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Adolf Hitler and the Nazis believed that the German people (but only the blond-haired, blue-eyed people) were the descendants of a superior culture, the “Aryans”, who were the only people with the knowledge to develop human civilization.

After 21 years in storage, the Ancient One was finally sent home in February, 2017. We also need to be conscious of how we present the human past and we need to look at the ways in which non-archaeologists engage with and understand what we present of the human past.

Despite the majority of archaeologists rejecting the Solutrean Hypothesis, mainstream media sites like the CBC still believe in giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Speaking Up and Speaking Out; Collective Efforts in the Fight to Reclaim the Public Perception of Archaeology. One example of a hyper-diffusionist theory is that of architect Paul Chiasson. The danger stems from public consumption of this media, which in turn influences the public’s view on scientific thought and rationality. Psuedoarcheology prides itself on praying on the mass to eat up a story based on supernatural and alien activity blended in with mystery like a novel which as you pointed out with “Edgar Cayce’s mystic revelations of Atlantis and the future.” But as we both have pointed out that some of the greatest problems arise with nationalism that attempts to use the good of archaeology as a means to justify some political right of being with blurring of what is real and what is fault to aid an agenda that has nothing to do with archaeology. No aliens needed. Almost immediately the California-based AFA, a white nationalist group masquerading as a religion (check out section 2 of their declaration of purpose), loudly asserted their belief that the Ancient One was in fact one of the ancestors of their European “religion”. Exposed as a fraud.

Yet a deeper look into the implications and effects of pseudoarchaeology reveals a much more sinister interpretation that could weaken the validity of scientific archaeology and its analysis-based findings. Unfortunately, this skull caught the eye of pseudoscientist Lloyd Pye who claimed that it belonged to that of a non-human alien species.


These archaeologists want to win you back to science. Archaeology can be sensational when a big discovery happens but for the most part it’s about the small things slowly being revealed rather than a small piece of archaeology being hyper inflated and sensationalized with a fake story of mystery and wonder. The scientific effect involved is always at the very limit of detection.

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