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A great many of our MessageOps members have been excited about the release of Microsoft Teams . If your school is already signed up for Office 365 for Education and has turned on access to Microsoft Teams, or if your school is an accredited academic institution, you’ll be able to sign in or sign up. h�ĖmO�8ǿ�_�N��O� �������"�l��� +����-��p=��S�c�g&�o& :2��L� )��R1���LJ��V�!���spaa2H�Z����*Zt,S��r��. Below are a few that we recommend to help you quickly ramp up on Teams meetings. ... Microsoft Teams 101: A guide for beginners and tips for experienced users endobj To access Microsoft Teams for Education, click Sign In and enter the email address and password provided by your school. Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide, Cheat Sheet and Training. 1 0 obj Klik om het vergaderingsitem te openen en kies Deelnemen. <>

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Turn your video feed on and off.

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