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Or maybe all of the film's supernatural elements are real, and Sarah was taken by the aliens at the end of the film. And. I’m going to summarize this Q&A by the director and Alison Brie and the video above to explain the plot of Horse Girl. Well, it’s not unless it’s fictional science that involves time travel.

So how can one explain the Horse Girl ending?

Now, the critical bit is that from Sarah’s perspective, both her visits to the hospital are muddled as one single event, but for the hospital, it is two different ones. Sarah has both surreal dreams and is going through alien abduction, . Years later, that daughter would have her own daughter, who would be Sarah. Let’s put this subject to rest straight away.

Sarah imagines going home to see the girl from her abductions in place of her roommate.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Sarah additionally sees the spacecraft in the pattern of the Mark Of Hades from the show Purgatory. Sarah, played by Alison Brie (who also co-wrote the film with director Jeff Baena), is a lonely young woman working at a craft store with a tragic family backstory and an obsession with a fictional supernatural show called Purgatory. Are the aliens real in Horse Girl? This truly makes it most complicated for Sarah because she’s not able to say which is real and which is not.

– What are the dreams about? He’s not wronged Sarah physically or anything. Even if she had only sleepwalked to the payphone, it couldn’t have been within 2 minutes. Whereas Joan is an objective witness to the potential reality of the situation, Sarah’s psychiatrist, played by Jay Duplass, is an unbiased witness to her mental illness. Sarah is genuine in her concern for this girl but comes across as a creepy person.


There are two times that Sarah is admitted to the hospital.

We’ve known since the trailer that we were going to be dealing with some trippy stuff. She then experiences missing time, mysterious bruises appear on her body, and she begins seeing one of the strangers from her dreams in real life.

So what happened?

We’ll talk about this again in the Horse Girl Ending Explained section at the end. Is Sarah going through Alien Abduction?

She heads home, changes into her grandmother’s dress, and steals Willow. These are finger-like scratches and are unlikely to be created by Sarah’s hands or scissors. by the director and Alison Brie and the video above to explain the plot of Horse Girl.

She enters the bathroom and has a shower. This granddaughter travels back in time and becomes the mysterious lady from the future. Molly Shannon and Debby Ryan are seen in supporting roles.

The second time is after she appears naked in the store.

Directed by Jeff Baena. If the article doesn’t answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and I’ll get you the answer to your question. She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and released prematurely and ended up dying as a homeless woman.

What is it about? Horse Girl doesn’t immediately establish that Brie’s Sarah is an unreliable narrator, but Baena does build that characterization of her steadily throughout the film. Now you know why the DNA results never come back. In summary, Ethan experiences time linearly like any other person. Sarah is the result of the Bootstrap Paradox created by a Predestination Timeloop – she causes herself to come into existence. But director, Jeff Baena, has mentioned that he used. After some research, Sarah starts to believe that she's being abducted by aliens.

– Horse Girl Ending Explained: What really happened?

This entire dream sequence ends with Sarah meeting her friend Heather in her bed.

Sarah snaps out of it, but it’s too late. What happened to Sarah’s Grandmother in Horse Girl? The girl from the abductions is now her neighbor and claims that she went to sleep in 1996 and woke up in 2020.

Then, they dropped the trailer, begging a new question: Was the horse girl in my high school abducted by aliens? Sarah works at an arts and crafts store, lives with a much more social roommate (Debby Ryan), attends Zumba classes, and spends her free time watching a paranormal crime series called Purgatory and trying to hang out with the horse she had as a child — much to the chagrin of the horse's current owners. Joan admits Sarah to the psychiatric hospital.

If the article doesn’t answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and I’ll get you the answer to your question.

Horse Girl is the story about a girl going through a. mental illness, alien abduction, AND time travel.

The entire film is a battle between what’s happening and what’s in her head. Sarah is suffering from mental health issues. Why is Sarah obsessed with the horse, Willow? themes in the film.

Sarah’s grandmother once claimed she was from the future.

No, she does not teleport to the store, she just zones out because of the running water and drives up to the store naked.

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