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To me there is little doubt, given that performance, that the second dream and “then I woke up” is not intended to be hopeful. "[72], Richard Gillmore states that "the previous Coen brothers movie that has the most in common with No Country for Old Men is, in fact, Fargo (1996).

is there because of an artistic choice I find it hard to accept that something in the dialogue has no point. Group 3 gets the option to “not see” him. He spares the life of a gas station owner who accepts a challenge and successfully guesses the result of Chigurh's coin flip. That if he wasn’t caught he would have killed again. Is it just a dream? Throughout the movie, Chigurh occasionally leaves the fate of potential victims up to a coin toss, believing faith will decide their survival. Could it be, then, that Chigurh’s quote actually relates to the status of the universe? In the book, she calls the coin toss and calls it incorrectly, leading (again, “off-screen”) to her death. Thats just my take. [129][130], In September 2008, Tommy Lee Jones sued Paramount for bonuses and improper expense deductions. "The savagery of American violence," he says, "begins with Chigurh's introduction: a quick one-two punch of strangulation and a bloody cattle gun. 2. Ellis rebuts that the region has always been violent. Chigurh is the devil. There’s a kind of ‘three parts of the same person’ thing going on.”. In the second, more vivid dream, in the “older times”, he describes an undeveloped landscape, where money would be of no use. True enough. After several viewings now I am still really no closer to knowing what it really ‘meant’…and that, I think, is the point. Also the vent was open and removed in Llewelyn’s room, just like the last time. Now that’s out of the way, a brief introduction. I haven’t thought long for an answer but can freely admit there wasn’t much humility in my statement. But Chigurh is brought low in the final minutes, not by a bullet, but by a car accident that breaks his arm and leaves him bloodied and hobbled in the middle of an Odessa neighborhood. All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners.

Then, when his gut tells him he should go back and save the dying man – even though he knows the jeopardy he faces in doing this – he get his coat. . I recently watched all of Breaking Bad head to tail, start to finish, over six days (what luxury!) Synopsis. Infidelity bad on Moss bc he knew what lady was getting at which took him on out. The wanderer, the psychopath, Anton Chigurh, is a man who's supernaturally invincible. These days, though, I renovate property in the Outer Hebrides and work as a guide during the salmon fishing season. The first one involved meeting his father, who entrusted him with some money, but Bell thinks he lost it. And of course Sugar doesn’t leave loose ends untied. most of us are simple-natured and desire satisfaction. I love your take on this. You think “Oh, this is an excellent suspense thriller about a guy trying to score some money” and then all of a sudden the main character dies. The second time Chigurh makes use of a coin toss he's with Moss' wife, Carla Jean, but when he asks her to call the toss she refuses. It's always identical, whether the movie ends up working or not. We were aware of those similarities, certainly. He flips a coin as if attempting to inject some sort of randomness into his action. The ending of this film is not hopeful, however the dream is, but like all dreams, it is simply that. He’s the only one with a character arc. 'From the point of view of getting the movies out to an audience, this has always been a very congenial platform.' I genuinely can’t tell whether I’m being insulted or not…. 'It's fun working out how to choreograph it, how to shoot it, how to engage audiences watching it. I feel like I understand the ending, but everytime I watch No Country I kinda wish there was an alternate ending on the disc that I didn’t know about. who got the money?….at first I was hoping that somehow the Sherrif got it and then retired…making sort of a happy ending.. Then I thought the Mexicans who were running away……Second time through, I see the vent cover and the dime and the scratch in the vent….. but are we sure it was Antoine who gets the money?…..(he did have the 100 dollar bill to give the kid for his shirt)….just for the record though can you explain more clearly the clues about who got the money…. I think it’s slightly missing the point to ask who got the money though. He's super modern too, so his favorite movies include Jaws, Die Hard, The Thing, Ghostbusters and Batman. Tommy Lee Jones is Jesus. The streets are nearly empty. "[75], Some critics have also identified similarities between No Country for Old Men and the Coens' previous film Raising Arizona, namely the commonalities shared by Anton Chigurh and the fellow bounty hunter Leonard Smalls. In a fascinating insight into Chigurh's mind, we watch as he demands over and over again that she call the toss, and still Carla Jean refuses. Actually, I do believe that some of what I wrote is wrong (in that I don’t believe McCarthy or the Coens intended it.) [105] Paul Arendt of the BBC gave the film a full mark and said that it "doesn't require a defense: it is a magnificent return to form". What if Sheriff Bell abhors killing. Sound editing and effects were provided by another longtime Coens collaborator, Skip Lievsay, who used a mixture of emphatic sounds (gun shots) and ambient noise (engine noise, prairie winds) in the mix. Sorry, I can’t comment on Game of Thrones as I haven’t seen it. Thanks for your interesting appraisal.

Bette Midler Announces Fun Hocus Pocus Reunion, But What Does That Mean For A Sequel? With No Country for Old Men, the Coens combine these two genres into one movie. And what about Steinbecks’ East to Eden. Glad you liked it anyway. In interviews, Tommy Lee Jones often comes across as terse and unyielding, a man who does not suffer fools gladly. His lack of ability to make a clear decision on the boys as he looks at them in the rear view mirror may have also contributed to the accident. When the Sherriff visits the crime scene later, he knows he cant see whats coming either, but hes seen the same things Llewelyn has (he tells us that earlier in the story) but he somehow knows with his age and wisdom that the outcome is not certain, so he errs on the side of caution and leaves. 2 Anton knows that the sheriff came and investigated the crime scene at the hotel earlier in the movie. Padraig has been writing about film online since 2012, when a friend asked if he’d like to contribute the occasional review or feature to their site. Okay, enough about that and on to other things… After reading all the posts discussing the myriad themes this story may or may not have I have to wonder, which is the philosophical truth either the writer or the Coens were after? The funny thing is, Bell cannot remember the Taxes dream well.

You're just standing in the same place and concentrating on one smaller element in the frame. Actually, that’s made me want to watch it again quite soon. I don’t know, I could be wrong and so could you but I definitely don’t think there wasn’t any central, concrete idea or theme to the novel or the movie. But he added that they "have found something that has heightened and deepened their identity as film-makers: a real sense of seriousness, a sense that their offbeat Americana and gruesome and surreal comic contortions can really be more than the sum of their parts". I’m just out of uni as well and it has been the toughest time ever so far – not easy coming out of Uni thesedays but I think with your talented writing you should do well – just get your name and writing out there more and contact these firms directly. Chigurgh is just another coin. In this sense this is precisely what McCarthy aims to. But Chigurgh is right when he responds. Well said! I’m just not sure how to get into it (beyond working for parents). We tend to presume there’s this underlying simplicity to everything – but things may simply not be so.

He likely feels this on a subconscious level, but he can’t put the feeling into words, hence the dream. Basically, he’d almost certainly be caught if he sorted to violence here – and he’s under no obligation to do so – so he just pays the kids off and slips away. In the case with the boys, I don’t think he’s armed (from what I can remember) – but, even if he was, killing them might have resulted in him being charged with murder, which maybe wouldn’t happen if he just slunk away. Unlike Bell he’ll willingly kill if need be but unlike Chigurh he does not get the same pleasure from it. :) You mentioned that you are a slow reader but I wouldn’t let that put you off.

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