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Very insightful content.

He has no validation for these claims, but he presents them as facts which is extremely irresponsible. Brian Holsopple, How to Pick a Winning Product, Build a Real Business, and Become a Seven-Figure Entrepreneur, Written by: Derek Sivers, The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph, Written by: However if you are a blocked imaginative with an open heart and also an excited mind or somebody seeking to launch any type of humanistic venture or beginning an organisation, etc, you must take into consideration giving it a try.

Some good points, not enough. Jederzeit kündbar.

Inspiration. Danach 9,95 € pro Monat. The concept of work vs. resistance is pure gold. Seth Godin, Narrated by: Continue each week (also free) with our "Writing Wednesdays" and "What It Takes" posts, each one like a new chapter in The War of Art.Plus continual videos, freebies, specials and new material throughout the year. Zwei entsetzliche Kindermorde hat er bereits gestanden und die Berliner Polizei zu den grausam entstellten Leichen geführt.

chances are you are. I am not familiar with Pressfield's other work - but in my opinion with regards to this book (according to his own definition) he is a hack.

Marc-Uwe Kling, Autor: Hape Kerkeling, Sprecher:

Short and to the point. This publication will certainly kick you in the ass as well as reveal you exactly how you’ve been self-sabotaging yourself. The author's passionate audible delivery made the listening truly enjoyable from start to finish. The Mind Illuminated is a comprehensive, accessible and - above all - effective book on meditation, providing a nuts-and-bolts stage-based system that helps all levels of meditators establish and deepen their practice. Business, Professions, and the Common Good. Also, the format is terribly annoying. Recognizing this painful truth is the first step in the writer's transformation from amateur to professional. There's a mantra real writers know but wannabe writers don’t.

Defining words from a man who sits in the daily seat of graft and fights his demons. You're welcome.

Written by: They spend decades in pursuit of something that someone convinced them they should want, without realizing that it won't make them happy. If you happen to have add or adhd, or an anxiety disorder--and if you're a writer looking for ways to be more productive, you just might--pass this one up. Thank you Steven for your words.

It’s up to you to eliminate your own Minotaur.

I found the author contradictory in many cases.

I got this hoping it'd be a good motivator and may teach me some techniques for overcoming the resistance I feel towards starting and completing projects. Most people don't know why they're doing what they're doing. That's just resistance.

We are stuck, stymied, frustrated. Masterpiece!! Once again I've been duped by a 'self-help' book with a great reputation. Now this beloved author shares her wisdom and unique understanding of creativity, shattering the perceptions of mystery and suffering that surround the process - and showing us all just how easy it can be. Why have history's greatest minds - from George Washington to Frederick the Great to Ralph Waldo Emerson along with today's top performers, from Super Bowl-winning football coaches to CEOs and celebrities - embraced the wisdom of the ancient Stoics?

Listening to this book made it much easier.

Every word written by James Allen is spoken with clarity and authority by the narrator, making it easy to remember the information and absorb the timeless wisdom. Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2018. It’s a book that everyone must read. Good way to know your true enemy. Enjoy this InAudio unabridged presentation of The Art of War, a fresh new audiobook of the classic military philosophy book.

This is pages upon pages of ramblings from someone that I cannot identify with.

You'll not only get a better understanding of the forces that influence the world around you, but you'll learn how to direct those forces to create outsized advantages in the areas of your life that matter most to you. But the stuff Pressfield says is really difficult to endorse.

Presented in a very impactful manner. Instead of downloading multiple mp3 files, you can now simply listen to the original audiobook for free and legally. Also if he reads most of these 1 star reviews he would probably claim to not listen to them because we are resistance and the 5 star reviews are the professionals. Pressfield is a kindly drill-sergeant; he holds no punches yet you get the feeling that he actually wants you to succeed.

Narrated by: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); https://ipaudio3.club/wp-content/uploads/BOOKAUDIO/War%20of%20Art/01.mp3, https://ipaudio3.club/wp-content/uploads/BOOKAUDIO/War%20of%20Art/02.mp3, https://ipaudio3.club/wp-content/uploads/BOOKAUDIO/War%20of%20Art/03.mp3, Neil Postman – Amusing Ourselves to Death Audiobook, Frank Peretti – This Present Darkness Audiobook, Tom Standage – A History of the World in 6 Glasses Audiobook, George R. R. Martin – The World of Ice and Fire Audiobook, R. D. Reynolds – The Death of WCW Audiobook. Get this book free when you sign up for a 30-day Trial. Again, I only listened to thirty minutes, and this book ruined my entire day. It starts off all right.

And the secret phrase is this: "Nobody wants to read your shit." Could you be getting in your way of producing great work? He claims that the fault is on the artist struggling and that they are not working hard enough and that their struggle is an easy thing to get over. Wonderfully written and performed. Aufgrund Ihrers Standorts haben wir Sie zu audible.de weitergeleitet.

Fight back against resistance. Why Work?

Pressfield is a kindly drill-sergeant; he holds no strikes however you obtain the sensation that he really wants you to be successful.

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“The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference”.

Is to good for just one listening.

The War of Art identifies the enemy that every one of us must face, outlines a battle plan to conquer this internal foe, then pinpoints just how to achieve the greatest success. Unlimited listening on select audiobooks, Audible Originals, and podcasts. This is the growth industry of our time. Awful! He claims to sit down and do work but also preaches to pray to gods before you do your work.

I loved this.

I find it interesting the five star reviews that say this book is motivating. I do not agree with his philosophies and I cannot get on board with his ideal system. You'll find a writer all too willing to claim to have invented your experience-defining disorder in a copywriting meeting, among other less egregious examples of neurobigotry. Enjoyed the first two chapters until he started rambling about magical angels and nonsense about god. Die Känguru-Chroniken berichten von den Abenteuern und Wortgefechten des Duos. Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2018. This short audiobook, originally published in 1902, has had a huge impact in the field of personal development.

Check out this great listen on Audible.com. WOW WOW WOW WOW Read if your in need of an understnading of how you work when you want to produce/create something will definitely help you.

Unfortunately, it became clear pretty early on that the author seems to be labouring under the opinion that his "resistance" theory is literally the explanation for everything. Attempt his other one, Do The Work as well; several of it is redundant, however is still very worth it.

The actual one is scared to death.”.

It’s loaded with words like “Resistance” that seem like self-help buzzwords.

Disturbance, apathy, liquor, procrastination, reasons, hazardous relationships, depression, and also my favorite of Pressfield’s: “compulsive messing up”, simply among others. to legendary Special Operations commanders and black-market biochemists.

Will you live it out? My most recommended book to friends, a game changer, an eye opener, a kick in the butt reality check. You already know that procrastination hurts. music is little loud and long than needed explaining point too briefly without examples pretty ambiguous to reap the meaning and don't have too much knowledge about religions but good observation of resistance. The new opportunity is that it's easier than ever to find, organize, and lead a tribe. This idea of resistance being given power can be understood and combatted by people of any perspective or faith.

Within a few chapters our author is already proposing that mental health conditions are just "made up by copywriters to sell you a cure for a desease they invented". Pressfield frequently uses unnecessary, and immature profanity. very distracting and hard to listen to. Gleichzeitig wurde sie zu einer mächtigen Fürsprecherin für Frauen und Mädchen in den USA und in der ganzen Welt, trieb in der Familienpolitik den dringend notwendigen gesellschaftlichen Wandel hin zu einem gesünderen und aktiveren Leben voran. By completing your purchase, you agree to Audible’s Conditions of Use. Cancel anytime. Seth Godin, And Other Tough-Love Truths to Make You a Better Writer, 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur, Written by:

Thank you Seth Godin for the recommendation and Tim Ferriss for facilitating this discovery. Building on the success of these sprints and their experience designing ubiquitous tech products like Gmail and YouTube, they spent years experimenting with their own personal habits and routines, looking for ways to help individuals optimise their energy, focus and time. It also interestingly analyses why we put off doing things and the reasons for resisting doing them and how we rationalize not getting down to the tasks we want to do. If you procrastinate or for one reason or another cannot get down to doing what you want to do this book will help you get on track.

The War of Art Audible Audiobook – Unabridged. ©2011 Black Irish Entertainment LLC (P)2019 Black Irish Entertainment LLC.

Just keep all the Self-help, Strategy books aside and READ this. Resistance. YOU need to do the job. Please save yourself the 1 audible credit.

Actually angered me. Whether you’re looking to conquer your enemies or fight business battles, The Art of War is a time-tested and influential classic for gaining competitive advantage. Note: The title does not do the book justice/is not marketed quite on the right angle, the logic can be applied to all areas of life not just writing or creative work.

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