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“A Delight of Owls: African Owls observed”. Lewis, Deane. Depending on the size of animal, owls usually employ different strategies to eat their prey. Western screech owl (Megascops kennicottii) is a small owl that occurs in woodland habitats, especially deciduous forests. In all, this owl tends to eat animals that are abundant in its habitat. The most dominant prey of such owls in Colorado is probably Deer Mice. Burrowing owls in the Imperial Valley of California feed more on Orthopterans (insects like grasshoppers, crickets etc.) In Oregon, the main prey of these owls are Jerusalem crickets. Great horned owls eat wood rats and Norway rats. Ashy-faced Barn Owl (Tyto glaucops) is a medium-sized owl that is found in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Northern spotted owls feed on red tree voles. Even these estimates do not reflect the true pattern of daily food intake of these owls. The diet of these owls primarily consists of small native mammals. Some of the non-mammalian prey items of African grass owls include: “Tyto capensis (African Grass-Owl)“. They usually capture insects in daylight while they largely feed on vertebrates at dawn and dusk.

Apart from these, these owls also feed on: Gutiérrez, R. J., A. To the north of Canada, these owls mainly feed on lemmings. Invertebrates are probably the most important prey items of eastern screech owls. African grass owls eat small passerines as well as African snipe and black crake. Short-eared owls also tend to eat animals from the genus Lepus. Owls eat different kinds of reptilian prey like snakes and lizards. Among vertebrates, they are also found to eat Black-tailed jackrabbits and Mountain Cottontails. Also called as Common Grass Owl, African Grass Owl (Tyto capensis) is a medium-sized owl with a heart-shaped facial disc. Long eared owls occasionally eat following kinds of animals and birds: In Iraq, it was reported that half of the owl’s diet consisted of house sparrows. Studies in Arizona suggest that the highest proportion of food was made up of insects including beetles, moths and caterpillars. Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) is a small but charismatic owl. Barn Owl (Tyto alba). In Fennoscandia, the birds make up more than 90 percent of the diet of northern hawk owls. Burrowing owls eat coulee and Jerusalem crickets as well as Scarabs and Tenebrionids.

This owl is usually observed capturing a vole on the ground and on another occasion, it is found chasing a red squirrel. Great horned owls and burrowing owls eat ground squirrels. They are also found to eat carrion of animals like foxes, walruses, fish and seals. The study was conducted on 72 prey species of these owls. The wintering waterfowls are perhaps the most important prey for breeding great horned owls.

The diet of greater sooty owls mainly consists of the following animals: Occasionally, these owls can consume insects, birds and bats. Eastern screech owls are known to eat the following: Eastern screech owl eats following kinds of. (Research by Page and Whitacre 1975).

First thing to remember is that the eyes of an owl are formed in such a way that they look straight ahead which is unlike many other birds. Some of the other avian prey items of these owls include: Some of the occasionally eaten birds are: Short-eared owls rarely prey on following kinds of insects: Boreal owls use sit-and-wait technique for hunting and foraging usually begins after the sunset.

There are 21 recognized species of screech owls. Elf owls and whiskered screech owls feed on blind snakes. The general classification of prey items that these owls usually eat are: In insects, burrowing owls frequently feed on the following: Crickets (like Jerusalem and True Crickets). It occurs in Southeast Asia. The large prey is normally pulled to pieces and dismembered while the head and feet are often discarded first. These owls tend to occupy mostly thick deep forests, wooded swamps and deciduous trees. Studies suggest that the primary food of the reddish scops owl is insects. One captive female barn owl was found to eat 10% of her own body weight.

“Flammulated Owl“. Elf owls nest in abandoned cavities of woodpeckers in trees, fence posts and columnar cacti. Some of the other birds taken by these owls are: Rasmussen, Justin Lee, Spencer G. Sealy and Richard J. Cannings. In Arizona, the western screech owls tend to eat only mammals. Grass owls are essentially quite skilled in catching rodents. The owl roosts on low elevated branches or shrubs (1.5 to 3 meters high). Some of the owls that eat kangaroo rats are barn owls, western screech owls, great horned owls and long-eared owls. Besides, in Arizona, they may also eat small mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

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