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One was a drastically reduced number of oarsmen, so as to use the ship as a troop transport. [29] In the case of Athens, since most of the fleet's triremes were paid for by wealthy citizens, there was a natural sense of competition among the patricians to create the "most impressive" trireme, both to intimidate the enemy and to attract the best oarsmen. [28], The materials from which the trireme was constructed were an important aspect of its design. {{Infobox ship [64] Being speared amid the wreckage of destroyed ships was likely a common cause of death for sailors in the Peloponnesian War. [22] According to material scientist J.E. Their name Trireme or Triiris in Greek means three rows of paddles-rowers. Modern ways of ship's construction were used to connect and make the timber waterproof, in order to ensure the longevity of the ship. [59] These few troops were peripherally effective in an offensive sense, but critical in providing defense for the oarsmen. [65] In Battle of Aegospotami, the city-state of Athens lost what was left of its navy: the once 'invincible' thalassocracy lost 170 ships (costing some 400 talents), and the majority of the crews were either killed, captured or lost.[65]. The preferred method of attack was to come in from astern, with the aim not of creating a single hole, but of rupturing as big a length of the enemy vessel as possible. The trireme also participated in "Classic Week" and was returned to Hellenic Navy on 15 Sept 04. She was built to drawings by the naval architect John F. Coates which he developed through long discussions with the historian J. S. Morrison following the longest correspondence on any subject in The Times of London in the early 1980s. These fundamentals included accommodations, propulsion, weight and waterline, center of gravity and stability, strength, and feasibility. The distance a trireme could cover in a given day depended much on the weather. July 27, 1987Launched: See index in Morrison (2004) for examples. triremeDisplacement: Triremes played a vital role in the Persian Wars, the creation of the Athenian maritime empire, and its downfall in the Peloponnesian War. serves as exhibit in dry dock View the embedded image gallery online at: Previous Chiefs of Hellenic Navy General Staff, https://www.hellenicnavy.gr/en/History-Tradition/Ships-Museum-Exhibits/Trireme-Olympias#sigProIdc84a7ddc15. The trireme was transported to this space on 25 Nov 05.

Making durable rope consisted of using both papyrus and white flax; the idea to use such materials is suggested by evidence to have originated in Egypt.

[4], Triremes required a great deal of upkeep in order to stay afloat, as references to the replacement of ropes, sails, rudders, oars and masts in the middle of campaigns suggest. [43][44] Although it has been argued that slaves formed part of the rowing crew in the Sicilian Expedition,[45] a typical Athenian trireme crew during the Peloponnesian War consisted of 80 citizens, 60 metics and 60 foreign hands. Name: In Athens, the ship's captain was known as the trierarch (tri─ôrarchos).

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