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Applicants … h�b```b``Mc`c``�bf@ aVv���`��Ti^�զ-��4�`n • Submit the completed application electronically to sightfirst@lionsclubs.org with a copy to the TA. 0000032584 00000 n 0000002941 00000 n Application forms must be 0000204458 00000 n Matching grants $500 to $2,500 can be approved by the Executive Committee of CLF.

Grant application form is a formal document that you need to fill up while requesting financial support from an organization – be it a government body, or a private organization.

0000205178 00000 n 0000016752 00000 n 0000002731 00000 n 8. The objective of the California Lions Foundation (CLF) Emergency Grant Program is to provide immediate emergency relief assistance to victims of California through the service work programs of California Lions clubs. encouraged to read through these documents. difference in the lives of people in need. 0000027160 00000 n Failure to do so may result in the Lions club or district not receiving grants until the project(s) currently in progress are completed. Clubs International, LCIF has awarded 12,701 grants totaling more than US$950 million since its founding in 1968. Such applications may be resubmitted only if they have been revised to address the reasons for denial/withdrawal. 11. Resubmission may be required.

This notice is being provided A written report detailing the results of the project with accounting of the funds usage must be submitted to CLF upon completion of the project. 0000026180 00000 n CLF is following the LCIF template, therefore, please refer to the LCIF Emergency Grant Guidelines document available at www.lcif.org for more information on what is considered an immediate need. All grant applications must be submitted through a Lions club or district. Applicants failing to answer correspondence from the Foundation on their applications within 120 days will result in their application being subject to withdrawal. 0000224607 00000 n Emergency grants in amounts of $500 and above are available to help Lions districts and clubs with the distribution of immediate relief aid to disaster victims where 100 or more people have been displaced or affected. 0000002992 00000 n 0000203665 00000 n

1. If the grant includes the purchase of materials, supplies, or equipment, written estimates and cost breakdowns from the supplier/vendor are required with the application. Emergency grant funds may not be used for non-immediate needs such as providing shelter, rebuilding damaged facilities and homes or replacing household and personal belongings lost as a result of the natural disaster.

Approved grants are made payable to the appropriate Lions club and/or district. 0000002740 00000 n

18. Applications for grants must be submitted by the applicants using the Matching Grant Application Form (below). By completing the attached application, you acknowledge that the information you provide is true and the money will be used as presented in the application. o05��t�۷~��~c��|��9�K�LfU��y���M�. Upon receiving the application, LCIF will assign it a unique LCIF tracking number that will remain specific to the grant application throughout the grant process. Through Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), 1.4 million Lions in 210 countries are able to turn compassion into action. %PDF-1.4 %���� In addition to Lion’s involvement and identity with the project, the applicant club or district must make significant contribution to the project. trailer <]/Prev 907256>> startxref 0 %%EOF 142 0 obj <>stream A need is being filled. ��p1�{V���v��"�XHy��t����I#��|���N��z�Uq�?�^�ߖ������[P�?�P���ӯ�� 0000032545 00000 n By WebThemez. CLF should receive this request form within 30 days of the disaster’s occurrence or end of its duration. Grant applications may be submitted by any California Lions club or district. 6.

0000017141 00000 n When you make a donation to LCIF, you can be sure that your contribution is making a Closure Cost Breakdown Spreadsheet template, 129 Los Aquajes Ave.Santa Barbara, CA, 93101(805) 963-6681, MD-4 Office129 Los Aquajes Ave.Santa Barbara, CA, 93101(805) 963-6681, Sign up for our newsletter for latest news and information from the California Lions Foundation, Copyright © 2020 California Lions Foundation Inc. All rights reserved. h�b```b``9��d�01 �+;����OW� Emergency grant funds are limited to providing immediate needs including the purchase of food, bottled water, clothing, blankets, medicine and cleaning supplies. 0000228030 00000 n info@newbraunfelslions.com, © Delight 2015 All right reserved. All approved grants, along with the applicant’s matching funds must be fully utilized and the project completed within one year from the time of approval by CLF. Each donation is important to fulfilling LCIF’s mission. 0000025312 00000 n • Receive an application acknowledgement letter and grant tracking number from LCIF staff. But, there are still many more people who are counting on Lions’ help. 2008-2009 LCIF DONATION RECOGNITION PROGRAMS 2008-2009 THE MELVIN JONES FELLOWSHIP & APPLICATION FORM District Resource Center. As the official charitable organization of Lions Clubs International, LCIF has awarded 12,701 grants totaling more than US$950 million since its founding in 1968.

Requests received after this 30-day time period are not eligible for funding. 9. 0000023757 00000 n 15. 13. the grant application. 0000006795 00000 n �d��F��� ~W�_������G|�ay�A�,��H1��Θ�ݖM)�u:X��~�?�*ў��ZE��=l�:���k�}'�7~��e�bMo�ϯ;�յ ?�bM�H:��_�(chi-� ��T�������Zܣ�{=C�F��nqf n��P��)��(�d�K$�CYQ�GU֩�j����yp�����^ �q��fnY�Kz~뗺����z�L��3�w�dN�'M�����a�@oT�|o�����;�����+?� ? 0000016580 00000 n <>>> 0000001316 00000 n 0000019332 00000 n 19. Lions meet the needs of local communities and the world.

4 0 obj The project budget should clearly detail all pro-ject income and expense including allocations by item and detail.

0000016218 00000 n Partner organizations may not apply directly. Lions and/or their families should not receive direct or professional benefit or have proprietary interest in projects receiving grant assistance. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 816.96] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> If approved, the grant funds shall not be disbursed until the required matching funds are collected, per the approved project budget. s���-z� ﮝ֛�.��Ϊ,6[c�������Uag�Y�Il���}��昃�ӳ���l=,��m��oč�Vޞ�~�M�'��o��=��4yښ���rS������t�\��G���)@���u � LCIF-27 Standard Grant Application form, completing the application form in its entirety. Project cost breakdown of project income and expenses to include copies of receipts and supporting documentation for items purchased or cost incurred consistent with the approved budget. Incomplete applications or proposals submitted in other formats will be ineligible. 100 0 obj <> endobj xref 100 43 0000000016 00000 n 0000016804 00000 n

The CLF grant is not intended to be a gift to a third party, but a means by which the applicant can facilitate and improve in a meaningful way a project that has broad support from the applicant, including significant hands-on support in relation to the amount being requested. Proof of matching funds by the club or district are required upon submittal of the application. 0000016961 00000 n Grant … We hope that your project will be meaningful to the population you are trying to serve. Currently, the Foundation provides matching grants from $500 up to $5,000 to California Lions clubs and districts for humanitarian, vision, environmental, disaster relief, and other projects to better serve their communities. there must be at least two clubs involved in the financial support of the project. It demonstrates a commitment to serve others. 4. If you have any questions, please contact your district Foundation director. In just about any home, one can  nd a pair of eyeglasses that are no longer being used. 0000200785 00000 n

Publications - LCIF LCIF Background Brochures LCIF Fact Sheet LCIF At a Glance Understanding LCIF LCIF Grant … 3 0 obj For the grant request to be considered, the applicant must provide complete answers to each question and request for information that follows on this form and in the format requested. 0000025861 00000 n Requests for funds must be submitted on a SightFirst Grant Application Form for review by the SightFirst Advisory Committee.

0000044137 00000 n Each grant application is judged solely on its own merit and the degree to which it meets the criteria established by the foundation and its Board of Directors. • Receive a review letter with additional questions and revise the application (repeat as necessary). trailer <<099B5AD1FF704AAF8595B45084811DC3>]/Prev 1124716>> startxref 0 %%EOF 193 0 obj <>stream 0000051837 00000 n 0000025382 00000 n H��Wˎ7��>XY��5�%�r�4Ȯ����PO���� �U�Y,��l/�i+��Nc{s�F3���P�CRJ"j@��m݁����������!��u�eHʓ��KN��:�ڪV�̝��m���[�>�����/[#N�4�4m�>9�(s���D��vu��)v ���V�Lu�)c���I��x�z. 0000025595 00000 n Applications that are incomplete or require additional time for clarification of details will be returned to the submitter. provided most of this revenue. Lions around the world are united in our spirit of bringing healing and hope to those who are most in need. 14. Matching funds are not required with a designated grant. 2. ~��;!��|�"�2~^�|�\�7��װ���+��}� Texas Lion's Camp Funds will not be released until the local matching funding is collected and readily available for the implementation of the project. 12. The application must be received in completed form … The project budget must clearly itemize all project income sources and expense items; project income must equal expenses. 8. Incomplete applications or proposals submitted in other formats will be ineligible.

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