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Manj?me Jun) His most powerful monster, Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union, can take on the abilities of another monster equipped to it.

Il est capable de voir les esprits de ses cartes dont le Trio Ojama. Participer au concours et enregistrer votre nom dans la liste de meilleurs joueurs ! In the English anime, Syrus also refers to Jaden simply as "Jay." They constantly argue and fight, prompting their repetitive separation by Alexis Rhodes, with their rivalry coming to a temporary halt when the two decide to duel to settle matters once and for all, though Tyranno allows himself to be defeated rather than tieing with Syrus after seeing the latter's devotion to Jaden.

Sylvia is a GX and Arc-V OC and is the fictional sister of Zane Truesdale and Syrus Truesdale. Syrus later uses cards that focus on negating an opponent's attacks and shutting down their strategies.

Sy is also in Slifer Red with Jaden while his older brother Zane Truesdale is in Obelisk Blue, the highest dorm you get to at Duel Academy (which you can SOOOO tell was founded by Kaiba himself! The designs for all three uniforms worn by Syrus are identical in basic makeup. GX est un anime de 180 épisodes produit par le studio d’animation Gallop. Il a rejoint la Duel Academie en même temps que Jaden Yuki et Syrus Truesdale. Un manga culte qui aura droit bientôt à un nouveau anime. Syrus then advances in Obelisk Blue. It could also be a different form of Cyrus, from the Ancient Greek Κυρος (pronounced Kyros), which means "young" or "far-sighted".

Marufuji Ry?) Zane (Nom original: Ryo Marufuji ou ??? Il est créé par Naoki Kageyama et supervisé par Kazuki Takahashi, l’auteur du manga original Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Syrus always felt like a weak duelist mostly because his brother's treatment. We can't talk about GX if we don't mention him a bit.

In the timeline of the Yu-Gi-Oh!
Seto Kaiba a créé des Académies de Duels de Monstres pour former l’élite de la nouvelle génération des duellistes. Section / Dortoir : Bleu Obélisque. Even though they did that, they couldn't win because Frost wiped every duelist on the field except than himself. With his red uniform, a yellow shirt is worn underneath the jacket, whereas with his yellow uniform, this is reversed. Alexia Rhodes fait partie des Bleu Obélisque. His main crush is the Monster Spirit of "Dark Magician Girl". In the Japanese version, he also wishes to adopt his brother's discarded title, and thus merit the name of "Kaiser Sho" (カイザー翔, Kaizā Shō). Syrus is an insecure and unconfident Duelist. Elle sait aussi que chaque élève peut lui apporter quelque chose, même ceux considérés comme mauvais, à l'exemple de Jaden ou Syrus. By episode 64, their rivalry comes to a temporary halt, when the two Duel to settle matters once and for all.

Il existe aussi un manga dessiné par Naoyuki Kageyama en 2005, qui est assez différent de la série animée. Syrus is easily captivated by any woman, real or otherwise, who happens to catch his eye. Inspired by Jaden's match with Axel Brodie, however, he decides to remain in Ra Yellow, and sets aside his goal for the future. In the Japanese version, he also wishes to adopt his brother's discarded title, and thus merit the name of "Kaiser Sho" (カイザー翔, Kaizā Shō).

Nom dans la série US: Syrus Truesdale Nom original: Shou Marufuji Sexe: Masculin Age: 15 ans Taille: 1m45 Couleur des Cheveux: Bleu Clair Couleur des Yeux: Gris clair Statut: Etudiant à la Duel Academy, au dortoir Slifer Red It mainly focuses on Mill tactics through cards such as "Power Wall" and "Remove Bomb" which he then takes advantage of with his "Cyberdark" monsters.
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