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Ad-group name by which the user was first acquired, based on the, Ad network by which the user was first acquired, based on the, Campaign by which the user was first acquired, based on the, Ads creative ID by which the user was first acquired, based on the, Medium by which the user was first acquired, based on the, Source by which the user was first acquired, based on the, Source and medium by which the user was first acquired, based on the.

Metric - ga:dfpRevenue - DFP revenue is an estimate of the total ad revenue based on served impressions (DFP linking enabled and Hide DFP Revenue not enabled). Version of the operating systems used by visitors to your app or website. Check out some of our community roundups where marketers share the email marketing, social media, SEO, and content marketing metrics they track most often—or dig even deeper into Google Analytics reports with these 13 Google Analytics tips and hacks. For example, in Apparel/Mens/Summer/Shirts/T-shirts, Summer is the item category 3. Total number of users who purchased a product. Web-page title and default app screen class.

I love custom metrics in Google Analytics. Google Analytics’ channel groupings classify your traffic so you can track the performance of individual channels like organic, paid, direct, social, email, etc. 1.31*Revenue for currency conversion from USD to EUR). Originally published in January 2018, this post has been updated to include screenshots of and instructions for how to find each metric in Google Analytics.

Datablocks are customizable and resizable, and many of them are pre-built so all users need to do is drag them onto their dashboards to quickly visualize data. Terms of Service Learn how Google Analytics can improve your Google Ads results. “Users” and “Sessions” are vastly different, as one user can log multiple sessions on your website (more on that below). It’s likely that marketers prefer other tools for more visibility into downstream metrics such as conversions, purchases, revenue, etc.

Number of times an individual conversion event was triggered, or the overall number of conversion events that were triggered. To track goal completions in Databox, Databox’s own Pete Caputa recommends the Goal Overview Datablock with comparisons turned on: “The main goal we track in Google Analytics is when people sign up for our product,” Caputa says. Number of members, scores, awards, or points), Constants – (e.g. Number of times users started the checkout process. Databox Reports You can also see Ecommerce-specific reports: Sign in to Google Analytics.

If you wanted, you could check on an hourly basis to see how much money has been generated from website sales.

Metric - ga:dfpRevenuePer1000Sessions - The total estimated revenue from DFP ads per 1,000 Analytics …

This Universal Analytics feature is only available for websites using, //www.google.com/tools/feedback/metric/report, Using the Formula field and input examples, Setting up custom dimensions and metrics in your account, Integer (with customizable decimal places), Percentage (with customizable decimal places), Positive cardinal numbers (0-9), can include decimals, Standard metrics – (e.g. Therefore one person can log multiple sessions.

Rate at which users clicked the item in an item list to view the item details. To track average session duration in Databox, FCP Euro’s Amir Hamdi recommends the Audience Overview Datablock: “As an ecommerce business, having all our website performance metrics available at a glance is critical,” Hamdi says.

Note: Using another custom calculated metric in the creation of a new calculated metric isn't supported. So if the time of the first hit on the last page was 1:00, and the time of the first hit on the first page was 12:30, the session duration is 30 minutes. Ready to start tracking even more metrics? Browser versions used to view your website. This will be different for every business because you ultimately define what “Goals” refer to when creating them (i.e. While there are thousands of metrics you can track, here are some examples of metrics in Google Analytics: These metrics can then be paired with dimensions in order to reveal more detailed insights into the performance of your business. The data will continue to appear in reports during the 48-hour grace period during which you can archive and restore a custom user property. If there’s no client ID associated with a visitor to your website, that visitor is logged as a new session. Average number of events for all sessions: Number of users who interacted with your site or launched your app for the first time.

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