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The Porters discover such a grouping hidden inside a stone carving in a cave in "Dreammaker".

Their name for Scarface is the "Scarred One".   | 

While he possesses great strength and cunning, he is often depicted as lazy, preferring to send his minions, Nim and Keeg, out into the jungle to bring him food and to perform any other task that he feels is beneath him. Tom posits that the Sleestaks probably used these giant crystals to power their underground cities. When the house is ransacked, Kevin is quick to accuse Stink of doing it. Scarface is one of the Porters' worst threats, as he could take down their treehouse and has tried to before. Unique to this world is a peculiar type of quartz-like crystal that can be found in various caves throughout the Land. When all of the batteries go dead, Tom goes searching for crystals like Shung's to power their electronics. Tom and Kevin are captured by Sleestaks and Shung forces them to fight each other for their lives.

Land Of The Lost’s Shannon Day goes to The Dark Place. "Will Ferrell hits an all-time low with lame 'Land of the Lost, Land of the Lost episode studies at PopApostle, Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters (web series), The World of Sid & Marty Krofft at the Hollywood Bowl, Jimmy Osmond Presents ABC's Saturday Sneak Peek, Kaptain Kool and the Kongs Present ABC All-Star Saturday, The Bay City Rollers Meet the Saturday Superstars, The World of Sid and Marty Krofft theme park. She has had to grow up rather quickly in a hostile environment and has shown that she is more than capable of taking care of herself on many occasions. He once helped Annie down from a tree when Kevin took away a ladder, and saved Tasha from the Sleestaks. Tasha has a voracious appetite for a herbivore and will try to eat almost anything within reach.

The trio took up refuge in an old, abandoned temple and have only managed to survive because of Shung's power crystal. Motivated by the success in syndication of the cult 1974 series Land of the Lost, Sid and Marty Krofft created a new version of it. A Triceratops named Princess is sometimes used as transportation for Christa and Stink. After the death of her mother at the claws of Scarface, Tasha's egg was rescued by Annie. Stink's grandfather comes to pay one last visit. Until Nick at Night did a special where they ran episodes of Lidsville, H.R Pufnstuff, Bugaloos, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, and a bunch of other wierded out 70's stuff... View production, box office, & company info, Shoreline Entertainment Acquires World Rights to The Dark Place, Land Of The Lost’s Shannon Day goes to The Dark Place. Shrug uses mind control to control Christa. But soon they realize Tasha is to little to fend for her self. Unfortunately, his carefree attitude breeds indifference to the dangers around him and he often finds himself in more peril than he expected. It featured the Porter family - father Tom, son Kevin and daughter Annie - trapped in a parallel universe after their Jeep Cherokee fell through a time portal while exploring the back country.

It is a world similar to prehistoric Earth but it has three moons. Stink injures his leg while helping the Porters and finds that he enjoys all of the extra attention a little too much. Kevin Porter (26 episodes, 1991-1992) ... 31 March 2013 | doorQ.com Land Of The Lost’s Shannon Day goes to The Dark Place. Scarface is blind in his right eye because of the scar, leaving him able to see only through his left eye (an advantage to his prey). The Land of the Lost Wiki is a collaborative website about the Land of the Lost universe created by David Gerrold.
The area in which the Porters live is a tropical jungle, although mention has also been made of a vast desert far away.

Tiger Toys received the license to produce a toyline based on the series, which included regular and "talking" action figures, several dinosaurs and playsets, an electronic "Crystal Sword", as well as an electronic LCD game and a board game.

To install click the Add extension button. Nim appears to be the smarter one and was able to recite and use a spell Annie cast after hearing it only once. What will happen to her if the Porters ever find a way home, is a frequent subject of discussion. Kevin Porter (played by Robert Gavin) is Tom's 16-year-old son. He calls himself the ruler of the Land of the Lost, and he claims all that lives there (including the Porters and their truck) belong to him.
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