are kept platonic, and so Leo and Pisces friendship tends to be more straightforward. Lots of fun and late nights not to mention yearning for each other when you are apart. $1.00 Per Minute + 3 FREE Min. Desi Arnaz and Lucille Bali made one of the famous Hollywood couples. Celia: For the most part Pisces are a humble, good natured sign that has no desire to be king of the jungle. Despite these differences, you do admire each other immensely. Experts Discuss This Couple: Melissa: Leo’s sensitivity and creativity are intriguing to the Fish, but overall, the Lion tends to make Pisces feel more self-conscious than adored. As the Pisces man has issues with his confidence, he will find the Leo woman too flirty, which will hurt his emotions, without her even realize that. Leo women are very calm, warm and generous, who like to help the underdog and like to defend the defenseless. Aries Zodiac GuideTaurus Zodiac GuideGemini Zodiac GuideCancer Zodiac GuideLeo Zodiac GuideVirgo Zodiac Guide, Site MapAffiliate ProgramChinese AstrologyRising SignsContact UsAbout UsDisclosure, Hows Your Love LIfe?

Leo and Pisces are two very differing signs whose relationship can lead to fulfilment, as long as they are prepared to give more than they receive. Leo men are very creative and enthusiastic.

Men fall on their knees in front of the beautiful and attractive Leo woman, while she enjoys that, giving them even more motive to be fascinated. He will know how to make you feel special and wanted, providing you with the tiniest and most fine emotions. These two zodiac signs have different personalities due to their opposite elements, but they have chemistry and are more than happy to please each other. Leo is extremely self-confident, ambitious, and authoritative, while Pisces is easy-going, self-deprecating, and dreamer, which may lead to a lot of disagreements.

Pisces man has many hobbies and interests, but he likes to enjoy most of them from the comfort of his home. we hooked up real quick and ended “real quick” also.. our relationship only lasted for 2 months. He will read a book, paint, cook, or watch his favorite romance movie instead of partying hard in the city nightclub. However, even though these two zodiac signs are very different, they have strong chemistry and can have a lot of fun together only if they're willing to work on their relationship. Pisces man won’t realize it in his younger ages, but when he matures, he will realize how emotionally sensitive he is so that he will do everything not to get hurt.

You cherish your privacy, whereas the Lion craves attention. Despite their differences, Leo and Pisces have a lot in common emotionally. Still, the Leo woman is so generous with her feelings and is an emotional creature. He will never say it out loud, but he will struggle with many heart brakes through all his life, building his world over and over again after each failure. Leo women also possess an insight and natural dignity, but they also have a bad quality, that is that they are arrogant and egotistical. what i really wanted was his time and affection but he’s so preoccupied with a lot of stuffs.. i really wanted for our relationship to work out but he’s just so coward.i dont know if pisces are like this but my guy completely shuts off everytome were trying to solve a misunderstanding…this relationship is full of jelousy, unresolved fights, misunderstandings and immature decisions.. thats why im thinking twice before i jump back into this “thing” again. Therefore, Pisces are often seen as anti-social, while Leo is a social extrovert, so they will have to learn to communicate with each other to avoid unresolved issues in their relationship. wid: "633534", This is a relationship that can get obsessive very quickly, as Pisces has some kind of magnetism that is very hard to resist for anyone, let alone the Leo that thinks they can get whatever they want! Leo can be bossy, controlling, and loves attention, so this can make the Pisces feel like they are gasping for air. Do Leo and Pisces go together? I have been in a relationship I guess you could say with a Pisces and I love it. If this two focus on the good things and similar natures that complement each other, even though there are some dissimilarities, then the Pisces man and the Leo woman will achieve a serious and deep bond with a high possibility to last. A well balanced mixture of personalities both with artistic bents. However, as long as they're both willing to learn and grow, Leo and Pisces can overcome their issues and live a happy married life. Leo woman acts as if this is normal and enjoys having so many people around her, while the Pisces man is a home type. Such an easy going couple should find no major problems in the long term. Lidia: This is not the best match in the world and you will find it is quite a volatile relationship most of the time. Compatibility, Friendship, Leo. Leo and Pisces friendship compatibility is quite strong, but, how do Leo and Pisces get along with each other in love?

Pisces women always need some privacy and time of their own. id: "4995cd66-25a0-4c97-9863-446a42de4c0e", Not an ideal match. All rights reserved. In a romantic relationship, Leo may find the Pisces to be an impractical dreamer, while the Fish may feel suffocated by Lion's oversized ego. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology. We all have different values, qualities we search for in others. I’m at a loss of what to do. He will always be there to give her a good advice and boost her ego when it is needed, while the Leo woman will motivate the Pisces man and make him move a bit. Keley: This relationship can work quite well. Leo is bold, confident and feisty, and is a fantastic friend when it helps Pisces coming out of their shell. The love relationship between Pisces women and Leo men might hit off with a great start and they might turn out to be very joyous and loving couple. Leo and Pisces friendship compatibility.

Laura: If there is a good connection, Leo will have to live without some of his high life ways, as Pisces will want to snuggle down more. With me being a Leo I also like all of the attention I get. Pisces man and the Leo woman will go through many firestorms and temptations, which will result in strengthening their bond or breaking it completely to pieces. This lady enjoys being in the center of attention and knows how to make everybody stare at her. Jenn: You are probably a little too much for the Pisces to handle.

They might give up on their love relationship with Leo men soon. Time to connect the dots by connecting with the stars.

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