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International conservation planning at the end of the twentieth century is dominated by coarse-filter, supra-organismal approaches to conservation that may be insufficient to conserve certain species such as the jaguar (Panthera onca).

Dense over storey canopy in abandoned timber plantations appeared to impede bamboo growth and then resulted in low food availability for the giant pandas. fen habitats of 1 ha or less are capable of supporting viable bog turtle populations. Therefore, we identified and ranked giant panda habitat in Foping Nature Reserve, Guanyinshan Nature Reserve, and adjacent areas in the Qinling Mountains of China. Investigating spatial non-stationary environmental effects on the distribution of giant pandas in the Qinling Mountains, China.

Energy substitutions reduced fuel wood consumption dramatically and farmers' occupancy on forest land.

Memoirs of the California Academy of Science 12: 243–258. Then I use natural history and principles of animal coloration to suggest why certain species have evolved conspicuous coloration.

Peak Forest (Stone Forest, Yunnan Province), Tianchi Tianshan (Xinjiang A framework for identifying high priority areas and actions for the conservation of tigers in the wild.

And it was newly found that wild giant pandas, wild boars, leopard cats, black bears were infected with Thelazia callipaeda. ECOLOGICAL STUDY OF HUMAN-BROWN BEAR CONFLICTS IN SANGJIANGYUAN AREA, TIBETAN PLATEAU, CHINA, To understand and advance just conservation in the context of environmental justice and, simultaneously, ecological justice or justice between species, Brown bears (Ursus arctos) in the Mackenzie Delta in the Northwest Territories of Canada are at the northern edge of their range and persist in a nutrient poor environment with limited available protein.

At the practical stage, after the model’s validity was verified from the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake data, based on the 2013 Lushan earthquake simulation results, some recommendations are made to improve future post-disaster relief operations. Despite the urgent need to better understand the prevailing dynamics and underlying factors influencing the current processes, detailed regional specific land cover data and change information are surprisingly absent for this region. Guidelines and a framework are provided on how to design and manage tiger conservation landscapes in hands-on working group sessions.

Our results could be applied to a wide range of species, such as habitat or dietary specialists, elevational migrants, species at the edge of their historic range, and area-sensitive species that require winter refugia. Methods: During 2016-2019, we selected four wildlife national nature reserve across the country as monitoring points for Amiota okadai and wildlife.

The lowest coancestry coefficient among the Qinling pandas (0.090) was above the average coancestry coefficients of Minshan and Qionglai, showing that inbreeding could be widespread among the Qinling pandas. Learn more.

for mule deer in the central Sierra Nevada.

In view of the noted research gaps and contemporary developments, three major objectives are defined in this thesis. A correlation analysis indicated that landslides caused the pandas to migrate, and the core landslides within 1 km2 had greater influence on panda migration. The globally threatened bog turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) typically occurs in low-abundance Behavioral research has revealed a complex and efficient communication system and documented the need for protection of habitat that serves as a communication platform for bringing the sexes together for mating. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. The rate of loss of high-quality habitat after the reserve's establishment was much higher than before the reserve was created, and the fragmentation of high-quality habitat became far more severe. World Wildlife Fund and Wildlife Conservation Society, Washington, D.C. Festa-Bianchet, M. 1988. Ecological flexibility in a disturbed landscape: an assessment of the behavioural and health ecology of ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) in relation to forest fragmentation.

A total of 4 nematodes were collected. Using 150,025 SNPs and 14,926 SNPs selected from published whole-genome sequences, we estimated genomic inbreeding coefficients and relatedness of 49 pandas including 34 wild pandas sampled from six habitats.

Historical records in China also demonstrate that it was formerly much more widespread than today. complex in southeastern New York, I estimated vital rate parameters for bog turtles and Although Minshan …

Beijing University, Beijing. The results provided a genomic quantification of the actual levels of inbreeding and relatedness among pandas in their natural habitats, provided genomic confirmation of the relationship between genetic diversity and geographical distances, and provided genomic evidence to the urgency of habitat protection. In March 1999 the Wildlife Conservation Society sponsored a priority-setting and planning exercise for the jaguar across its range, from northern Mexico to northern Argentina.

populations of 5 to 50 individuals, yet the conservation value of small bog turtle populations We then conducted circuit models to identify potential corridors for each species, and evaluated the effectiveness of giant panda corridors to restore the habitat connectivity for these sympatric mammals. We evaluated exposure to canine distemper virus (CDV) in eight wild giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) and 125 unvaccinated domestic dogs living in and around Foping National Nature Reserve (FNNR), China.

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