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Called RM Williams on 07/09/2020 to find out why he didn't get it. The manager said he wants to get the fit right for me. to our newsletter for exclusive deals, including 10% off your next order. On my second pair of RMs, they advised I was actually a size down from my previous size. menu Whirlpool Go to navigation. Williams boots. Wow that's a pretty terrible customer experience. I dunno, I feel like a full refund or straight exchange for a new pair of the correct size boots would be the proper solution. Hope that helps. Anecdotally I've read on Style Forum that the classics fit a little bit bigger than the comfort craftsman. I should have listened to my gut feeling. After about 6 months of wearing them, they have softened up nicely and they're the best things I've ever put my feet into. RM Williams had taken out the supporting shaft piece of the boot and not put it back in when fixing the boots! Once you submit your online order form, you'll be given a token that allows you to track everything online, throughout the process of getting your RM Williams boots repaired. The soles are a little too worn for me. Drop your boots off at a local post office for free packaging and shipping to us. I was told that a small amount of heel slip is normal, but too much can wear out the stitching prematurely in the heel of the boot. Well, it is if they do it for free. Free delivery available. They have given a bit in some places and I can wear them without any pain. Don’t see the service you’re looking for? Resolved!!! I'm now on to a 9H Dynamic Flex and think I've finally found the right size for me. These R.M. I'm also an 8.5G fit, not the F they said I was. Before I go and hassle the store staff again, can anyone who has a pair tell me if they've had the same issue? I was originally sized as a 9.5F which was far too narrow for me. The toe does soften up, my three year old pair isn't tight around the toe area at all. They sized me as a 9.5F. After a couple of weeks of wear, both boots were much more comfortable. They turned out to be so small that my toes molded the toe cap and my big toe wore right through. We polish/shine leather uppers in case of minor scuffing.

(Can they stretch the stiffer toe area?) We're generally able to turn around repairs on RM Williams boots within about 2–3 business days of receiving them at our workshop. She is going to talk to her manager in the morning. As official recommended RM Williams repairers we are authorised to use original RM Williams products in our repairs — including heels, insoles, pull tabs, and full soles (leather, rubber and Dynamic Flex soles). Here are a few examples of recent R.M. Ask about it at your local RM Williams store. But I still wish I had bought half a size up just for a bit extra length. l'm the same. The boots represent a broadly recognisable fashion statement — one synonymous with not only timeless quality and country style but also the famous ‘can-do’ attitudes of hardworking Australians. posted 2016-Jun-16, 8:22 am AEST ref: whrl.pl/ReD6W4. The elastic gussets on this pair of RM Williams Comfort Craftsman boots had become stretched over time, leaving the boots loose and ill-fitting. Lifestyle. Press J to jump to the feed. Williams boot repair orders we have received from customers across Australia. RM Williams were wonderful and gave me a brand new pair of boots. G'day! They should have done that in the first place if their new salesman sold you a misfit, rather than resoling and destroying a brand new pair of boots. And they do have a good reputation for service overall, just often not at the retail end! Apart from the other pair I have. Simply select the ‘custom quote’ option during the online order process to have a member of the SoleHeeled team review your requirements and confirm what we can do for you. We added a pair of protective, non-slip rubber soles over the top of the leather for added grip and longevity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Craft an amazing look with our men's collection.

We'd be happy to ship these to you. Williams recommended repairers, we take care of thousands of pairs each year and use original R.M. Where pull tabs start tearing or come off entirely, we replace them with original RM Williams pull tabs. RM Williams too loose after 1-2 wears. It was recommended I buy them snug, so I did. My counter question to you is... Did you try on the classic and the craftsman at the same time? The elastic gussets on this pair of RM Williams Comfort Craftsman boots had become … I did try on a pair of the classics, but I don't think I tried them in a 9.5F so can't really compare. I have two toes that contact the end inside the toe box. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AustralianMFA community. Yep, that's too short (rather than width, although that might follow). I was sized up twice for some RMs, both times 11.5, and the one time I tried 12 my heel lifted slightly. Williams Comfort Craftsman boots were made with full leather soles. Fashion. So if I had to guess I would say maybe you need a half size up in length, or the next width up? I'm a fan of RMs – quality handmade shoes at a great price. (For the record they do make several widths as standard; C XXX Narrow, D XX Narrow, E Extra Narrow, F Narrow, G Regular, H Wide and X Extra Wide. Thanks everyone for the comments and advice. We'll deliver your repaired boots to you, wherever you are in Australia. We re-heel boots using original rubber RM Williams heels. These RM Williams Comfort Craftsman boots had their soles and heels worn through and the leather uppers heavily scuffed and discoloured. The lady was nice and I let her know I'm not mad at her, just the situation. The other thing is that RMs make almost every boot in at least two widths – a 'G' fit and a 'H' fit. As long as your issue isn't in the length, you'll be fine after a couple weeks wear. They are made from one piece of leather, which is a real virtue, but also means the leather won't 'give' at the same pace as another shoe. We performed a full re-sole and re-heel with new Dynamic Flex soles and heels and restored the leather uppers. They are amazing though :). And whenever your boots are in transit (whether on their way to our workshop via Australia Post or on the way back to you via courier), you'll have a parcel tracking number and receive real-time shipping notifications by email. It will be good. Yes. The boots felt a bit snug in the toe box when I first tried them but I was told by the staff they should be "firm" from the start, and the next size and width up were both a bit loose, so I … After about two-three weeks, they loosened up, but those first few weeks were absolutely horrendous to get them on - and more importantly, to get them off.

After 1 month they feel much better in width, but my big toes still touch and rub a little against the roof of the toe cap. I was sized for 9 or 8.5h I stood around in the store for 20 mins and went with the 8.5h. I ended up swapping them for Dynamic Flex soled boots instead, the reason being these ones have an inner sole that held my foot back in the boot. if you really can't hold them, stop wearing them for 1 week or 2 to relax your feet, then put them back on. Really good service. I'm finding my toes are hard up against the side of the boot, right where the hard toe cap insert is. I'd probably give it a go rather than selling them.

You might actually find the size 5 in an H fitting is what you need (on the wild presumption you've been given a G fitting).

More than that, the boot styles are made on different lasts, so some boots will be 'wide' even without going to a wide fitting). RMs later sized me as a 9-9.5G on a brannock. posted 2016-Jun-16, 8:22 am AEST O.P. Maybe I should have bought a pair of Church's boots! The heel counters and insoles need replacement. The staff at RM Williams told me they fit exactly the same though, size-wise. Or cut my losses, try to sell on eBay and buy the 5.5? Otherwise, you'll be able to drop them off at a local You let us know (in the order form or by follow up.

Archive View Return to standard view. The store lady was extremely unsympathetic and told me that when I ordered them I signed a waiver which basically says that if I got the size wrong, too bad (I countered saying what is the point in paying $100 more to be sized wrong by her colleague and she said too bad as that was my choice). Finally, don't be persuaded by the sales staff – you know your feet better than they do. I bought a pair of men's yearling boots for $495 six weeks ago. I agree – one wasted pair of boots:/ Hopefully they fix and sell them on ebay at least. Browse a variety of boots, clothing, accessories and more online. 6 weeks in and my toes are still being crushed when I walk – the leather on the toe part on the side hasn't eased up at all. Simply mention what you're looking for while completing our online order form (if you're also planning to get your boots repaired), or reach out (if you're not planning to get your boots repaired). You'll shortly receive a confirmation email (this can take up to 15 minutes). They still felt very tight in width, and a little tight in height, but my toes didn’t rub the ends. We perform half resoles (where the new soles extend to about an inch before the heels) and full resoles (where the soles are replaced along the entire length of each boot with original RM Williams soles).

We want you to enjoy the craftsmanship and quality of our products as much as we do. For $495 I wanna good fit and for my new boots to return in tip top condition. Yes – mega tight. Slightly too much, but RMW are always good slightly loose.

The aftermarket heels are worn, as are the aftermarket soles. I wore them 4-5 times a week for a month and I developed corns on my toes.
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