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Its age is also elusive but it is clearly much younger than our sun, in fact, all the stars in Orion’s Belt are. The constellation of Orion is also home to two first magnitude stars, Rigel and Betelgeuse, and it also hosts the nearest star formation region to Earth. The third star is Mintaka Aa2, at around 8.4 solar masses and a radius of 6.5 solar radii. for the next 100000 years is represented with the red arrow. DSS2 image of Mintaka. Thanks to its high brightness, Mintaka is clearly visible when observed from locations with dark skyes, It is a main-sequence star with a spectral classification of class B. Mintaka B is the faintest of the system. Mintaka is a visual double star HD 36485 is the fourth brightest of the system, being 3.300 times brighter than our sun. Mintaka; Orion's Belt, with Mintaka on the right. It is 3.300 times brighter, and its average surface temperature is around 18.400 K. When Orion is near the meridian, Mintaka is the right-most of the Belt’s stars when viewed from the Northern Hemisphere facing south. The table below

The fifth star is even smaller than our sun, Mintaka B has only 77% of our sun’s radius while its mass remains unknown. Mintaka Aa2 is the third brightest of the system, being 16.000 times brighter than our sun. The primary star, Mintaka Aa1 is the brightest – around 190.000 times brighter than our sun, and the hottest star of the system, at around 5.1 times hotter than our sun. The second biggest star in the system is Mintaka Ab, which has around 22.5 solar masses and a radius of around 10.4 solar radii. Latitude: 51° 28’ 47” N Mintaka . De ster bestaat uit een magnitude 6 ster die om een spectroscopische dubbelster draait. Alnitak B is a class B giant star with a visual magnitude of 4.01. They were named Tres Reyes Magos. They may not be reproduced, published, copied or transmitted in any form, including electronically on the Internet, without written permission of the author. Mintaka (which means "belt") is located quite near the celestial equator. situated close to the celestial equator, as such, it is at least partly visible from both hemispheres in certain times of the year. All photographs, text and web pages are © Copyright 1970 - 2020 by Fred Espenak, unless otherwise noted. It has an absolute magnitude of -4.2 and a rotational velocity of around 220 km / 136.7 mi per second. If you find this website useful please consider a small donation that will help covering hosting costs. HD 36485 is a spectroscopic binary system with a dim class A companion. It is the faintest object that forms Orion’s familiar hourglass shape. In Finnish mythology, Orion’s belt is called. Its absolute magnitude is at around -5.8. The first eclipse causes the magnitudes to drop from 2.23 to 2.35, while the second eclipse makes it drop to 2.29. in the constellation of The area of sky represented in the image is 0.5x0.5 degrees (30x30 arcmins). Alnilam was known as The Third Star of Three Stars.

which can be observed with the help of small or medium telescopes. The Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris were believed to have come from Orion’s Belt and. It has an absolute magnitude of -2.9, and a rotational velocity of around 150 km / 93 mi per second. The ages of all the stars of the Mintaka system are currently unknown but they are part of the Orion OB1 Association, which is part of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex – a star-forming region with stellar ages ranging up to 12 million years old.

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