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Maione was one of the top killers in the Italian faction of Murder Incorporated.

With his brother Frank, Jesse James became an infamous train and bank robber.

John Gotti was one of the guys who regularly roasted him with this name because he resented Bilotti. Adopted by stepfather 'James Hayden' renamed Sterling Walter Hayden.

Gangsters are the modern-day urban Robin Hoods, the poor street urchin done good. He died of heart failure on May 10, 1992. He was eventually tracked down and shot dead after a pursuit. Not only was he constantly killing or plotting to kill them, he was also an informant with a cozy relationship with the FBI. In the 50’s, Burke was relatively a small timer, dealing with untaxed cigarettes and liquor, although it quickly escalated to large scale heists. He mismanaged the building of the Flamingo by millions of dollars and Lansky was furious.

His parents divorced early on, and Delon had a stormy childhood, being ... Michael Caine was born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite in London, to Ellen Frances Marie (Burchell), a charlady, and Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, a fish-market porter.
Over the years, Capone rose to being Torrio’s partner.

He died the following day at the age of 25, on November 28th, 1934. It was speculated that this was to stop her from sharing any secrets. He was known for his hot temper and a scowl that seemed stuck to his face.

Known as ‘Big Tuna’, Accardo turned to crime in his early teens and quickly gained prominence working for one of the most notorious gangsters of all time, Al Capone, in his Chicago crime syndicate. The son of a Jewish newspaper editor, young Leo was a child prodigy in music, mastering the violin and the... Menacing looking Italian American actor who developed into the quintessential on-screen hoodlum via several strong roles in key crime films of the early 1970s. Angelo could not stop talking for any significant amount of time.

Unfortunately for Bulger, that’s where he remains to this day, after being charged with 19 counts of murder among numerous other crimes. 25 Best Mafia Nicknames The best mobster nicknames were sometimes given by their peers, like Gaspipe or The Grim Reaper.

His last name would remain synonymous with the mafia and his family still exists and continues to carry his legendary name.

He was ... Richard Conte was born Nicholas Richard Conte on March 24, 1910, in Jersey City, New Jersey, the son of an Italian-American barber. He is also a producer, writer, and director, and is probably best known for his role as Joey Zasa in the Francis Ford Coppola epic The Godfather: Part III (1990), in which he stars alongside Al Pacino and Andy Garcia.... Bronx born, stocky Italian-American actor who only appeared in a handful of films, yet earned some degree of immortality for his role as the loyal Corleone capo "Peter Clemenza" teaching Al Pacino how to shoot a crooked police captain in the iconic gangster film The Godfather (1972).

Most of his charges were dropped after a medical exam showed that he was seriously ill. His nickname “The Snake” was very well earned and Persico is a master of double cross. After Dillinger’s death, Nelson was named Public Enemy No.1.

After hearing Gotti throw him under the bus on the tapes, his loyal underboss Sammy The Bull decided to make a deal with the FBI. On one of them, my gangster name is Crispy Momma, and my rap name is Smoke Boo! He left the area and tried to continue to make money through lesser crimes.

When John Gotti broke mafia code with the Castellano hit it was Casso who would step up to the plate and take action, killing his underboss Frank DeCicco. While Gotti was the public face of the mob, Gravano in the late 1980’s was the mob’s best earner by far.

As a boy, he committed petty theft and by 1924, he had committed his first robbery of a grocery store. He kept grinding away and took the top spot in the early 1970’s after Joe Colombo was shot.

As far as his nickname, he simply got it because he was employed in the poultry business for years. He had just found out that his bosses Whitey Bulger and Stephen Flemmi were FBI informants.Weeks was just joining in with a number of Boston gangsters who were cooperating at the time. Gambling rings, protection rackets, brothels, security fraud – it’s all there, we just don’t always know it.

Read more about the Philly mob at mafiahitters.com.

Costello was relevant in the New York mafia from the 1920’s all the way into the late 1950’s.

He was so prominent in his neighborhood that it wasn’t uncommon for him to execute people in the street.

Movies. Weeks was only in jail for two weeks before folding to the FBI. This is a convenient name considering the situation. Albert was involved in no less than 3 killings of other top level New York bosses.

This was the final nail in the coffin and just like that the Gotti era was over. DiFronzo was the Outfit boss when he died from complications from Alzheimer’s in 2018 at 89 years old. Please whitelist TheClever or disable your ad blocker to continue.
Scarpa had other problems by this time, he was beginning to lose the battle to HIV symptoms. According to Lucas, he was making $1 million dollars a day selling drugs in New York.

In 2003, he pleaded guilty to obstructing justice and openly admitted in court how he’d used his “Oddfather” act to deter prosecution.

He re-joined his Mafia family in New York and carried on committing atrocious crimes, until he was arrested for drug charges. His father was a linotypist. Terranova earned his moniker because of the massive profits he made from purchasing and reselling artichokes. Gorilla,” and mobster Hisayuki Machii was called “The Ginza Tiger.”But perhaps the coolest Yakuza nickname belonged to mob boss Kazuo Taoka, head of the Yamaguchi …

He began studying drama and has credits in French television and theater as well as films.

The murderous couple committed numerous bank robberies with the help of their gang, from 1930-1934, as well as smaller robberies of gas stations and grocery stores. James Cagney Actor | Angels with Dirty Faces One of Hollywood's preeminent male stars of all time, James Cagney was also an accomplished dancer and easily played light comedy.

The name “Happy” was a play on Maione’s normal demeanor, which usually saw him snarling. Lucchese got the nickname “Three Fingers Brown” from a police officer who was booking him on auto theft charges as a young 20 year old.

FBI agents were thrilled to find this out after they bugged his house. Chicago mobsters of the 1920s have become a sort of "Pirates of the Caribbean" for our city. His father was of French and Corsican Italian descent, and his mother was of French and German ancestry. By turning his back on the infamous Gallo brothers in the 1960’s, Carmine was able to attain the level of capo. He took up acting while attending City College, abandoning plans to become a rabbi or lawyer. Joe Bonanno for most of his life was a member of the mafia’s very elite. Due to some heat from the murder of mobster Ferdinand Boccia, Genovese moved back to Italy and became a lead Mafia figure there. Costello rose in the ranks under the legendary Lucky Luciano in the Luciano Crime family, which today is known as the Genovese family. He was sentenced to prison for robbery in 1946, where he died in 1957 of lung cancer. He would do 3 documentaries, the last being a very entertaining cat and mouse sit down with forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz. He died of lung cancer in 1983.

Due to close personal links with the FBI, Bulger was tipped off and fled Boston.

This quickly turned when his lust for power heightened. It’s a nickname no one would dare say in front of Capone, he hated this name and it brought back bad memories. These are the people that make up the dark underbelly of society that most of us don’t see.

Mexican Mafia.

The Snake is the longtime boss of the Colombo Crime Family. He was a disciple and enforcer of Colombo family boss Carmine “The Snake” Persico, another man with an equally justified nickname.

He did have a very explosive temper and ego that got him in lots of legal trouble and likely held him back from further advancement in the organization.

Michael was given the nickname “The Yuppie Don” because of his heavy influence in the area of white collar crime.

Meyer Lansky came up through the ranks in a similar fashion to his one-time friend and partner, Bugsy Siegel.

He was sentenced to 20 years and died on Valentine’s Day, 1969 of a heart attack.

Read more about the Morello Family at mafiahitters.com, The Morello Gang: America’s 1st Crime Family.

He discussed the heroin operation that Gotti’s crew was running and tons of other sensitive Gambino business.

He’d caught the disease through a blood transfusion years earlier. The funeral for Greasy Thumb was the biggest turnout for any mobster in history at the time. It was his duty to oversee the illegal sale of alcohol in Manhattan and he often kidnapped and tortured business rivals.

Although underworld crime may not be as prominent as it once was, history can’t be erased. Kevin served as a layer of young muscle for the two aging mobsters for years. Menu.

She evaded authorities for a decade before being arrested and sentenced to 15 years on drug conspiracy charges. You can’t really blame him.

Reno settled in France at 17. Eventually,Kuklinski would be convicted of multiple murders and sentenced to life in prison. At Beatrice High School, he was a standout track athlete, but also showed a talent for using his voice, winning several oratory awards. He enjoyed poisoning the food or drinks of victims, and was later arrested for trying to buy cyanide from an undercover agent. He didn’t think of himself as a rat because he was only getting back at actual rats who caused the whole debacle. Greg Scarpa was a nightmare for enemies. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, they were heads of an organisation dubbed ‘The Firm.’ The atrocities they committed were endless – from armed robberies and murders to arson and protection rackets. Genovese was at the core of Mafia crime in America and lead Luciano’s crime family for 12 years. He got that name during his career as a boxer, where it is said that he may have suffered some significant CTE as a result.

He was the most prosperous and influential of all the Gambino family captains. This came as a shock to his associates and his father was not happy about it. By then, he was penniless.

Years later, he was one of the main kingpins that organised the national crime syndicate, using his financial acumen to work the system and make millions of dollars.

Gradually, bookmakers who were subject to a protection racket ran by Bulger began to testify against him. Together, they both made a fortune – as well as a lot of enemies.

His operation grew larger until he succumbed to cocaine addiction. It didn’t stop there and the trail of murder continued until he was imprisoned in France – and he escaped again. Two of the most famous gangsters ever known, London born twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray secured themselves a place in pop culture history. He was a longtime member of the Lucchese Crime Family. He was most known by them for the various methods he used to murder, and sometimes torture people.

Bogart was educated at Trinity School, NYC, and was sent to Phillips Academy ... Emanuel Goldenberg arrived in the United States from Romania at age ten, and his family moved into New York's Lower East Side. The Anastasia Crime Family would now forever become known as the Gambino Crime Family.

St. Clair went to prison for the murder of her husband, Sufi Abdul Hamid.
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