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Please accept Echovita’s sincere condolences.

He and Anubis were sent by Ra's al Ghul to go after Alex Winthrop when he had the embalming knife that Ra's al Ghul sought out. Oswald Cobblepot and Ivy Pepper later find Victor Fries in a frigid location. After Tabitha killed Gertrud, Oswald swore revenge on Theo which led to a fight between Cobblepot's group and the police which ended with Oswald getting wounded and Gordon getting suspicious. In light of being promoted to captain by Mayor Burke after saving some police officers and some of Oswald Cobblepot's men from Professor Pyg's trap, Gordon reluctantly relieves Bullock of his position of acting captain. Galavan's body is then taken to the underground Indian Hill facility. After being with Lucius when the police find Penguin and Riddler tied up, Alfred goes to the rooftop of the Gotham City Police Department and witnesses Gordon and Bullock's first sighting of Bruce as Batman. As Jeremiah is a precursor to the Joker, Ecco is a precursor to Harley Quinn. Gus Floyd (portrayed by Michael Goldsmith) – A member of the first Red Hood Gang, Gus Floyd stole money from banks and gave to the poor.

He then goes on a vigilante spree killing criminals until he is subjected by James Gordon and remanded to Arkham Asylum while in a straitjacket. After being constantly mistreated by his fellow co-workers (except Bullock and Gordon, who tolerate him), Nygma murdered a fellow officer, Tom, who was also Kringle's abusive boyfriend causing a mental breakdown that results in a second personality.

the Hunter was stabbed by Gordon using a rib bone. After Fish Mooney was accidentally killed by James Gordon, she and Victor Fries disappeared before the police arrived.

She later appears as part of Cobblepot's gang and develops a rivalry with Silver St. Four weeks later, Tabitha visits Butch Gilzean and becomes his partner while starting a relationship with her. Their bodies are found by Penguin's men as Hugo Strange is instructed to work on them.

Alfred Pennyworth (portrayed by Sean Pertwee; season 1–5), an ex-Special Air Service operative, is the butler and legal guardian of Bruce Wayne.

The two fought over whether or not they truly understood each other.
Following Gillian Loeb's resignation, Sarah Essen is sworn in as the new police commissioner. After getting a burn from one of the men he earlier attacked, Riddler takes him to Cherry's nightclub to enter him in a fight where Cherry has her latest doctor Leslie Thompkins tend to his burn. She explained that he had begun his experiment before she had even arrived, giving her no chance to subdue Isley. After Butch was exposed by Edward Nygma as the leader of the new Red Hood gang, Tabitha broke him out of the prison transport bus and took him to a safe house. The gangster explains that Oswald has unified the gangs under his own banner (Gotham's Elite) and that there will be a meeting of the united faction during the night, which Oswald will host. Goals After discovering Malone was responsible for killing his parents, Bruce Wayne paid the two-bit killer a visit, seemingly intending to kill him. He was with Renee when she was looking for clues to see if Jim Gordon had actually killed Oswald Cobblepot or not. Later, Nygma buys back the money that Butch was bribing people with in order to vote for Penguin. Taking pills that cause him to have tormenting hallucinations of Penguin, Nygma admits that he can't do everything without Penguin. After forming a relationship with Isabella, Penguin orders Gabriel to cut the brakes off of Isabella's car, killing her. 10 years later, Ecco poses as a nurse at Arkham Asylum. Jervis approaches James Gordon to help find Alice. Her life was normal and happy until she was kidnapped by Jason Skolimski and tortured until she was driven insane.

He is later revealed to have Alice Tetch's blood in him which enhances his jealousy. Later, Barnes is infected with Alice Tetch's poisonous blood that dropped onto him. While Oswald was successful at killing Janice Caulfield, Victor Zsasz fails at kidnapping Randall Hobbs who drops out of the race. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Barbara Jean Jones (Colorado Springs, Colorado), who passed away on May 10, 2020, at the age of 76, leaving to mourn family and friends. After telling Gordon to address him as "J", Jeremiah prepares to drop Barbara into the same vat only for Bruce to appear as Batman. However, when she found Barbara's hideout, she was greeted by Ra's who was acting as Barbara's lawyer, explaining that all charges against her were dropped. Theresa found him and provided him with a special mask as she plans to have Hugo Strange fix him up. Under the influence of the Ogre, she murdered her parents, which got her sent to Arkham Asylum. Maria Mercedes "Fish" Mooney (portrayed by Jada Pinkett Smith; season 1, guest season 2; recurring season 3) is a former nightclub owner and mobster who led a gang under Don Falcone and was the former boss of Oswald Cobblepot. Marv (portrayed by Victor Pagan) – A male who is one of the Indian Hill experiments that escaped from the Indian Hill bus and joined up with Fish Mooney's gang. Nygma later discovered that Oswald Cobblepot is his neighbouring prisoner. It was revealed that Theresa Walker had Hugo Strange place a control chip in Riddler's brain until it was fried by Gordon using a respirator. After Hugo Strange was done with the experiment that turned Eduardo into Bane and led in the capture of Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, and General Wade, Nyssa had Bane beat up Gordon in order to get Bruce to say the name of a certain person she knows.

Barnes calls it a gift and states that when he gets out of Arkham, he is going to bathe the corruption of Gotham City in blood starting with Jim Gordon's blood. An impression was made, though, as Malone killed himself soon after Bruce left.

", "Donal Logue Cast as Harvey Bullock in Gotham", "Donal Logue Joins Fox's Batman Prequel 'Gotham, "Fox's Batman Prequel 'Gotham' Casts Its Young Bruce Wayne, Catwoman", "David Mazouz Talks Playing Bruce Wayne On Gotham", "Fox's 'Gotham' Casts Classic 'Batman' Characters the Penguin, Alfred Pennyworth", "Fox's 'Gotham' Promotes Three to Series Regular", "Jada Pinkett Smith To Play Villain In Fox's Batman Drama 'Gotham, "Morena Baccarin joins Gotham as Dr. Leslie Thompkins", "Gotham Promotes Morena Baccarin to Series Regular in Season 2", "The Goldbergs' star joins Gotham as Silver St. With a special outfit and an axe-tipped glove, Nathaniel Barnes targets James Gordon. During the man-hunt for Fish Mooney, Gilzean supports Penguin's campaign by paying people to vote for him.

Franks (portrayed by Michael Barra) – A member of the Gotham City Police Department. Vanessa Harper (portrayed by Kelcy Griffin) is a detective that transferred to Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock's precinct from the 3-5. Selina Kyle (portrayed by Camren Bicondova; season 1–5, Lili Simmons in "The Beginning...") is a young street orphan and skilled thief who was a childhood friend of Bridget Pike. He starts to get suspicious with Edward Nygma during his campaign. He and Alfred later find Penguin and Riddler tied up on a pole by Batman. Even though Barnes was detained, Alvarez told Gordon and Bullock that Barnes escaped from the Arkham Asylum transport upon killing the three guards. Victor Zsasz (portrayed by Anthony Carrigan) is a sadistic hitman who is loyal to Carmine Falcone and is assisted by a number of female associates. As the chairman of the Gotham Chamber of Commerce, he oversaw Gillian Loeb's resignation as police commissioner and Sarah Essen being sworn in as the new police commissioner. He is referred to as the Mad Hatter by Penguin after he escapes from Arkham with Jerome and his Legion of Horribles. He later reveals that his younger sister was rescued by Gordon from Dollmaker's minions and that he was sent to prison after trying to steal a car to meet his girlfriend. Superficially congenial, he is indifferent and contemptuous of most of Gotham's citizens and ruthless towards anyone who would endanger his political standing and criminal associations. Barbara later heard of the criminal known as "The Riddler" and wanted to get him to join her crime family and eventually managed to track his lair down. When Pollard's project appears to fail, he cuts off Jerome's face and wears it as a mask to command respect. Pike Brothers – The Pike Brothers are a group of arsonists that were loyal to Fish Mooney. Barbara then trains for a full year with Ra's and the league and recovers from being dead for so long. In a confrontation with the GCPD, her entire body was severely scarred from the burns sustained from her tank leaking from a bullet shot caused by one of the police officers. He is later freed by Nyssa al Ghul under the alias of Theresa Walker. After Barbara's death, Jim realised that he really could have died in that moment and could've lost everything including Sarah. Hobby Eventually, Ivy was defeated by the vigilante, with the media now referring to him as "Batman" and Barbara seemed annoyed that he was interfering in their plans. During the confrontation, Barbara shoots Butch in the head. Edward starts to give in to his narcissistic dark side. In addition to directly adapted characters from DC Comics, many others are based on, inspired by and/or otherwise reference preexisting characters without sharing the exact same identities. Before shooting Myrtle, Zsasz complimented her outfit. After an encounter with a Bruce Wayne look-a-like, Ivy gets caught by Fish Mooney's minion Nancy while trying to warn Selina. Aubrey James (portrayed by Richard Kind) is the Mayor of Gotham City who is in Carmine Falcone's pocket and is also revealed to do what the Court of Owls says. After finding out that Gordon had moved on to a relationship with Leslie Tompkins, Barbara later had a romantic encounter with the wealthy Jason Lennon, the serial killer known as the Ogre. When she finds out that Edward murdered her ex-boyfriend Tom, she threatens to call the police on Edward and he accidentally chokes her to death. 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