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What is the part of the bridle that goes across the horse's forehead or under the forelock? Play now! Are you sure you want to delete this comment? 28,573 takers. Do you want a horse, but don’t know what to get? Still learning even though I have a mare named beauty, I got 10/10, so happy! If so, this quiz is definitely for you. So disappointed. Find out how much you know about horses. Horse Quiz & Trivia Enjoy our fun variety of horse quizzes and trivia questions on all aspects of horses from breeds, tack, general knowledge, Disney horses, and films. Fun. Don't worry, it's not too hard! What Horse Job is Right For You? , Its my 2nd quiz!! I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET 10 OUT OF 10!! Do you know all there is to know about HORSES? This quiz is a little short. It's pinto that is a color. Love horses but apperatley need to do some more reaserch about them!

Add to library Discussion 2. What message is a horse sending when its ears are pinned back and it reaches its head towards you? We have plenty more horse quizzes coming soon, so regularly come back and check. Canter is the third fastest gait, not the second. Only the people who truly love horses will be able to get the maximum score. I haven rode or seen a horse in 3 years. The Horse Quiz.

How small does a horse have to be to be considered a pony? If you love horses you'll probably get most or all the answers right. Determining the breed of a horse is not as easy as recognizing the breed of a dog. Are you familiar with the various kinds of horse breeds? This is a fun quiz for horse-crazy people like me! The ultimate horse quiz! 2 weeks ago Coolpanda309 .

Plus, the Paint horse is a real breed. Try it now and please share with your horse-loving friends! They also figure prominently in mythology and literature.

Test your equine knowledge against other horse lovers. What is the type of riding where there is a horn on the saddle? ?!

Add to library 76 » Discussion 67 » Follow author » Share . Find out what kind of horse you are by taking this quiz! For this quiz, we have prepared a number of pictures of horses from different breeds. Equestrian Girl%uD83D%uDC34%uD83D%uDC34%uD83D. In the FFA! I got 10/10 I love horse and ride them every week! It’s also my fist one sooooo! Honestly. This is good for people who are just starting! Check your information BEFORE you go and make a quiz thinking that you know everything in the world about horses. Here we present a collection of 36 random and varied trivia horse quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge and pique your interest. What is the oldest breed of horse still in existence? With all the different breeds, types and disciplines, a horse enthusiast can look forward to a lifetime of learning. Finally got horse research and got 10\10, I love horses! :) And for you, too, apparently, or you wouldn't be checking it out. Keep in mind that this test might be pretty challenging for rookies. BUT PAINT IS A HORSE BREED!

Take this quiz and learn more about these magnificent creatures. About This Quiz The horse has served man well in various roles -- in war, hunting and sport.

How well do you know your equestrian facts.

This quiz is all about Horses. Add to library 87 Discussion 126. 10 out of 10 baby total horse nerd. Let me give you a Horse. I got 10/10 right I love horse am getting on and there so cute. Animals Just For Fun Horse. Test your knowledge on horses. Questions. We Love Quizzes January 4, 2020 There’s so much to learn about horses.

Are horses the best animals in the world? Animals Horse Job Equine Equestrian Report. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. I love horse a btw the oldest living horse that still exists is the Icelandic, Paint is a breed not a colour pinto is a colour, No you are wrong the canter is the second because this is how it goes trot canter gallop because walk is not fast so pepper ✋ you are dumb are have only probably only bin riding for like 5 minutes stupid my knew name is salt, . NOT COLOUR!!! I have 9 horses and if you don't believe me well then speak for yourself , hey do you guys actually ride horses or are you just horsey?. I'm a horse nerd xD, i got 10/10 bearing mind ive got 2 horses yahhh. WHAT!? What is the second-fastest gait for MOST horses?

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